10 Ways to Market Your Book to Success

 Heather Covington-www.Heather-Covington.com

10 Ways to Market Your Book to Success

 by Heather Covington

Copyright 2006. All Rights Reserved.

1.  THE POSTER: Quality full color posters brand your book cover, share insight on the content of your work  in one brief sentence along with a photo image of yourself that brings out your personality and the message you want to convey to the world, as well as the people you want to reach. If you have written a romance novel, look as romantic as your main character. If you have written a diet and fitness book, look fit and confident. If you have written a financial or CEO guide, look RICH!  This is the way the world works. You are what you attract! Include a major review and feedback from  book lovers. Send posters as gifts to colleagues, friends and supporters who may wish to post your book poster in high volume areas or where other consumers may be interested in supporting your work. Autograph your posters to add value and so friends will be proud to display your work. If you don’t take pride in your work, no one will.  It takes 16 glances for the human mind to embed a photo, image and even a book title in their long term memory. Posters are a great branding tool. Do not skimp on costs to produce  posters. The higher the quality,  finish and production the better. Place your laminated poster on boards and acquire a  portable stand for presentations when you are on tour.  Include your website so people will remember how to find you online as well. You are all ready to conquer the world and promote sales. I designed a poster in 2006 that made several local papers that reached hundreds of thousands of readers. Many of times, journalists don’t get all of your details to write their stories, so photos with information are very helpful.

 2. THE BUSINESS CARD:You never ever know who you will meet so it is wise to carry business cards. Simplicity is not always wise. It just means that you are too cheap or don’t have time to design a quality business card. Do not use Vistaprint. I toss those cheap cards in the garbage. Go spend some money on your BC. You’re worth it. Is a freely printed business card what you equate your customers to?  The more unique your business card, the more likely a person will contact you. Include your book cover and author photo. Branding is everything. If you must acquire business cards in a hurry, let your logo be at the forefront and website. It took a while for some people to remember Disilgold is abridged for Diamonds, Silver and Gold, so I created a mnuemonic motto for when I meet  people if I run out of cards. For example, I say DI… the 1st two letters of Diamond… SIL…the 1st three letters of silver….and G-O-L-D…all of the letters of GOLD.


 3. THE POSTCARD: Let’s face it, promoting your book to number one is more gratifying when you take the time to thank those people who have inspired,mentored and volunteered to support you without one having to ask and of course, expect nothing in return. Volunteer supporters nowadays are a rare breed, but these angels do exist. I have been blessed to have so many people volunteer to  support me. I have always been a person to say, “THANK YOU,” for the little and big things people do  to support me with sincerity.  As my own publicist since Day 1, and of which I define as taking on the process of writing press releases,  acquiring a major network of contacts that can assist with book promotion via major media, securing independent headline press for major publications, sponsorship for  book tours, booking  clients for continuous events and store signings, mailing promos to media and accompanying artists on tour and all of which I have managed to do on my own,  I took note of the tools I utilized to also SAY THANK YOU. I needed a way to say thank you from the heart  with simplicity and right away. Postcards are my favorite way of sending messages to people who inspire me day- to- day. I finally did acquire a full time publicist who volunteered, my own retired mother who does not want any recognition or credit for my hard work like some publicists I have encountered in the past, nor has any ulterior motives to launch her own publicity firm (LOL) or wish to obtain any other clients so please do not try to hire my mom as your publicist or I’ll get you:-)(LOL) I must say she has learned from her best teacher, her daughter. (LOL). Now I buy her all of the things she ever wanted in her life. (LOL) However, the only thing my mother cannot volunteer to do is write my handwritten messages of thanks. Send one to someone who has suported you today with your own Jane Doe signature! Be classy!

 4. THE BROCHURE-A simple 2 color brochure gives your readers a little more information than your poster, business card and postcard. This is where you get to flex your other talents as well as your bestselling book. Brochures also leave an everlasting impression. You have 60 second to get me to make that phone call and patronize your  other services. Save the self-kudos and get to the point. What do you offer and what side hustle will acquire enough funds for you to accomplish other dreams with joy. Be true to yourself. I know authors who have various talents, but if the first sentence on their brochure is, “No other author can stand up to me,” I am turned off, point blank. In other words, don’t knock others to get ahead. This reads across to the reader like you are knocking them down and have something better to help them knock themselves down, too. (LOL.)

5. THE NEWSLETTER- Millions of people read the news everyday, so what makes you think people won’t read a newsletter about you if it’s placed in front of their faces or handed to them on the street? Newsletters can be articles, feature stories, a review or even a press release that highlights the most current news about your work. Newsletters can be mailed via email or printed as circulars. The key is to evoke interest, and of course leave an everlasting impression. Be careful with controversy because old controversy makes you a passing trend! Just like a comedian’s punchline, a newsletter must have a hook that is innovative and unique. Dare to be original and you may win over a new audience who’s been waiting for you. Be fresh and bold! People like success stories where folks have overcome major diversity. Everyone loves the underdog, but don’t be a afraid to acquire success without controversy! There are rewards for living a good and honest life too. You may not get there that fast, but you will one day.It is true, nice guys and gals finish last, but don’t worry about it. Be true to you! Success will be much sweeter.

6. THE MEDIA KIT- When was the last time you updated your biography. Always let people know who you are because if you don’t noone will know who you are. REALLY! Include recent achievements, awards, media and press clippings with book information, a magazine cover ready photo and BIOGRAPHY.

 7. THE CLASSY GIFT TRINKET- Sometimes people just do away with paper items as clutter. Stay ahead of the promotion game by acquiring wholesale bulk orders of a gift trinket people can use over and over like a calendar, pen, mug, hat, t-shirt or bag. Be sure it is cost efficient enough for you to be able to give it away. Gifts can be utilized as thank you gifts or promotional items at point of sale of your book.

8. THE CATALOG- Ready to mass distribute your book. Many organizations grow so large that their catalogs are too congested for the naked eye to digest. You may have to  supplement advertising by creating your own catalog to promote your books. I am creating a snappy catalog for Disilgold Publishing Books and have invited as few as 20 advertisers per issue because my research has taught me just how much promotion humans can bear in a single publication and minus articles and stories. Watch your sales soar with a catalog. Include a variety of items that are unique so you can succeed. Don’t give away all of your ideas online or on your website. Save some secrets for your catalog.

9. THE GEAR- Branding your book can be as simple as selling a t-shirt with your book or even donating them for contests and events to promote your work where permitted. Don’t think you are supporting the entity you sponsor by giving away t-shirts with your book cover on it. This is not true sponsorship because your brand is benefitting  you and not the entity you are supporting which may need your financial support as well.  It’s like showing up at an event you did not pay for and handing out flyers and thinking that you are helping the event by promoting your work and being present. Be a classy sponsor and donate Book gear with a check of support. Your promotion of your book will go a long way and keep your promoters at events happy about supporting you. Better yet, wear your own Bookgear at events so you won’t have to give away t-shirts to promote your book if the cost milks your budget.

10. THE WEBSITE: If more authors took an interest in their websites, they would notice triple sales each month. The website should be ready to promote and not be a work in progress unless you have an audience so big, you can afford to keep folks in suspence.

12. BONUS: Print excerpts of your book to include in book covers. This invites booksales as well.

For more of my marketing tips order The Disilgold Way: Countdown 101 From Writer to Self-Publisher by Heather Covington.





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