Tribute to Oprah Winfrey

Copyright  2007. Heather Covington.

On January 2, 2007, world renown television host and philanthropist, Ms. Oprah Winfrey, along with  divine inspiration from Political Activist Leader Nelson Mandela, opened the “Leadership Academy” in Johannesburg, South Africa for 152 girls personally interviewed by  the humanitarian who promised journalist Diane Sawyer that she would open a school during an interview, and as a woman of her word, accomplished what people thought was an impossible dream. The world got a chance to view the Leadership Academy  which resembles a place little ones could only imagine in fairytale books, and celebrated along with the very fortunate  hand selected girls from over 5, 200 applicants.The grand opening brought out lifetime friends, Mariah Carey, Chris Tucjer and Tina Turner to name a few supporters who were there by Oprah’s side for one of the most outstanding  generous deeds  accomplished by an African American women in history with over 40 million dollars donated for the facility, and complete with motivational commodities like a beauty salon, theater, and even yoga classes for youth who may be our future engineers, doctors, teachers and scientists. Oprah makes us proud, speaks with grace  during a month that celebrates the birthday of another great African-American leader, Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr,  and by mentioning in her own words,”she wanted to create a place of inspiration for young girls” and minus the oppression she experienced because of her race. When asked how she selected the fortunate young girls, she mentions she looked for “indefinable qualities that spell, I can, I am, I WILL, succeed. ” The day before the grand announcement of Oprah Winfrey’s triumphant journey to Africa among her many great deeds, she was named as DisilgoldSOUL Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Just a few days later, Oprah commented on her personal struggles as a woman discriminated against because of her black features. She commented on how beautiful the students of African were who shared her same features. In a sense, supporting these students has motivated her to continue giving. Oprah is setting grounds that are more than an inspiration but remarkable and unprecedented. With all Oprah has accomplished, a Nobel Peace Prize is not enough to reward this great woman in history as hundreds of thousands of people have petitioned in honor of Oprah Winfrey from all nationalities. People are suggesting,  a national holiday  be honored in her name, and perhaps Mother’s Day, because she is the “Mother of Inspiration” to all great souls and those on the way. January 2nd, ” a great “OPRAMOMENT” in history. Share your “Oprahmoment” or good deed where your words, voice, and actions “MADE A DIFFERENCE.”


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