Disilgold Soul Literary Review Presents the YOUnity Guild Awards 2006 Winners

  • YOUnity Guild Awards 

  • Disilgold Soul Literary Review Presents the YOUnity Guild Awards 2006 Winners

  • Produced by www.HeatherCovington.net

  •  Disilgold predicts the most successful people in their fields.Watch these award winners very carefully! 

  • 1. Renee Flagler- Entrepreneur of the Year

  • 2. Marc Lacy- Disilgold Soul Magazine Male Poet of the Year

  • 3. Dee Freeman- Disilgold Soul Best Female Spiritual Poet of theYear

  • 4. Darren B. Rankins- Disilgold Soul Best Male Spiritual Poet of the Year

  • 5. Jolie Magazine- Best Beauty Magazine of the Year

  • 6. Kim Robinson- Best New Semi-Fiction Drama Novelist of the Year

  • 7. Candice Dow- Best New Breakout Female Author of the Year

  • 8. Alexis G. Thornton- Best Long Fiction Work of the Year

  • 9. Karen Ligon- Most Aspiring Female Poet of the Year

  • 10. Minni E. Miller- Best New Compiled Short Story Fiction Work

  • 11. Tony Rose- Male Humanitarian of the Year

  • 12. Stacy Deanne- Best Celebrity Biography Work of the Year (Just signed to Simon & Schuster for bidding war on Latino Novel Series)

  • 13. Jatye- Best New Urban Author of the Year

  • 14. Vickie Stringer- Best Female Small Press Publisher of the Year

  • 15. Tweety Elitou- Most Aspiring Young Author of the Year

  • 16. Bintell Powell- Best New Upscale Urban Fiction Author of the Year

  • 17. Gregory J.P. Godek- Most Popular  International Author of the Year

  • 18. Relentless Aaron- Best Motivational Speaker & Author of the Year

  • 19. In The Name of Love by Sammie Ward- Best New Romance Book Cover of the Year and New Romance Author of the Year

  • 20. Wendy Williams- Best New Radio Host of the Year & Most Innovative Radio Host of the Year

  • 21. RAWSISTAZ- Most Popular BookClub &  Forum of the Year- www.Rawsistaz.com  

  • 22. Delores Thornton- Female Humanitarian of the Year

  • 23. C& B Book Distribution- Most Anticipated Boook Fair of the Year

  • 24. Zeola by Jewelene Banks- Most Engaging Novel of the Year

  • 25.Rel Dowdell- “Best Movie on DVD Director of the Year” – www.Reldowdell.com   

  • 26. Miasha- Most Inspiring Breakthrough Author of the Year

  • 27.Joe James- “Best Documentary of Celebrated Hero” – www.JoeJamesJr.com

  • 28. Rosette M. Union- “Best Literary TV Show Producer ” -“Literary Living”- www.BlackFamilyChannel.com  

  • 29. Q-BORO- ” Most Popular Urban Publisher of the Year”

  • 30.Urban Books- “Best Variety Urban Book Publisher of the Year”

  • 31.Amber Books-” Most Sought International AA Book Publisher”

  • 32.August Press-“Best Publisher of National Independent Journalists”

  • 33. Just Us Books- “Best Children’s Book Publisher”

  • 34. Precious Tymes Entertainment- “Best Innovative Breakthrough Publisher”

  • 35. ShoLove Da Poetic-“Best New BreakOut Male Poet of the Year”

  • 36. Rewa Marie Fyles- “Best Contemporary Female Poet of the Year”

  • 37. Darren B. Rankins- “Best Spiritual Male Poet of the Year”

  • 38. Seitu Oronde- “Man of the Year”

  • 39. AMAG- “Magazine of the Year”

  • 40. Bahiyah Magazine- “Breakthrough Magazine of the Year”

  • 41. Black Issues- “Best National Literary Magazine”

  • 42. Delores Thornton- Online Radio Host of the Year

  • 43. Wendy Williams- “Most Innovative Radio Host of the Year”

