Welcome to the Daily Literary Dish: Introduction

Welcome to the Daily Literary Dish by Heather Covington. Check here for writing, self-publishing and marketing tips, news, reviews, interviews of your favorite literary stars, press releases, event notices, gossip and thoughts of everything literary related each and every day. You never know what topics we’ll feature or who will get the” Literary Dish.” It’s all in fun to keep the literary community connected and informed. Feel free to contribute your feedback. As of January 1st, The Literary Dish will go mobile. To contact moderator or contribute your news, email Disilgold@aol.com.


3 comments on “Welcome to the Daily Literary Dish: Introduction

  1. This sounds like one hell of a book Minnie. It’s good to take a stand on issues with originality. Your book will stand out when you dare to be different. Continued blessings on your new book. The red satin sheets remind me of Omar Tyree’s Diary of a Groupie and definately works at inviting mystery. See you at the top.

  2. The Seduction of Mr. Bradley dropped November 22, 2006.

    Bill Bradley is bisexual. Many have written on the subject, either bashing or bragging—my novel does neither. It’s about important social and medical issues that concern us today; especially the African American community. All of the lives in this story pertain to love on different levels and the struggle to understand those levels.

    Mr. Bradley was difficult to write because I am a seasoned female (gently speaking). Even so, my belief in humankind drove The Seduction of Mr. Bradley.

    The book can be purchased directly from me at http://www.millerscribs.com, from justbookz.com and amazon.com.

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