Is Nate the Next Denzel? Let’s Talk Ladies on the Chatroom at tomorrow!

Nate Parker

The “Blood Done Sign My Name” Interview

with Kam Williams

Nate Parker was born in Norfolk, Virginia on November 18, 1979 to a 17 year-old single-mom who never married his biological father. He and his younger sisters were raised mostly in Bath, Maine which is where his stepfather was stationed by the U.S. Air Force.

Nate only started acting after graduating from the University of Oklahoma, when he was spotted by a talent scout while waiting for a friend at an audition. Signed by an agent, Parker immediately moved to Los Angeles where he soon landed work in commercials and bit parts on several TV shows before he found his breakout role as Hakim in the desegregation drama Pride.

He has since starred in other sagas with civil rights themes such as The Great Debaters and The Secret Life of Bees, and later this year he’ll be playing a Tuskegee Airman in the WWII epic Red Tails. Here, Nate talks about his current release, Blood Done Sign My Name, a bio-pic about the rise to prominence of a young Ben Chavis, who went on to become Chairman of the NAACP, in the wake of a lynching in North Carolina. He also discusses his preference to make socially-significant projects.

Kam Williams: Nate, thanks so much for the time.

Nate Parker: Of course, any time, brother.

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Disilgold Soul Magazine Interview w/ Zoe Saldana featured in Star Trek this Friday!- Check out Interview!


We are way to excited to get the 411 on  Star Trek, one of our favorite anticipated movies  headed to the big screen this Friday from mega- actress Zoe Saldana herself and guess what, if you didn’t know who the lady is in the previews on airwaves, it’s Zoe.

She’s the first Domincan woman ever to star in the film series so we are so proud of Zoe whose looks our Disilgold SOUL men crave and the ladies have to give props, but said they’ll throw a book at me if I say anything, so I will keep  you guys who are fans of Zoe  a secret, but  she’s is here. 

 We also,  just found out that Tyler Perry is in the movie. For all of you Trekies, check out the  Up Close and PerSOULnal Interview   of Zoe Saldana with celebrity interviewer himself,  Kam Williams.

When you’re done visit for new photos of Zoe today for the Daily Literary Dish Top Story.  We have a comment box feature for any  fans of Zoe out there who may want to share their feedback of Zoe in the movie to go ahead and give props to a fab actress on the rise.  We’re Bringing the Heat.


Zoe Saldana 

 The Star Trek Interview

 with Kam Williams


Headline: Saldana Does Star Trek: Beam Me Aboard, Zoe!


Given Zoë Saldaña’s meteoric rise, it only makes sense that the flick that finally rockets her to the heights of superstardom would be an intergalactic adventure like Star Trek. Previously, you might have seen this striking ballet dancer-turned-actress as the late Bernie Mac’s daughter who was dating Ashton Kutcher in Guess Who, playing second-banana to Britney Spears in Crossroads, as the love interest of Nick Cannon in Drumline, opposite Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, with Forest Whitaker and Dennis Quaid in Vantage Point, or directed by Steven Spielberg in The Terminal alongside Ton Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones.  

Last year, the photogenic fashion plate made People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People in the World list (see,,20193583_20196426_15,00.html) and she was also name #42 on Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 list for 2008.

Here, she reflects on portraying Lt. Nyota Uhura in Star Trek, a role originated on TV by Nichelle Nichols in 1966. 


ZS: Hi Kam.

KW: Thanks so much for another interview, Zoe.

ZS: Of course, of course.

KW: The last time we spoke was a year ago, and we only touched on Star Trek slightly back then. Let me ask you this. Was it at all intimidating becoming a part of a film franchise that fans take so seriously and even attend conventions for?

ZS: I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t have any concerns about it. I did ask myself, “Do I really want to take on that kind of pressure?” and take the risk of not being well received by the fans or of becoming typecast so early in my career. But in talking with J.J. [director J.J. Abrams], I became curious about the fact that he had been more of a Star Wars than a Star Trek fan. And what convinced me was that he had just such a beautiful vision for the film. I figured if he was taken with these characters, I definitely didn’t want to be left out.

KW: How familiar were you with Star Trek prior to taking on the role?

ZS: I never really watched the TV series. And after J.J. offered me the part, I wanted to see it even less, because I was so afraid of falling victim to what we sometimes do as actors, which is to imitate. I felt that Nichelle Nichols did not deserve that, and neither did my character. Plus, because I would be playing a much younger Uhura who’s not quite on the [Spaceship] Enterprise yet, it gave me an opportunity to innovate. So, she’s not comfortable in her own skin… she’s finding it really hard… she’s very studious… These were the sort of things I focused on, and I only hope that the fans receive it well.

KW: How has Nichelle Nichols received it?

ZS: She was very happy, when she I met her on the set. She was pleased that J.J. was the one revamping the Star Trek franchise, and that I was playing Uhura.

KW: How did that make you feel?

KW: Did she offer any pointers about playing Uhura?

ZS: Her advice was just to run with it, to follow my gut, and that whatever I was going to do for Uhura, to do it well.

KW: Lt. Uhura is a linguist. Are you good with languages?

ZS: I speak two languages, and I would like to learn more.

KW: How was it working with the rest of the cast on the set?

ZS: It was very enjoyable because the atmosphere was so light and we all became great friends. The chemistry that transpired was very, very natural and genuine. That made me so happy because it’s not often that you get to go to work with people you want to see everyday and who you have so much fun creating with.

KW: The buzz on this film has certainly been very positive. Everybody who’s seen it is saying the franchise has been totally revitalized.

ZS: Gosh, that makes me feel so good. If it could make a believer out of me, trust me, it can make a believer out of anyone. I hadn’t been familiar with the series, although I did know about that one dude with the pointy ears. 

KW: Spock.

KW: Is there any question no one ever asks you, that you wish someone would?

ZS: None that come up right now, but I wish you would give me a day to think about it and get back to me. 

KW: Okay, the Tasha Smith question: Are you ever afraid?

ZS: I always strive to keep a balance with my fears. I don’t like to be ruled by them. At the same time, I don’t like the idea of living my life totally free of any fears. I like having that moderation.

KW: The Teri Emerson question: When was the last time you had a good belly laugh?

ZS: Earlier this week.

KW: The bookworm Troy Johnson question: What was the last book you read?

ZS: I’ve been reading The Catcher in the Rye. It’s the kind of book I get a little concerned about being seen reading in public. So, I only read it when I’m at home. But the last book that I fully read was Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coehlo. 

KW: The music maven Heather Covington question: What music are you listening to nowadays? 

