NATIONAL ACCLAIM FOR NEW URBAN AUTHOR OF THE RISE- “The Street Life Series” by Kevin M. Weeks (January Male Book of the Month)


One of the most controversial and  sought authors on the scene is no other than Kevin M. Weeks.  We did manage to acquire a rare interview at the prime of his transition from “mental” incarceration to full time author.  Kevin M. Weeks  is now mentally FREE to write and has exhibited what hard work and persistence can lead to. Appearing on, millions of fans  can now put a face to the author’s book cover everyone has been talking about lately.  For Kevin M. Weeks, he’s slowly becoming one of the most intriguing household literary names, but his writing style is much louder than his true-to-life personality so it seems.  He’s got a story to tell, but it sounds so real. At the time he had published his book, he was incarcerated in a corrections facility as stated on the back cover and may very well still be incarcerated. Regardless, this notion does not take away from a finely written grimey street lit drama centered around Teco Jackson aka Homocide. The situations expressed are typical of drug-infested and gang ridden life in West Philly synonymous with any ghetto stricken urban city. The Street Life Series owns  authenticity, real places and times which carries over as a motion picture in written form. The Street Life Series also draws you into Teco’s world with every page. Despite the heavy ghetto vernacular, the book is well edited! The explicit scenes are  gritty, but what would you expect from a book about one man’s plight in West Philly? You’ve got Blue, “Carlos Johnson” dating Teco’s little sister so you know there is bound to be tension. You have the classic best friend who is hunted down by Narc whom he meets face-to-face one day. Somehow, Teco’s best friend reappears in front of him with desperation as he admits there are 10 bags of drugs in his body. You wonder if Fat Boy hid the drugs to escape having his stash stolen or having to pay Narc, an undercover drug warlord or moneylord who demands a portion of every drug dealer’s earnings. Perhaps, Fat Boy intentionally damaged his system. The result  nevertheless, is death, but one has to ask, “Is it Murder or Suicide?” as a lady from CSI mentions. The Street Life Series may very well be a novel capable of drawing even the most resistent reader of urban lit to take a peek inside. Afer all, the cover  is certainly a winner, and don’t forget the major conflict between Teco and Bashi.A showdown is bound to ensue in this fast page turner. If Kevin M.Week’s next book,”The Street Life Series: Male Exotic Stage Life” is anything as exciting as his first book, the literary world may very well have a new “Connoisseur of Urban Lit” about to take over. We had to honor this talented author’s work of fiction with the Best New  Breakout Urban Lit Author of the Year 2006. The Street Life Series will climb to no.1, and before Kevin can complete the next book, be signed for a major book deal. He allows his characters to stand out more than his true-to-life persnality which works. All we have to go by is our interview and this seemingly “look- out -world gaze” from the author’s photo on the back of his book. WHO IS KEVIN M. WEEKS? We don’t have a clue, but will advise all urban lit lovers to read The Street Life Series. Entertaining, Engaging, Authentic and a WINNER!- JUST IN! This book is dangerous and real!

Reviewed by Heather Covington


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