  • 44. Kashamba Williams- Best Independent Business of the Year

  • 45. Wayne Dawkins- Best National Journalist of the Year

  • 46. Miles Marshall- Best International Urban News Journalist of the Year

  • 47. McCreary & Fuller- Best Publicist Firm of the Year

  • 48. Terrie Williams- Best Female National Motivational Speaker of the Year

  • 49. Black Book Promo- Best Online Promotions

  • 50. Belinda Williams- Best Publicist

  • 51. Delores Thornton- Best Interviewer of the Year

  • 52. Best National Tour- Bruce George

  • 53. Most Anticipated Anthology of the Year- Gumbo For the Soul

  • 54. Best Alternative Genre Novelist of the Year- Cheril N. Michaels

  • 55.Best Female Tour-Deborah Smith & Teri  Woods

  • 56.Best Network- Black Women in Publishing

  • 57.Most Anticipated Novelist- Denise Campbell

  • 58.Best Domestic Abuse Self-help Novel & Memoir- Dawn Breedon

  • 59.Motivational Novelist of the Year- Dahveed

  • 60.Best Male Children’s Book Novelist- Brian Jordan

  • 61. Most Innovative Literary Website of the Year- www.AALBC.com

  • 62. Best Breakthrough Literary Website- www.QBR.com

  • 63. Best Book Promotions Business www.BooksthatClick.com    

  • 64. Best Entertainment Website- www.Thabiz.com

  • 65. Best Urban News & Entertainment Website- www.EURweb.com 

  • 66. Best Black Website for Men-www.BlackMenInAmerica.com

  • 67. Disilgold Soul Magazine Most Popular Author of the Year- Zane

  • 68. Bookstore of the Year- Hueman Bookstore

  • 69. Female Entertainer of the Year- Mary J. Blige

  • 70. Best Talk Show Host- Tyra Banks

  • 71. Best Male Music Artist- NEYO  

  • 72. Best Female Romance/Erotica Author of the Year- Noire

  • 73. Best Promotions Online Forum- Marguerite Press

  • 74. Best  Literary Community Forum of the Year- BlackExpression2005.com

  • 75. Best Independent Community Forum- Sister Girl Bookclub (Kenyatta Ingrum)

  • 76. Bookcover Designer of the Year- Robert Simms (Def Jam)

  • 77. Most Popular Male Author of the Year-  Carl Weber

  • 78. Most Anticipated Book of the Year- Boss Lady by Omar Tyree

  • 79. Most Inspiring Author of the Year- Eric Jerome Dickey

  • 80. Best Debut Author of the Year- Candice Dow

  • 81. Best Literary Event of the Year- Black Pavilion Awards at Book Expo

  • 82. Most Historical Literary Event of the Year- QBR: Phillis Wheatley Awards 

  • 83. Most Entertaining Event of the Year- Circle of Sisters Expo

  • 84.Children’s Book Publisher of the Year- Just Us Books

  • 85. Small Press Publisher of the Year-Neshee Publication (Infinite Magazine)

  • 86. Best Interactive Online & Offline Literary Business of the Year- C& B Book Distribution

  • 87. Stacey-Deanne- Best Celebrity Biography of the Year

  • 88. Best International Event of the Year- Upsouth International Book Fest

  • 89. Most Innovative Variety Program of the Year- The Tonya Blount Show

  • 90. Best Male Dance Video of the Year- Omarion-“IceBox”

  • 91. Best Female Dance Video of the Year- Ciara-“Promise”

  • 92. Best Screen Movie of the Year- “Pursuit of Happyness”

  • 93. Most Entertaining Movie of the Year- “Dream Girls”-Movie Screening photos coming soon

  • 94. Best Supporting Male Artist- Jaden ‘Christopher” Smith- “Pursuit of Happyness”

  • 95. Best Leading Actress- “Jennifer Hudson”-Photo from Jennifer forth coming with YGA Member!