ZS: Right now, I’m listening to Pink.

KW: What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

ZS: The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome is being a woman in a man’s world.

KW: The Rudy Lewis question: Who’s at the top of your hero list?

ZS: I’d say my niece.

KW: How did it feel to be named to People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People in the World list last year?


KW: When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

ZS: I see Zoe.

KW: How do you feel about Obama’s becoming President?

ZS: So happy! It was so appropriate, and it let me know that sometimes we have to be patient because the one thing that is inevitable in life is evolution. Whether it comes at the pace that we are expecting it or not, it’s inevitable.

KW: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

ZS: To work and to love working, because I find it really frustrating when people go, “I want to be famous and glamorous like you.” It’s hard for me not to have a bad thought when someone says that to me, since if there’s anything this business is not, is glamorous. It’s only glamorous for maybe five minutes every now and then. Mostly, it’s very arduous work which calls for serious commitment and passion. Plus, half the time you will not get paid what you feel you deserve, if anything at all. So, you have to be very committed and find happiness in the work that you do.       

KW: What’s on the horizon for you?

ZS: I cannot wait for you to get a glimpse of Avatar.

KW: Directed by James Cameron

ZS: I am so proud of all the work that he’s done with the film over the past 10 years. And the cast has put in 2½ years of our love, dedication and sweat into the project. To finally get the opportunity to share it with you all is going to be the best perk. I’m actually sort of tired now. I get really sleepy around this time, because the work has been done with Star Trek when it comes to the interviews and publicity. Now, I can honestly go to bed, wait for the premiere and only pray that the film is going to be well received by the audience. And in a couple of months, I’m going to have to do it again for Avatar. It’s necessary, and it’s so beautiful, and when it works, it’s so rewarding.  

KW: Well, thanks again, Zoe. It looks like a real breakout year for you between Star Trek and Avatar.

ZS: Thank you. Have a good day. Bye.

To see a trailer for Star trek, visit:

Heather Covington replies to the Brian McKnight Question on 98.7Kiss FM

Last night I caught a few minutes of The Brian McKnight Show on 98.7KISSFM and he asked listeners to call in regarding their thoughts on why woman are attracted to rich men? He wanted to know if women were attracted to their success, money or lifestyle and so I thought I would answer this question for all of the ladies holding down a real 9-5 job because they love it and can basically support themselves.

First, women are not attracted to men with money only. Money is filthy and has a stinch, isn’t valuable until you spend it and when you do, you want more and are never satisfied. If a man isn’t born rich, he has to work for it and if that work inteferes with a woman spending quality time with her soulmate than no amount of money can equate to real love.

Secondly, a woman is attracted to a man’s ability to provide for himself and hold down a secure relationship because normally, when there are money problems there goes the relationship. So it’s not enough to just have money, but a consistent means of self-support that says that a women won’t have to work 1o jobs int he event a man can’t make hold down a job.  A welathy man helps a woman feel less stressed and able to enjoy one’s relationship.


Thirdly, men with money have toys and that includes fast cars, a state of the art home theater, plenty of clothes and a lot of cash to travel which makes for a great relationship. In other words, the wealth is one thing, but spending quality time with one’s wealthy soulmate is even better. So men shouldn’t look at women like gold diggers. If they can attract you, then they can attract any wealthy man and she’s going to go to the one who bring her the most joy.  Having wealth can  afford that expensive gettaway trip she wants to take with you to some exotic island. There is an inner goddess in everyone that just wants to be pampered like one. Is that a woman’s crime?

Now some men will settle for any man whose just filthy rich, but those are your gold diggers who don’t care about themselves and joy, but just the money and wealth. And so Broan McKnight’s question would best serve 9-5 working women because if geared toward gold diggers, than that’s your answer.  Worming women just want someone who can match her own wealth and so, she can feel like a woman and not like a babysitter of a man’s dreams.

If a man doesn’t have wealth than he betterbe good for something more than a roll in the haystack because there are mouths to be fed, bolls to be paid and real responsibilities no woman has time to second guess if a relationship is going to make it. These are different times we live in. Ideal relationships begin in college or highschool and last a lifetime with new found wealth because either the man or woman is there during that journey to success from the start. If not, you have to understand that a woman is going to go after what matches her success in life or not pursue at all.

Don’t take it personal and never feel like you are being rejected because you may not have your career where you want it to be.  Trust if your career was stable, that woman would pursue  you. Your wealth may be the only way to impress her because she’s got pride and not going to settle for less. Today’s woman also, doesn’t mind being alone. In fact, it is more peaceful and allows her more time to work. If I had to choose work over man’s riches and gifts, I would choose work because if I know I can depend on myself. On other words, even being rich ain’t enough for today’s woman. She might even go after a better lover than a rich lover whose passion can equate with her work.

Now that is something to think about fellows.  Sorry if you are confused and dont’t know what the hell to do to attract the woman of your dreams. Women can be complicated creatures, but in all seriousness, with a voice like Brian McKnight  today’s man wouldn’t have to be rich or a good lover, just sing for me., shut up when I’m working and go occupy your time when I don’t want to be bothered.  Now that’s some real Disilgold Talk for you.





Jamie Foxx “The Soloist” Interview with Kam Williams Headline: Kam Goes Solo with Jamie Texas native Jamie Foxx was born Eric Marlon Bishop on December 13, 1967 and raised by his grandparents from the age of seven months following the failure of his parents’ marriage. Although he was a star athlete at Terrell High on both the school’s football and basketball teams, he majored in classical music and composition in at the U.S. International University in California.

The versatile actor/comedian/singer/musician/writer/producer/director got his start in showbiz in 1989 when he went on stage on a dare on open mic night and tried his hand at standup. After spending time on the comedy circuit, he joined Keenan Ivory Wayans, Jim Carrey, Damon Wayans and Tommy Davidson in the landmark Fox sketch comedy series “In Living Color,” creating some of the show’s funniest and most memorable moments.

In 1996, he launched his own series, “The Jamie Foxx Show,” which was one of the top-rated programs on the WB Network during its five-year run. Jamie not only starred on the series but also was the co-creator and executive producer, and directed several episodes. He made his big screen in Toys in 1992, followed by appearances in Booty Call and The Players Club. He received critical acclaim for his riveting work and in Any Given Sunday and as Bundini Brown in Ali, breakout roles which inexorably led to 2004, the Year of the Foxx, when he delivered a trio of powerful performances in Ray, Collateral and Redemption.

