25th Annivesary Tribute to Amber Communications Group, Inc. family

AMber Books.comIn August 2006, Tony Rose (CEO founder and publisher of ACGI, Amber Communications Group, Inc. and wife Yvonne Rose, celebrated 25 years of marriage and over 8 years  of commitment and dedication as relatively newcomers to the book publishing industry after transitioning as music moguls in a changing industry that glorified rap music.

 Heather Covington, a kindergarten teacher , photo journalist, poet  and motivational speaker vowed to teach youth about Literary Divas and pass on the legacy of the writers she calls, “The Great Ones.”

Wanting to produce quality works, ACGI was founded to bring quality works to the literary world and continues to bring high quality titles like Michael Jackson: The Anthology, Urban Suicide,  Divas of the Millennium  and many other works that focus on the true lives of many talented artists that will empower more talented artists for a life time. ACGI is one of the fewest AA publishers who maintains direct distribution to top quality chain stores like Barnes & Noble.  ACGI has also acquired national distribution with select titles in Black Expressions Catalog gracing publications like Essence and Ebony, and international rights for titles in Japan and  countries overseas.

 Today, ACGI titles have earned worldwide recognition as “the nation’s largest African American Publisher of Self-Help Books, Career Guides and Celebrity Bios, been cited in Black Issues, featured on Target Market News reaching millions and helped co-found the Black Pavilion at the Book Expo.

Yvonne Rose a guiding force of ACGI wrote a book, “Is Modeling For You” with Tony Rose as a former model herself that went on to sell over 80,000 copies. She also, co-edited Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature that was given a seal of approval by Adrienne Ingrum, a respected and heavyweight editor in the publishing industry. The introductory sample edition made a tremendous debut to hundreds of fans at the Book Expo in Washington, D.C., was featured in Ebony Magazine and Black Issues Book Review August Bookshelf list. It also received an outstanding review from QBR founder, Max Rodriguez and AMAG’s James Lisbon.

Recently, ACGI became a NAACP Image Award nominated company when Literary Divas made it to the Top 22 finalist nominations which brought on tons of support from featured and rising Literary Divas and literary websites like Reading and Writing Literary Group (Rawsistaz) owned by Tee C. Royal, Marguerite Press owned by Delores Thornton and Bahiyah Magazine owned by Bridgette Hollingsworth. The publication has also been cited by PR and Media team, Bill McCreary, Kim Fuller and Oronde Media in publications like Caribbean Life. The author, Heather Covington, was profiled on the AALBC.com newsletter and wrote the Foreword for another outstanding literary work, Gumbo For the Soul given a top review by  radio host, Tavis Smiley.

ACGI is a company that recognizes authors of diverse genres and recently signed Delores Thornton “Queen of Promotion” and founder of Marguerite Press to a book deal for her work, “How to Self-Publish Your Book Without Going Nuts,” upon discovering she had written a book while volunteering to  further support Heather Covington’s book, ” Literary Divas”  upon it making a tremendous debut and headlining in over 22 papers nationwide. In 2006, ACGI’s Tony Rose will arrive in New York to earn the prestigious Trailblazer Award in New York City presented by Aspicomm Media.

He is the executive producer of Literary Living, produced by Rosette M. Union, and hosted by Heather Covington. The all star cast has a wide history like Spaceman Patterson (Editor) and co-hosts Audrey Adams (The Adam’s Report) and Joe James. (Producer). Guests featured so far have been Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Tavis Smiley, Sekou Sundiatta, Roberta Flack, Camille Yarbrough, Wendy Williams, WHAT?, Hill Harper, Joe and George  Frazer just to name a few guests all talking about literary moments. In fact, Literary Living is the “1st mainstream African American literary show of it’s kind reaching over 16 million viewers.

Groundbreaking, trendsetting and a phenomenon, ACGI is leading the way as a literary mogul company united and supported by the entire African-American community at large.

As the author of Literary Divas, Publicity Director of the Harlem Book Fair 2005, 2006, DisilgoldSOUL magazine salutes and reinstates ACGI, as “The Publisher of The Millennuim” since 2003. We also wish to relay Tony & Yvonne Rose’s well wishes for 2007 all the way from Arizona.

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  1. Wanting to produce quality works, ACGI was founded to bring quality works to the literary world and continues to bring high quality titles like Michael Jackson:click on this link

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