Critically acclaimed Director Rel Dowdell Hits Prairie View A& M Univesity Circuit to 8000 Fans!

Acclaimed filmmaker Rel Dowdell not only will be at one of the largest African-American colleges in the nation at Prairie View University (over 8000 undergrad) in Texas this week, but his also will be interview on the radio by the mayor of the city, Frank Jackson, to discuss the importance and great success of the film as well, a very distinguished honor. Please take a few moments to check out the advertisement spotlight of the event this week below.

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Prairie View A&M Hosts Movie Screening of Train Ride

Friday, January 12, 2007

Prairie View A&M Hosts Movie Screening of Train Ride

Prairie View A&M University will host a screening of the movie “Train Ride,” on Thursday, January 18.  Following the screening, the movie’s writer and director Rel Dowdell, will lead a discussion with PVAMU students and attendees on the film’s message and the prevention of sexual violence on college campuses.

One of SONY’s most successful DVD films of 2005, “Train Ride” takes place on the campus of an all-black college and pushes the edge with a thrilling presentation on the issue of date rape.

“Train Ride,” features stars such as Wood Harris (from the hit HBO series “The Wire”), female rap pioneer and recent VH 1 Hip Hop honoree MC Lyte and the late Emmy-award winning actress Esther Rolle.  Dowdell was the last director to work with Esther Rolle before she died in 1998.  Her performance in “Train Ride” was her final one before her death.

The movie screening is free and open to the general public.


Who:           Prairie View A&M University

What:         Free screening of movie “Train Ride” with an appearance and discussion by the writer and director Rel Dowdell

Where:       Prairie View A&M University
                    Memorial Student Center (MSC) Auditorium
                    L.W. Minor Street
                    Prairie View, TX 77446

When:        Thursday, January 18, 2007, 7:00 p.m.

About “Train Ride”:

“Train Ride” is a riveting thriller that takes the viewer on an emotional “Train Ride.”  In this urban drama, four college students are forced to pay for their actions after a startling act of sexual violence.  Katrina (MC Lyte) is a college freshman who, after attending a big party on campus, is invited to a smaller private party thrown by Will (Wood Harris), a charismatic senior.  After plenty of drinking, Will and his friends slip a dose of a “date rape” drug into Katrina’s wine. Once Katrina passes out, the upperclassmen violate her.  Will and his cohorts think the whole sordid matter is over the next morning, but it quickly becomes evident that Katrina is not about to forgive or forget.

About Rel J. Dowdell:

Filmmaker Rel Dowdell, received a bachelor’s degree in english from Fisk University and a master’s degree in film from Boston University.  He was the last director to work with the late, Emmy award-winning actress Esther Rolle in his feature-film “Train Ride”.  She also appeared in his multi-award winning shorter film version when he was a graduate student at Boston University.  Dowdell was the first black to win the top prize in filmmaking with his short film “Train Ride”, at Boston University. He also won the Redstone Film Festival with his thesis project short film “Train Ride”.  After the success of the shorter film, Dowdell was courted by a number of producers to adapt his movie into a feature-length film, which had been a celebrated work in small film circles.  In 2005, SONY released the “Train Ride” DVD version with advanced audio and clarity. It has been one of the top selling African-American films in the world on for almost 2 years, and was called “one of the best American films” of 2005 by noted film critic Gerald Peary.Currently, Dowdell works as an assistant screenwriting professor at Boston University.

About Prairie View A&M University:

Founded in 1876, Prairie View A&M University is the second oldest public institution of higher education in Texas.  With an established reputation for producing engineers, nurses and educators, PVAMU offers baccalaureate degrees in 50 academic majors, 37 master’s degrees and four doctoral degree programs through nine colleges and schools.  A member of the Texas A&M University System, the university is dedicated to fulfilling its land-grant mission of achieving excellence in teaching, research and service. During the university’s 130-year history, nearly 48,000 academic degrees have been awarded.  For more information regarding PVAMU, visit


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