He won an Academy Award for his portrayal of the legendary Ray Charlesas well as the Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild (SAG), BAFTA and NAACP Image Awards. Jamie simultaneously garnered Oscar, Golden Globe, SAG Award, BAFTA Award, and Image Award nominations in the category of Best Supporting Actor for his work in Collateral. And he landed Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations and won an Image Award for his portrayal of condemned gang member-turned-Nobel Peace Prize nominee Stan “Tookie” Williams in Redemption.

 That amazing feat marked the first time that a single actor has received three Golden Globe nominations and four SAG Award nominations in the same year. Foxx has since appeared in Dreamgirls, Miami Vice, Jarhead and The Kingdom, and will next star in the drama Law Abiding Citizen directed by F. Gary Gray. Besides his outstanding work in front of the camera, Jamie has also achieved a thriving career in music. His eagerly-anticipated J Records debut, “Unpredictable,” was nominated for eight Billboard Music Awards, three Grammy Awards, one Soul Train Music Award and two American Music Awards, for which he won Favorite Male Artist. And his second album, “Intuition,” was just released last December to rave reviews.

Here, he talks about his new movie, The Soloist, a true story in which he plays Nathaniel Ayers, a Juilliard-trained child prodigy, who ended up homeless after developing schizophrenia. In the film, Ayers is befriended by Steve Lopez (Robert Downey, Jr.), an L.A. Times reporter who hears him playing the violin in the park.

KW: Jamie, I loved The Soloist and I’m so honored to get this time with you.

JF: Thank you, bro.

 KW: My first question is, did you get to meet Nathaniel Ayers on the streets in preparing to portray him?

JF: Yes I did. As a matter of fact, I snuck downtown with a little bit of a disguise and a security cat, and I just hung out right next to Nathaniel. He had no idea that I was watching him. I got a chance to see him speak to the world, and get excited, and be happy, and sad, and play his music. And I saw him preach. Watching that I was able to gather a lot of great information about who this guy was that I was about to play, without hearing anybody’s opinion of him, but just from my firsthand look at him. Later, I was formally introduced to him, and he was on his best behavior. He smiled because he gets it that they were going to do a movie about his life. And then you see him not get it, and wondering, “What’s going n here?” And then he’d swing back around and get it again. So, it was very interesting. And while all that was happening, I had a video camera on my phone that I used to record him the whole time. So, I came home, watched that footage, the footage I filmed when he wasn’t watching, and the footage I filmed when he was aware.

 KW: How did you prepare for the role after that?

JF: It was a matter of putting him together. Losing the weight… getting the hair right… getting the makeup right… and going to that place that I have feared going to for a long time, that is, losing your mind.

KW: What made you afraid of that?

 JF: As a child I always feared losing my mind. There was a guy in my neighborhood who always walked up and down the street talking to himself. I won’t say his name, but I would always go, “Ooh, that’s scary.” And then, when I was 18, I had a horrible experience when somebody slipped something into my drink. It was a college prank that really went bad, and I hallucinated for 11 months. The doctors said that sometimes people go and they never come back. I was lucky enough to get back, but the way I recovered was by playing music all the time, because I was in a music school. Isn’t it interesting that Nathaniel Anthony Ayers had a similar situation?

KW: Very.

JF: So, at one point while preparing for this movie I woke my manager at like three in the morning, saying, “I got it, I’m him, I know exactly what’s going on. Nathaniel says this, that and the other, because he feels this way and that way. I used to do the same thing when I was in college. I played music, and the reason we play music is so we can soothe ourselves. I’m him!”

KW: How did your manger respond?

 JF: He goes, “Foxx, I’m on way over to your house, because this is a little strange.” And when he gets there, I’m telling him all these different things which to him sounded like I was losing my mind. But to me, it made perfect sense, and that’s who Nathaniel Anthony Ayers is. Everything that he’s doing makes perfect sense to him. That’s why when Steve Lopez says, “You need help,” Nathaniel responds, “No, you don’t get it. This is what it is. This is what makes me feel comfortable. This is not your mind. This is my mind.” So, there were a lot of different parallels going on.

KW: After seeing The Soloist, I spoke to the film’s director, Joe Wright, because I was upset that it hadn’t been released last fall during Oscar season like originally planned. It struck me as a cross of A Beautiful Mind and One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. But I think you did a better job at conveying the feeling of insanity than either of those other pictures, which were both excellent, too.

JF: Thanks.

KW: Joe told me that you filmed on location on Skid Row and hired a lot of the homeless as extras. What was that like?

JF: It was interesting. I learned to have a different outlook on Skid Row. I arrived with my bravado, being an urban kid from the country, and thinking that there were people there out to get you. There’s gangbanging going on on Skid Row… people selling drugs… people on the come up… So, I went down there with an attitude like, “Yo, I’m going down here, but I’m watching my back.” But I quickly learned that that wasn’t what it was all about. They were mostly people who were really just trying to survive and to hold onto the little bit of human dignity they had left. I met actors down there, lawyers, and people who had been released too early from mental institutions that had turned their backs on them. People who had been living a couple of paychecks from being homeless, and then something bad happened, they lost everything, and now they don’t know how to get back. I learned a lot of lessons, so when I look at them now, I don’t think of them in the same way that I used to. I have to thank Joe Wright for that.

KW: It reminds me of how when I was watching the State of the Black Union recently, I saw former TV talk show host Iyanla Vanzant talking about recently becoming homeless. And she had been an attorney and a best-selling author.

JF: Yeah, it blows your mind, man, because you never know where you might be. That was another thing I said to my manager that night, “And this is what’s going to happen: I’m going to lose all my money. I’m going to lose this house, and I’m going to end up homeless.” And to me, it really felt like that could happen. And sometimes, in those situations, it really can.

KW: When you mentioned videotaping Nathaniel, it reminded me of a video I saw of you on the internet at the presidential inauguration where you were using your phone to tape a student from the Naval Academy, Chidiebere Kalu, singing acappella in his dress uniform.   

 He actually happens to be a friend of my son, who’s producing some tracks with him. Were you really impressed with Kalu?

JF: Yes, he just text-messaged me. I let him know to have some patience. I’m trying to get it all together, so when I come to him it’s real legit. [Jamie starts singing the same song Kalu sings on youtube]. Whatever that song was, I called him on his answering machine, and said, “Young man, I’ve got some great ideas for you, I’m just trying to put it all together.” I think we could really do something special with him. When I listened to his music, I just didn’t think that was the way he should go. I think that he could stay clean. He could be a real beacon coming from the military, doing some great inspirational music that would also sell. I don’t want him to feel like he’s corny, because I know he’s got his thing going. But with some of the music I heard, I was like, “That’s cool,” but we need to find the right music for him and then capitalize on where he’s coming from. This video footage I have of him is just amazing!

