Literary Dish- Customers in Rite Aid Stores Reflect on Kimani Books

Kimani Books is a rather new publishing imprint of African-American romance titles. While browsing through a Rite Aid store in my hometown in the Bronx before trying out a Bookstore spree contest at a local Barnes & Noble store, I witnessed an entire magazine rack filled with publications by the imprint and had to take 5 steps back because I have never seen AA titles in Rite Aid displayed so nicely. You could just grab the books off of the shelves, but surprisingly, almost every person on line walked right by the books and never gave the books a second glimpse. I don’t know why I was studying traffic flow, but I had to stop and ask some customers if they were interested in AA titles at all. The customers said that the covers all look alike, and if they had to buy a book, they would have to actually read the back matter to make up their mind because the titles are simple as well. Hmmm, so much for romance books selling out this holiday at Rite Aid stores. However, if one romance book sells each day per title then this is a plus. Romance is supposed to be the biggest selling genre, but maybe trends are changing. Readers in Rite Aid may think they’d never find anything but a bubblegum romance book in a family oriented store. The customers mentioned they liked erotica books, and if they wanted a romance book, they know how to go out on the streets of New York and purchase the books they want. This was devastating news, but nevertheless, I am sure those Romance books from Kimani will sell out soon. Do you read romance books or write them? What’s your take on booklovers fickleness?


4 comments on “Literary Dish- Customers in Rite Aid Stores Reflect on Kimani Books

  1. Corlis, this is a great sample of your work, and you have mastered intertwining both genres. I would say you are a seasoned writer, because most books I read on either genre do not develop scenes, but get right to the point. I know some readers prefer erotica to be written that way, TO THE POINT. I definately may have to add a panel discussion on this topic for the upcoming YGA Awards Show. Anyhoo, I am reading my Kimani books I purchased and I think the imprint is going to take off big time. I like the size of the books. You can put them in your purse. The authors are definitely the finest in this genre just from reading the first chapters. Well, holler back at us on the progress of your novels. I am going to check your site tomorrow. I have heard of your work believe or not.

  2. Sensuous Passion
    You are a burning, sensuous passion that has burst into flames. You carve the essence of your spirit inside the core of my soul. A moment in time designed from a world further than the light of dawn. I crave and hunger after you in the physical. You are such a beauty to behold. You are a clandestine mystery, a legend of love only the angels know of.
    Chronicle of love, draw closer to me. Let us make history of times gone by. Sensuous passion, you excite me, ignite me. You put a match to the fire that fills my very soul with pleasure and desire. You are my fire. You are my flame that flickers then flares. With anticipation I linger for the explosion of your love that takes me to other worlds beyond and above…

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