Black Superhero Jumps on Tracks to Help Victim with Seizure and Both Get Run Over, but Miraculously LIVE!

A New York City father witnessed a man suffering from a seizure, and fall onto the traintracks of an oncoming train. He miraculously was able to cover the victim and position him in a narrow groove between the tracks of live electrical rails that one touch will fry a living being instantly. The chances of surviving a case like this are 50/50 because sometimes people may not be so lucky to lay in a flattened position. A bystander standing alongside the platform could only jump for joy to see the men still alive as the train passed. The hero  received $10,000 from Donald Trump, a salute by Mayor Bloomberg and a free all  paid expense round trip to Disney World. He even got a late night interview on the David Letterman show to help spread that act of kindness in New York or sense of altruism, but do you think more New Yorker’s will follow pursuit? After all, it is less likely for people to volunteer to save someone when there is a crowd and New York has millions of folks in the city. What’s your take? Would you jump on the traintracks to save a victim?


3 comments on “Black Superhero Jumps on Tracks to Help Victim with Seizure and Both Get Run Over, but Miraculously LIVE!

  1. Tell it Sylvia. I plead the 5th. No contest on this one. I am guilty. I walked by my neighbor’s house that had several pieces of garbage and didn’t even bother to be kind enough to pick it up, but if you show me a kid or teenager who doesn’t have clothes to attend school, I will donate all of my last year’s clothes. Does that count? LOL. Now I got the files and was like why is it that the movers and shakers are always behind the scenes? I dohave good news.

  2. I don’t know if I would or wouldn’t. I don’t think though it’s just a matter of New Yorkers. I think it’s everywhere.

    Random acts of kindness or a pay it forward attitude is lost upon humanity and needs to be revived soon because we are becoming selfish and shallow in our views of each other.

    This goes from the bedroom to the classroom to the boardroom and the streets. Random acts of kindsness are rarely seen or practiced and I think that’s a cotton picken shame.

    When was the last time you cleaned off a neighbor’s car when it frosted over. Or even cut your neighbor’s grass just because you could? When was the last time you brought home a nice present for your spouse or even the children which had nothing to do with the holidays or birthdays? When was the last time you gave your secretary a card and let him know they were thought of? (instead of waiting until secretary day). Have you ever picked up a random piece of trash off the ground in your city just because it was just wrong to walk by and let it lay there?

    Things we do out of kindness has become few and far between and we need to start back up again.

    desperate times call for desperate measures, but sometimes the answer can be so simple.

    PS did you get those files heather?

  3. Okay, I will go first with some kind deeds perhaps gone unnoted to help kick things off. One day I was passing by a building where I parked my car for a hot minute, and “CRASH” a large liter bottle filled with soda I guess, came crashing down just seconds as I walked to the corner to get in my car. The first thing that came to mind was to get away from danger, but then I did a complete u-turn and looked up to see who had thrown a bottle from a building that could have landed on my head and killed me on impact JUST LIKE THAT. At that moment, I noticed a kid with a ski mask on top of the roof and he disappeared. I got out my cel phone, called the police, and asked people in the neighborhood if the roof of the building had a drop to the next building. The neighbors said, if anyone jumped the rooftops, they’d died for sure, and it was probably the same latch key kids playing games and terrorizing the neighborhood. That’s when that maternal instinct kicked in and I thought about a poor innocent child walking by, and I decided to wait it out for the police. The police came, and the boys tried to casuallly walk out of the building, and I said, “Oh, no you don’t.” SOME NERVE of me right? It gets better. I ordered them to freeze and told the police to round them all up. The first thing most people do is call these kind of boys thugs, but I knew better. They are someone’s child who is not home and does not know what they are doing so it wasn’t my intention to have them arrested. I did get a chance to speak to the kids (12 -13 year olds). I demanded they look at me in my face when I spoke to them. One even said, “I don’t care about you or noone, not even myself.” I won’t go into detail with the respect I gave to this lost soul trying to talk some preacher sense, but when it was over, he cried just a bit. He mentioned his mother worked in a correction facility, and was never home. This saddened me, but this is what is going on with the youth today. No parental direction. The 10 police officers asked me if I wanted to have the boy arrested who already had a record. Of course, I said no, but hopefully, my words helped to give the kid some kind of direction and hope. There must be tens of thousands of kids who feel lost in the system so they resort to crime. No one is taking time to help these youth. Then the other day, a youth who had been obviously jumped by the students of a middle school was heading toward his defiant aggressor, and I stopped my car because he was standing in the middle of the street with a bloody eye ready to fight. Somehow he stopped to listen which let me know he was glad I intervened and was frightened just acting big boy proud. I asked him where did he live, and of course he lived in the direction of his aggressor, but that would be a death sentence. Cops had already gone the wrong way. I told him to walk away and go all the way up the hill and around town even if he had to walk 10 blocks to get to his house, and he followed pursuit. Would he have been further beaten to death by a gang of boys with sticks, rocks, you name it? I will never know, but I did tell him to let the principal know so he could get out 10 minutes earlier to stay out of trouble. It saddened me when he said he had a record upon my telling him, “Do you want to wind up with a record?” Just because you are nestled in your nice home does not mean there isn’t trouble out there in New York. Parents should never take for granted that their kids are safe. NEVER!Talk to your kids and find out exactly what’s going on, and the truth shall set you free.

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