KW: Is there any question no one has ever asked you, that you wish someone would?

 JF: Yes, there’s a question. How come they don’t ask me about how great I play ping-pong?

 KW: Okay, how great do you play ping-pong?

JF: I’m bad! I will challenge anybody. Don’t even think about it. Unless you’re left-handed and from China, you don’t have a chance.

KW: The Tasha Smith question: Are you ever afraid?

 JF: All the time.

KW: The Columbus Short question: Are you happy?

 JF: Yes!

KW: The Teri Emerson question: When was the last time you had a good belly laugh?

JF: Every day, man. [Chuckles] If you hang out with me, you’d see. I hang out with all comedians.

KW: The “Realtor to the Stars” Jimmy Bayan question: Where in L.A. do you live?

JF: I live on a farm outside of L.A., about an hour away. On a 40-acre avocado farm.

 KW: Jimmy also wants to know, when did you think that an Oscar was attainable? When you left Texas? When you were on In Living Color?

JF: When we attained it. K

KW: The bookworm Troy Johnson question: What was the last book you read?

JF: To be honest, Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham.    

KW: The music maven Heather Covington question: What music are you listening to?

JF: Intuition.

 KW: What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

JF: Ooh… The biggest obstacle? The mental obstacle of thinking that just because I was African-American that I couldn’t have it all.

 KW: The Rudy Lewis question: Who’s at the top of your hero list?

JF: Barack Obama.

KW: The Laz Alonso question: Is there anything your fans can do to help you?

JF: By always telling me if it’s good, bad, or all right.

 KW: Reverend Florine Thompson asks, if someone produces is a movie about the life of President Obama would you consider playing him?

JF: [Answers doing an impressive Obama impersonation that sounds just like the President] If there’s any indication, that America is not the most incredible country in the world… [Chuckles] Yes I would.

KW: And the good Reverend had a follow-up, who would you like to see cast in the role of Michelle Obama?

JF: Hmm, who would it be? Halle Berry.

KW: Reverend Thompson also says grandmothers have played an exceptional role in the black experience, and that in your song, “I Wish You Were Here,” you pay tribute to and share about your grandmother. She asks what role did your grandmother play in your life and how did she influence your spirituality?

JF: She gave me everything. She gave me the tools to be who I am, from music to athletics to knowing how to be a gentleman. She did it all.

KW: Attorney Bernadette Beekman wants to know whether you still get royalties from Booty Call?

JF: [LOL] Yes, but they’re very small checks.

KW: Marianne Ilaw was wondering whether you would consider recording an old school R&B album updating hits from the Seventies.

JF: [Pauses to think about it] Umm…. No.

KW: Keith Kremer asks if you’re Ugly Girl character from In Living Color going to make a cameo appearance in one of your future movies?

 JF: Yes.

KW: Finally, aspiring scriptwriter Chris Carden says he’s got a great screenplay he wants you to read.

 JF: That’s okay.

KW: Well, thanks again for a great interview, Jamie and good luck with the film.

JF: Thanks, bro. To see a trailer for The Soloist, visit:  To see the video of Navy Midshipman Chidiebere Kalu singing for Jamie Foxx at the Presidential inauguration, visit: New Documentary Media Alert: The Maurice Jefferson Story and Documentary by Terry ONeal


In 2007, I contacted Terry a. O’neal to just reminisce about the good ‘ole times when poetry had taken on it’s final dramatic  transition from spoken word art to spiritualistic verses in books, and as prevalent on bookstore shelves  by  responsible owners who recognize the self-help poetry gift book as a fast selling genre  of its  own that speaks to a nation of readers looking for daily uplift.

 Among those spiritual poets of all time, is the written and spoken voice of Terry a. O’Neal. You may recall the poet who I personally invited to debut her poetry on the stage of the Harlem Book Fair with Cynthia Highsmith Hooks, young Adrianna Holland, winner of the 1st Harlem Book Fair Spelling Bee Contest and myself. The moment was magical and captured by the renown Amsterdam News.

Terry a. O’neal quickly followed with a series of books  geared to the younger audience after debuting her hit poetry book, The Poet Speaks in Black. One young novella by Terry, Sweet Lavender  made its way to the  top and was optioned for a motion picture. Terry had been working on her memoir about her life as a young teen which I was privy to get  firsthand full details; for many top authors have informed me of their projected projects years in advance. I rarely disturb these kings and queens Terry often sets herself apart as if she is not royalty, but indeed she is one of the most accomplished poets of this era in her domain.

She generously aired mention of my very own book. Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature on CBS News. Call Terry a media magnet. Media gravitates to the poetess who speaks words of wisdom beyond her age. The poetical in crowd was cyber clapping with applause when Terry made way on the former  updated by Bruce George of Bruce George

 It was a great time for poetry, but something dramatically gravitated Terry’s attention away from poetry.


While on Myspace, I got the first invite for a site dedicated to a story that has made recent headlines and involving the mysterious disappearance of Maurice Jefferson since 1983. Many mothers would give up the struggle, but the story caught producer/ poet Terry O’Neal’s eye. She had almost thrown away the memo requesting  her help as a citizen, but the heart of the poet could not resist un crumpling  the flyer she received in her Cali hometown. We receive flyers all the time in New York of missing folks in post offices. An alarming rate of over 800,000 people go missing annually. No longer can people take for granted walking down the block, going to the mall, attending a local event or even taking a ride to the neihborhood store.
Upon surveying some folks on what they would do if confronted by a stranger that had no business approaching them, one person unapologetically responded, that she would carry acid and won’t hesitate to throw it on a strangers face since not even stars can carry weapons for protection these days in some areas of the United States where crime rates are rampant. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and any parent who has lost a child to an unresolved missing case would go on for years searching for one’s child.
Today, Terry O’ Neal has  taken her own earnings from book sales to produce a  documentary witha $10,000 budget to put the story on air and hopefully find some resolve from the community the young high school basketball player lived. Hustle and Flow starring Terrance Howard was made with a $12,000 budget so Terry has enough ammunition already for a full length documentary.  It’s never too late  for the state of Cali and people who have taken on an interest in this story to come forward.
A daunting travesty as substantial as many historical incidences like the Emmett Till story produced by Kevin Beauchamp and numerous award winning documentaries always call at least one angel who as a result enlightens the world.
It is befitting for me to shed light on this profound story that has many people perplexed because anyone’s son can leave out of one’s house and go missing days later. This situation is a wake up call for everyone. Visit celebrity interview archives sometime this week to read the story of Terry a. O’neal, a producer on the rise guided by the poetry in her heart. To find out more about Terry a. O’neal, visit TV Show Community Alert- This week on the TYRA SHOW


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Pressure to Be Promiscuous

Teens discuss the pressure to have sex, and the embarrassment they feel for being virgins.