  • 96. Best Book Cover of the Year- Triflin’ Times of Nathan Jones as told to Moses Miller

  • 97. Humanitatian Entertainer of the Year- “Alicia Keys”

  • 98. Best Couple of the Year- “Will and Jada Smith”

  • 99.  Most Beautiful Video of the Year- “Call On Me” featuring Nelly and Janet Jackson

  • 100. Tim Greene- Best Children’s Film Director of the Year”

  • 101. Most Innovative Business-CG Media Publications

  • 102. Elissa Gabrielle-Most Promising Author of the Year

  • 103. Donna Hill- Female Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence

  • 104. Gwynne Forster- Classic Literary Legend of Excellence Award

  • 105. Oprah Winfrey- Voted Most Beautiful Black Woman in the World

  • 106. Martha Tucker- Editor’s Choice Award Recipient

  • 107. Mr. Talley- Best Male Artist of  Erotica Poetry

  • 108. Tammy Merkison- Voted Most Exciting Debut Female Author of the Year

  • 109. Miasha- Most Outstanding Multi-Bestselling Debut Author of the Year

  • 110. Minnie Miller- Best Self-Published Promotions Award of Excellence

  • 111. Jewelene Banks- Most Breathtaking Debut Work

  • 112. Nancie Boggs- Best Independent Female Freelance Writer of the Year

  • 113. Lissa Woodson- Voted Best Debut Novelist Book Campaign of the Year & Website

  • 114. William Frederick Cooper- Most Anticipated Romance Novelist of the Year

  • 115. Vincent Alexandria- Voted Best Literary Male Personality of the Year

  • 116. Shang- Most Outstanding Comedian of the Year

  • 117. Monica Peters- Voted Best Philadelphian Interviewer of the Year

  • 118. Omarion- Voted Best Male Musician Dancer of the Year

  • 119. Spaceman Patterson- Voted Best Film Editor of the Year

  • 120. Manorail- Voted Best Soundtrack Production of the Year-“Plantanos & Collard Greens Broadway Play”

  • 121. Patricia Pope- “Best Book of the Year Adapted to Movie ” for The Colored Waiting Room

  • 121. Felicia Pride- Voted Most Promising Journalist of the Year

  • 122. Kam Williams- Voted Best Male Entertainment Journalist of the Decade

  • 123. Calvin Reid- Voted Most Professional Columnist of the Year

  • 124. Harlem World- Voted Best Urban Magazine of the Year

  • 125. Tichaona Chinyelu- Voted Most Prolific Female Poet of the Year


  •  Literary Divas by Heather Covington (Founder of Disilgold and President of YOUnity Guild)- Voted by YGA Community as “Historical Reference Book of the Year” and just nominated for a NAACP Image Award  for “Most Outstanding Literature of the Year”



  • Copyright 2006. Disilgold. All Rights Reserved. Categories, logos and trademarks are property of Disilgold.Email Disilgold@aol.com to syndicate award winners of the 1st African  American Literary &Media Infused  Award Show held live in NYC with over 400 prominent guests from multi-industries as featured in DisilgoldSOUL Magazine,”The Trade Award Publication of the Disilgold Literary Network Association since 1999, and 1st 100 page full color literary awards journal in print on the turn of the century that announced the rise of the “Neo-Literary Renaissance of the Millennuim.” Support history in the making. Visit www.HeatherCovington.net for Author, Book,Business & Media of the Year winners now announced annually on the Literary Legends Ball Online . Please visit www.Disilgold.com for nominees and winners listed ongoing in over 250 award categories. Syndicate this awards list on your site. “PASS IT ON!”


5 comments on “Disilgold Soul Literary Review Presents the YOUnity Guild Awards 2006 Winners



  2. Thanks Heather and congratulation to all of the winner. I didn’t know I was nominated for one and to pick up two awards is mind blowing.

    Peace and Blessing to you and the Disilgold Family!!

  3. Congrats to all the winners for this year. (So many of them I would congrats personally but we’d be here longer than anticipated). Next year, I’m applying for The Hardest Working
    Woman in Literary, but Delores might beat me on that one, LOL.

  4. Thank you Mr. Johnson. 2007 is going to be a great year. I look forward to seeing you soon at the Book Expo and congratulations. Have a blessed New Years.

  5. Thanks for the accolades Heather. Your list actually serves as a nice list of resources a veritable who’s-who’s of the book business.

    Founder, AALBC.com

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