Friday, April 24th
“Teen Pregnancy”

Pregnant teens share their personal stories — and why they think the teen birth rate is rising. Endorsed Event Advertisement: Get your ad in the BOOKEXPO Journal reaching over 80,000 visitors of the African American Pavilion in New York City-ONLY $125- LAST CALL

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Maybe, you can’t attend the event; but there’s no reason to miss out on this once a year opportunity.  We’ll represent you!!! 
For just $125 your book can be showcased in the African American Pavilion at BookExpo America and all your contact information (your name, address, phone, email, website, publisher, book title, ISBN # and price) will be listed in the 2009 African American Pavilion Exhibitors Journal and passed out to the pavilion attendees.  
And in case that’s not enough, will link your website to their website for six months at no extra cost. 
This offer won’t last forever.  Register before April 30th and get all that!!!  You’ll be glad you did!!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you….

Director, Quality Press
Associate Publisher
Amber Communications Group, Inc.
National Director
African American Pavilion at Book Expo America
Phone: 602-743-7426

Heather Covington-The Literary Heat- Song Review- Must Be Love featuring Puff Daddy by Cassie

Single Song: Must Be Love feat. (Puff Daddy)
Artist: Cassie

Reviewed by Heather Covington
“The Literary Heat”

Like a breath of fresh air, new music artist, Cassie, the songbird whose music career seemed to be on pause while taking on movie cameos and major endorsements, effortlessly jolts out a hit the fab chicas can relate to who just want to hear a Hip-Hop ballad when riding in ones vehicle with the sun roof open, hair all out and blowing with natural length in summer wind.

“I think about you all the time, can’t get you off my mind,” is the catchy hook in Cassie’s sure to be mega-hit “Must Be Love,” and featuring the “Bad Boy” Puffy aka Sean Combs who lends his classic Hip Hop vocals to every song he produces and deservingly so. If you aren’t reminded by the swagger of an ‘ole Gina Thompson hit like, The Things You Do,” then you simply will have to go back in time and research Puffy’s hits and all of the artists he’s breathed life into.

Cassie undoubtedly brings her own flava to music with that same unassuming big voice that you wait to get better, but it stays on its course and continues to give listeners just enough to buy the album for keeps.

Call her the new Universal Princess of RnB who no one saw arriving so soon, Cassie has certainly paid her dues, but instead of cutting that ribbon of success, she’s cut off one side of her hair recently. Perhaps, it “Must be Love” for the green because Cassie is headed straight to the bank and there isn’t anything anyone can do to stop her reign. If you listen carefully to her latest hit, all of that “ker-chang ker-chinging” is a money register repeatedly popping open. It’s certainly Cassie’s time to shine.

Disilgold SOUL Magazine Rating: ****3.5 Stars

About Reviewer: A Nationally Certified Reading Specialist, critically acclaimed poet, marketing specialist and former tv show host, Heather Covington “The Literary Heat” is the NAACP IMAGE AWARD nominated author of Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature and publisher and debut author of the best selling MURDEROTICA novel, Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales. She has been noted as a TOP 5 Media Mogul alongside the producers of GOODDAY and runs, owns and operates, abridged for “Diamonds, Silver and Gold,” the literary and media home of celebrity stars and literary icons. Her author website can be visited at and official MYSPACE site at For booking, interview, media requests and/or Monthly Media Campaigns: Email

Heather Covington-The Literary Heat- REVIEWS MUSIC VIDEO : This Isn’t Love by Jennifer Hudson


Music Video: This Isn’t Love
Artist: Jennifer Holiday
Reviewed by Heather Covington
“The Literary Heat”

“God send me an angel up from above,” is the catchy hook  in the video “This Isn’t Love” from Jennifer  self entitled album, Jennifer Hudson by J Records. With cascading imagery, beautiful silhouettes, graceful  choreography from background dancers, great lighting,  along with  the trend setting style and fashions of Jennifer Hudson, the more I listen to this cutting edge song, the more I crave to hear it. 

The voice of a songbird and artistry of a seasoned songstress along the caliber of a modern day Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Pattie LaBelle and  Aretha Franklin all in one, “This Isn’t Love” is an unassuming hit that appeals to all listeners because it is easy to listen to over-and-over again.

With  timeless video production that integrates a classic voice that never goes out of style and just keeps getting better with time,  Jennifer Hudson is fast on her way to becoming an international icon. Inner  confidence and self-conviction radiates beyond the video with “The Voice.”  If this video is just the beginning of Jennifer Hudson’s comeback then there is more outstanding work to  surface from this artist.

Disilgold SOUL Magazine Rating: 5 Stars

About Reviewer:  A Nationally Certified Reading Specialist, critically acclaimed poet, marketing specialist and former tv show host, Heather Covington “The Literary Heat” is the NAACP IMAGE AWARD nominated author of Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature and publisher and  debut author  of the best selling MURDEROTICA novel, Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales. She has been noted as a TOP 5 Media Mogul alongside the producers of GOODDAY and runs, owns and operates, abridged for “Diamonds, Silver and Gold,”  the literary and media home of celebrity stars and literary icons.  Her author website can be visited at and official MYSPACE site at For booking, interview, media requests and/or Monthly Media Campaigns: Email


Folks are coming here to and need to go over to where we are now posting all photos in relation to our text. It saves time, stops thieves from stealing our pictures and publishing them on other blogs and in magazines. Furthermore, we want you to go over to where all the action is. Read the celeb profiles where all is updated. For this post, go to the BOOK EXPO link. My team is  updating as quickly as we can . If  these blogs shut down tomorrow, I still have and so just scroll the TOP STORY pics for the photos related to top stories.  

Check out the flyer on the site tomorrow. It is awesome.  Click on to the BEA STORY 2009 coming soon. I chronicle happenings. If I get a visual of you at the BOOKEXPO, you will be featured. Pretty darn observant, so don’t mind me if I am aloof. Well aware. Been told by a lot of  people that I look distant. Don’t worry about that. I see you very clearly and everything you are doing while hosting. If you want to test me, just email me at and I’ll tell you exactly what you were doing at the BEA. I can read lips too.  That author who said, there goes that bitz Omarosa, you better not say mean thngs like that this year because I am going to put you on blast. Omarosa is a very nice person.

People just don’t understand what she’s been through and  were hatin.’ Look how Donald kicked off Tionne from the Apprentice because she volunteered to go to the board room and my boy, Brian Mcknight because he was a good captain and then poor Dennis who is now all exposed. Poor babies. Tionne, Dennis and Brian, please come out to the Book Expo. Brian can sing to us ladies anytime, right ladies….. )))(((CHUCKLING LIKE A DIVA)))(((( Tionne, I love your poetry book from year ago called THOUGHTS. You are a poet. Just keep writing books because your poetry is awesome. Forget these reality shows.

Okay, wrapping up here…. You’ll never guess who is coming out to the BEA and so if you got here through surfing the blogs and tags, take your literary loving self over to NINO from New Jack City is arriving!!!! I won’t mention that at all, okay maybe I will. Now come on actors and actresses, tell me you weren’t inspired by Westley Snipes in New Jack City and all of his movies. The boy is bad.  That woudl be  disrespectful to talk about his movies, but trust everyone is going to be  starstruck.  Westley is the bomb actor of all actors, Denzel, Lawrence, Laz,  and I would even add LL COOL J if he does some more movies, but he’s all into signing talent at   He’s got a book called Platinum Workout sitting right here on my bookshelf and  I have no idea how to go about even asking him to come out. Folks keep requesting, but I am too chicken to request. After all when these celebs change their careers, you got to be mindful that they have moved on to new things.   We’ll see. RESPECT! 

Finally, some of you have been asking how can you meet Pat Schroeder of the American Association of Publishers. I kid you not, she came out one year and everyone was trying to get picks with her and Marcella Smith of Barnes and Noble.  I don’t blame ya. They are true movers and shakers in the publishign industry. You also, asked me if Tony Rose is going to sign copies of his book, New Kids on The Block.  We’ll see. His book just took off. The ladies love New Kids on the Block all grown up and I didn’t realize this until I saw all of the hype in New York City for a past TRL show.  It felt like New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Now don’t go starting trouble and requesting for New Kids on the Block Members to come out like a reunion.  Just stop it. LOL.

All in all, I’m a movie buff head. Speaking of BUFF,  fly chicarette Buffy the Body is coming out fellows. The lady is an entrepreneur and just a role model for the  Biz ladies who want to know how to capitalize off of their assets in business. Buffie is a phenom and we all can’t wait for her to share her trials and tribulations.  She has a calendar sellign right through the roof at Triple Crown Publications. A lot of important folks will be nestled in the Africana American Pavilion including my darn self. HEHEHEHE…….. you know why I am laughing right?    And yes, I am shouting out folks because I know who everyone is and all of the projects.  These folks are a greater than great. Zane is going to be their fam. I have gotten the best advice from Zane. And if you don’t know who Carole Mackey is then you better GOOGLE SEARCH her.  George C. Fraser  and Tom Joyner are confirmed. I read George’s book CLICK, 3 times and look at That’s the power of building business relationships.  My editor  of Literary Divas, Yvonne Rose, has a book coming out, so  I am atending her workshop. I am still in training. Yvonne is my hero. Finally, I am just hyped to meet Westley.  Everyone didn’t get SILVERLIGHT, BLURAY and HDTV 10 for nothing. Do the thing,  Westley. Bring it on.  This Zulu sci-fi project is just in time.  Moving onward.

And that’s your DAILY LITERARY DISH. And er EXTRA staff, you never had the Daily Literary Dish and now you have the New York Dish. You never had the HEATLIST and now you have the HOTLIST and you also, never had the God’s 24 Hour Makeover and now you have the Hollywood Makeover. Stop  chewing on Disilgold  media’s auzz and be original. You sound like a broken record with all this hoopla on the show. Much to do about nothing. You’re lucky that Shaun Robinson is on the show to add any class to that overrated gossip. Why don’t you come out to the Book Expo and support an event with substance.

 Not watching you anymore until you do. I am tuning into the RADIO  to change up my life. Be right back to see whose on around 7-8pm that is worthwhile to listen to. Maybe Sirrius radio has a decent show and BET is next on my HEATLESS list. With a top show like 106 and Park, why not bring on authors to talk with youth and promote some darn gone literacy instead of all of these blinging as videos turning youth into gangs and ass runners.  Now I got to go ut a hip hop album and put on some tight jeans to stand out…. oh nevermind me fam… that is my daily muse…. and I’m not taking it back. Much love to BET and EXTRA. Keep up the good work!

Photos of past events loading this week on the headline page of

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CYA APOLOGY-Jamie Foxx Apologizes to Miley Cyrus

It take a hell of a heart for a man to apologize for his comments, but Jamie Foxx did apologize on Jay Leno, so America forgave him for his comments abut Miley Cyrus. Plus ,he has too much going for him to engage in any publicity stunts. Folks are saying his performance in his upcoming movie, The Soloist should convince him to stop acting like a ghetto thug comedian and own up to his talent. Anyway, we stole a nice new photo of Jamie Foxx and ladies it is the hottest photo I ever seen on the net. This is the most professional pic of an aritst, period. In fact, with this pic alone, Jamie is back at the top says one of mymy Disilgold Insider friends. She saw the pic and said, jamie is a FOINE GUY. Not sure what is going on in his new movie though. Must be a lot of make-up.

See the new pci of Jamie, THE SOLOIST on in a hottie minute.

Fabuliscious Review for Notorious: Biggie Smalls Bio-Pic Arrives on DVD- GO OUT AND GET IN DROVES EVERYONE! Represent!


 DVD Review by Kam Williams



            Christopher Wallace (1972-1997) aka Biggie Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G. was a Brooklyn-born gangsta’ rapper who passed away at just 24 years of age, a casualty of the infamous East Coast-West Coast turf war which first claimed the life of his primary rival Tupac Shakur (Anthony Mackie). Tupac had dissed Biggie by claiming in a song to have slept with his wife, fellow hip-hop star Faith Evans (Antonique Smith). Neither Biggie nor Tupac were exactly altar boys, with both boasting openly about their yay-long rap sheets.

But the bloody feud was much bigger than these two icons. On one side, you had L.A. producer Suge Knight (Sean Ringgold) and his stable of artists at Death Row Records; on the other, there were the upstarts from New York who Sean “Puffy” Combs (Derek Luke) had recently signed to his new label, Bad Boy. And although everybody knew that their crews were packing heat and hated each other, the murders went unsolved, probably because of the “no snitch” mindset adhered to by these thugs as a code of honor.  

  Unfortunately, Notorious sheds little light on the mystery of who killed Biggie and Tupac. Nonetheless, director George Tillman, Jr. has crafted a very absorbing, cradle to the grave bio-pic which does vividly recount exactly how a latchkey kid being raised by an immigrant single-mom (Angela Bassett) in the slums of Bed-Stuy could have overcome the odds only to be slain at the height of his fame in a seemingly senseless drive-by shooting in Hollywood.

Much credit for the success of the flick must go to Jamal Woolard who makes an impressive screen debut in the title role here. The talented rapper-turned-actor achieves no mean feat in fully humanizing a fatally-flawed figure who could’ve easily come off as a one-dimensional monster instead of a charmer. After all, except for the fact that he made it in the music business, there isn’t a lot about Biggie worth emulating.

Neither approving nor judging, Notorious simply presents the gluttonous Biggie in all his materialist glory, allowing the audience to decided what to make of his train wreck of a personal life. A relentlessly-unapologetic immorality play about a bona fide ghetto gangsta’ apt to entertain even Joe Six-Pack.  


Excellent (4 stars)

Rated R for nudity, drug use, graphic sexuality, ethnic slurs and pervasive profanity. 

Running time: 129 minutes

Studio: Fox Home Entertainment

3-Disc DVD Extras: Widescreen theatrical feature film, unrated director’s cut, Wolverine theatrical trailer, Valkyrie, S. Darko, The Wrestler, Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, commentary by director George Tillman, Jr., screenwriters Reggie Rock Bythewood and Cheo Hodari Coker, and editor Dirk Westervelt, commentary by with Biggie’s mom Voletta Wallace, and his manager Wayne Barrow, Behind the Scenes: The Making of Notorious, I Got a Story to Tell: The Lyrics of Biggie Smalls,  Notorious Thugs: Casting the Film, Biggie Boot Camp, Anatomy of a B.I.G. Performance, Party & [Expletive] (never before seen footage), The B.I.G. Three-Sixty, Directing the Last Moments, It Happened Right Here, The Petersen Exit, The Shooting, The Impala, The Unfortunate Violent Act, The Window, 9 Deleted Scenes,  4 extended/alternate concerts, trailers from: Secret Life of Bees, Gospel Hill and Slumdog Millionaire, digital copy.


To see a trailer for Notorious, visit:

DISILGOLD.COM WEBSTORE WORLDWIDE BOOKSTORE MEDIA ADVISORY: Bertha M. Davis has published Knowing God Beyond Lifes Winter Season

Attention bookstores, with the surge of people now more than ever losing their homes, jobs and livelihood, along comes an inspirational author whose beautiful imagery of hope beyond  every day circumstances catapults the reader with spiritual uplift and is just the kind of book today’s reader will enjoy and give as a gift to loved ones. I highly suggest Bertha M. Davis new book, Knowing God Beyond Life’s Winter Season for review and stocking onto your bookstore shelves this spring and beyond. Ms. Davis’s work has been honorably selected to debut on the Disilgold Webstore at along with many fine works from authors heavily referred to the community from all genres and thus, a satisfying experience for shoppers. presents the official worldwide release of Knowing God Beyond Life’s Winter Season. Please contact author directly for bookingm interviews, radio requests and to enhance your programming. Knowing God Beyond Life’s Winter Season is just one of Bertha M. Davis’ glorified works at Please visit for upcoming interview with one of our very popular authors since 2001. Enjoy.

The Disilgold SOUL Family

EDITORS:  For review copies or interview request, contact:

Bertha M. Davis: 317-546-3158

Email Address:




INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, – Local author Bertha M. Davis has published Knowing God Beyond Life’s Winter Season, a powerful, uplifting, and soul stirring book which inspires as much as it entertains.  Real life antidotes’ during the winter season of one’s life that will take you to the wilderness, where safety can be found in God.

            Bertha’s Rocky Mountain trials and her adaptation to spiritual independence can be seen through her personal testimonies, and the testimonies of men in the Bible.  Though her gripping and enduring experience is a unique one, Bertha faces many storms which are icons of the challenges we all face. The reader’s strength can be renewed, as God’s Holy Word comes alive that are found within the pages of this powerful book.

            The book powerful etches is ultimately a testament to every individual’s undying potential.  Through the waters, it will not overflow you, and through the fire, it will not burn you.  Know who you are in God and don’t be intimidated by the DEVIL anymore, but put on the whole armor of God, stand firm, as the fiery dots of Life’s Winter Season are being thrown to disassemble the Christian’s faith in God. 

            Knowing God Beyond Life’s Winter Season is now available in bookstores in the U.S.,, Ingram Distribution, or order from Author’s websites:


ISBN # 978-0-9768753-2-2

ISBN # 0-9768753-2-2

Price: $12.50





AT BOOKEXPO AMERICA!photos/Wesley_Snipes.jpg&imgrefurl=    


New York, NY – , 2009 – “Zulu Mech 1”, a breakthrough African sci-fi adventure series co-produced by Wesley Snipes, will be unveiled on May 30th at The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America. The press conference is scheduled for 12:00 noon in the African American Pavilion Meeting Room 1C01-1C02 at the Jacob Javit Convention Center, New York City.

An innovative combination of animation, music, movie techniques and fine art paintings called a “Cinema Graphic Novel,” “Zulu Mech 1” is an adventure designed to promote literacy, hope and world peace.  Creators Mshindo I and Gregory Walker, aka “Brother G,” the award winning author of the “Shades Of Memnon” historical adventure series, will be on hand to introduce their epic, as will Snipes, star of the Blade movie trilogy, who serves as “Zulu Mech 1” co-producer and voice talent, also scheduled to appear is Jonathan Woods, animation director and music composer.

Then at 1:00 p.m., activities will shift to the African American Pavilion stage for a presentation entitled “African Legends Past And Future” that closes with a screening of the first “Zulu Mech 1” adventure. Upcoming episodes will soon be available on Apple Itunes.

I think “Zulu Mech 1″ is a grand adventure,” said Snipes. “Everybody knows I love sci-fi, I am always looking for a hot new property and I think I found it! If the fans liked the stuff we did on the Blade series, they are gonna love this. “Zulu Mech 1″, as written by Brother G and illustrated by the amazing Mshindo brings a fresh, untapped perspective to scifi. I think the world will be pleased. Our hope is to develop ZM1 into one of the hottest franchises around.”


BookExpo America, one of the largest book trade shows in the world provides independent African American book publishers, authors, self publishers, bookstore owners, librarians, distributors, literary agents, publicists, and African American imprints at major publishing houses with exposure to more that 80,000 bookbuyers and booksellers from across the world.  With over 25,000 BEA attendees crossing up and down the African American Pavilion Aisles, there will be huge opportunities to learn, share, educate, buy, sell, and network and the pavilion provides our exhibitors the lowest discounted booth prices at the BEA.














Who ever wrote that Chris Brown story, I got proof that you took information from an article I had released on my site word for word. Now where is my damn money for every word. I am the one who said that Chris Brown and Rihanna will cut a record and WRITE A BOOK TOGETHER. Going to get my twin Babe Charisse Worthington from my hot seller, TEKILA NIKA over at

 Um,hum.. it’s okay… I’ll get you back and when I see your new publication THE MOST coming soon to newsstands, let’s see how many copies make it off the shelves! Dont let me have to give a booksigning in front of the stand so no one can buy your new fashion and beauty magazine you swagger jacking macker fackers.

 I’mma tell Mr. Quincey Jones what’s going on. Write your own stories. AND AR, ER IR, OR, AR your story on the hottest dances missed quite a few from back in the days. I didn’t see THE SMURF, and THE HEATHER, that’s right. They use to do a dance in tribute to me and I don’t know how it got called The HALLE BERRY! That is some foul nonsense. It’s alright VIBE. I am releasing DISILGOLD VIBE next week. U dun messed with the wrong DIVA! And finally, no one invented the moonwalk. It was created by the Hip Hop break dancers in the Big Park in Eastchester. It started with the Skate Key and folks dancing backwards and they decided to take off their skates and do the sliding motion backwards with socks late nights. The news spread, then it hit the clubs and some choreographers commercialized the dance in groundbreaking box office hit breakdancing  movies. I dont mind people getting credit for their work, btu don’t forget to give props to those project kids who invented a lot of stuff and never got credit.  The only reason why I didn’ return my VIBE issue with Rihanna is that the articles are very lengthy and I liek real long articles.  Keep the good work.

Shaun Robinson on OMG reflecting makings of her new book, Exactly As I Am- Celebrated Women Share Candid Advice with Todays Girls

I gotta to thank Shaun for inviting me to her personal myspace group where she talks about self-esteem and pride issues for teens. I think Shaun thinks I am a teen. Isn’t that cute. A few weeks ago, I got an invite from Random House for her Barnes and Noble Booksigning on a date I already had booked for an event, but  made sure to find out how all went and it looks like Shaun’s book is a hit and sure bet contendor for a NAACP IMAGE AWARD.    She’s doing her thing and I am recommending her book for everyone to read because for one, what other celebrated journalist is holding it down on tv for years without any controversy and just as beautiful as ever and secure in herself. Shaun is a true role model. Little girls will be inspired to go after their dreams with Shaun’s over all leadership. A classy lady is going to the top and is now a celebrated author.

Here is an article from OMG that I began reading:

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — She’s won an Emmy, written columns for popular magazines and of course, is the weekend co-host and a correspondent for Access Hollywood, but when Shaun Robinson sat down to write her first book, she decided to not pen her manuscript about the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world.

“People are asking me, ‘Is there any scandal in the book?'” Shaun explained to about the curiosity surrounding “Exactly As I Am: Celebrated Women Share Candid Advice with Today’s Girls on What It Takes to Believe in Yourself,” out today on Ballantine Books. “And I said, ‘Nope, sorry, no scandal. That’s a book somebody else can write.”

VIEW THE PHOTOS: Shaun Robinson

Instead, after receiving questions from young women across the country who desperately want to be like their celebrity idols in television and film, Shaun decided to write a book offering self-esteem boosting words of wisdom from her own life and with the help of a host of celebrities.

“Girls today are so influenced by what they see on television and in magazines, film and media across the board and I began to realize how those images affect girls and how they feel about themselves,” Shaun explained. “That’s really nothing new, but I think the topic has taken on more of an urgency because there’s becoming more of an emphasis on looks. With all these messages of female empowerment, girls are still feeling incredibly, incredibly inadequate.”

To find out more about Shaun Robinson, visit her site at

I’m Going to Cry, I am Going to Die!-Lil Kim on Dancing With the Stars

Persistence pays off. Lil Kim steals the number one spot in Dancing with the Stars. Lil Kim and her dance partner  scored a perfect ten across the board this week. She is sucha sweetie. She goes on national air, “I’m Going to Cry, I’m Going to Die!” Now that should be ona t-shirt as the ultimate form of expression. Her big sis, Queen Latifa was there to support. Well, that’s it for my  LITERARY DIVA rant and raving tonight. Congrats Lil Kim. Does anyone know when her next album comes out. Email


Looks like Jamie Foxx got caught up in paparazzi frenzy when asked what he felt about Miley Cyrus ruining Radio Head’s career on Sirrius Radio. He responded, “What, Miley is going to take Radio Head’s career.. go do some hero— like Brittney.”

 That equals a  big disso to Brit and Miley, America’s pop tarts. Miley handled the brash statement from Jamie Foxx hungry for attention for his new movie by simply stating, “If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say it at all!” Get him Miley. How dare Jamie be so rude to a minor, but it does give both of them publicity. After all, Miley Cyrus had better make all of the moneyshe can now while young because those baby boomer fans get fickle as soon as they wake up and find out their favorite teen idols are all grown up. I would let her father handle this matter. This controversy is not over. Jamie has put a big FOXX in his mouth. He is so great in movies and then he goes back to his bad biy ‘ole self in his music and when he opens his mouth.

You can take the hood rat out of Hollywood, but you can’t put him back in the ghetto. Ouch, that statement has got to be a blow to Miley’s self-esteem.-Heather Covington

Bo Obama is here!

Given as a gift by Senator Kennedy, Bo Obama got approval from Sasha and Malia today as the white house dog. Bo is a full breed Portuguese Yorkshire and amazingly all black with white paws. The dog has been trained to keep its feet of the president’s shoes. The president’s wife, Michelle, is already thinking about placing a fence around her tomatoes. Let’s see how long Bo lasts. He looks really active and like he’s ready to get into a lot of trouble.

The Resurrection of Me: A Spiritual Memoir by Tonya Blount Signing. COME OUT!

Please join us for a book reading and signing by VOW member Tonya Blount and author of “The Resurrection of Me: A Spiritual Memoir.” This event is for persons who identify as female: survivors, advocates, family and friends. “The Resurrection of Me: A Spiritual Memoir,” will be on sale at a cost of $14. A portion of the proceeds from the sell of each book will be donated to VOW to help support survivors as they continue to fight to improve the systems survivors and their children turn to for safety and justice.