Edith Holmes earned a Proclamation from New York City at the 1st Disilgold Soul Magazine’s YOUnity Guild Awards in NY held at the Brisbane Youth Center. She’s back with child prodigy, Katie Ede- CHECK OUT THIS NEW ARISING TALENT!


 Hello everyone!

Its been a tough five years for me, I’ve lost so much, family members, even my own mother just this Christmas, with a brother who is hospitalized, barely making it now.  Heart failures, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney failures and lung disease has robbed me of so many members within the last five years, only to be told that I too am added to the list of receivers! What a reward, what a test of times?

I have felt like Job from the bible, but I am back with two new novels which will be published this year, The Transfiguration of Faith and The Legendary Cross Road. These are Veterans Stories, and I am a Disabled American Veteran! I always and I am asking you, to keep our service members in your prayers. Now talking about standing on the Ledge of Greatness about to tip over, I am Edith M. Holmes, author of ‘Pressions: Memoirs of a Southern Cat.

Solemnly, I have missed the groups and friends I’ve met while attempting to becoming a published author. I have read the Reviews of ‘Pressions, and do feel honored.  To be included in the 100 Top African American Divas in Literary by Ms. Covington took me away into a land of make believe! The Book is up for a NAACP Award!  Let me thank everyone again, and tell you also, that I always read all the e-mails and enjoyed the information received from each group!

With the Introduction of VAL’s newly received bound of joy into this world, Author of Insight, I have added my own:

Caitlan Ede’ Holmes, my granddaughter. I invite the members and friends of CoalitionofMentorsAndMuses and PalsAndBooks with all the other groups I am a member of  to visit the site of www.KatieEde.com.  She is my youngest humanitarian, keeping the works of my mother and grandmother who previously passed moving onwards.  I am here to tell the world, not all of our African American children thinks materialistic possessions first, there are those who think of others first…I have my own, KatieBear! In the tradition of the Holmes Family, we are humanitarians…have been and will always be! Our homes and hearts are like hotels and motels with the lights always left on. Strangely, it is not for our glorification, it is a blessing received from JAH, who created the Heaven and earth…

Check out this letter that I am sending to the NAACP Awards.  I think it is time to recognize someone who is not in the lamp light, yet the lights that shines is brightly pointing her way.  She is a giver from the heart, so small with big dreams.

NAACP Image Awards

4929 Wilshire Blvd

Suite 310

Los Angeles, CA 90010


Dear Sir,

Before you open the last envelope for the NAACP Awards, please consider a new Award for the Youngest Humanitarian!

Let me introduce you to Caitlan Ede’ Holmes, a child that helps patients, elderly citizens in America.  She also gives to the Caregivers of these wonderful people.  She is by far the youngest humanitarian with the biggest heart today.  She is only six years old! Caitlan is and will always be what the NAACP stand for, giving! She is beautiful in spirit and soul.

Like a star that appears in the night sky, her rays have started glowing brightly.  She has appeared at 96.3 WJIZ Radio Station in Albany, Georgia, won the Different Maker for the month of November 2006 with D.J. Christopher Pike Sunday Morning Show.  She has appeared on Fox News in Albany, Georgia, WSST-TV 55 in Cordele, Georgia and she is getting ready to tape with WALB-Channel 10 news of Albany, Georgia.  Caitlan has been in the newspapers in Tifton, Cordele and Ashburn, Georgia, telling her story concerning the Elderly. She has her own Web page at WWW.KatieEde.com, featuring all the amazing things she is doing and plans on doing in the future.  She has pictures on the site of many of the elders her small hands and heart has touched.  It is by far the greatest achievement of one so young, the smiles, the hugs and the love that Caitlan is giving. Over four hundred people in Nursing homes, and at homes, she has visited and made her way into their hearts. The look on the faces of those receiving is wondrous. 

Isn’t this what the NAACP stands for? How many other children watching will join with Caitlan, making a difference in the lives of others.  How many can be reached, sending a new messages of old, coming from the NAACP,  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all of the Civil Rights Workers who has set the standards for a better world for all God’s Children? Yes, Caitlan really believe in “I Have This Dream, her own Teddy Bear Production.

The newspapers stated, “Caitlan helps local patients through the holidays.  She collect stuffed animals for residents of local nursing homes and rehabilitation centers.”

She has given out over 400 Teddy bears during the holidays with help from her family, community and the good wills of citizens in the area. She used her own allowance to accomplished this mission unselfishly. Caitlan was able to deliver the stuffed animals to people in five different counties, including patients of the Tifton Dialysis Clinic.  As one of her family members, I solely wondered how she could do this, Caitlan lost two grandparents in the month of December, her Grandfather and Great Grandmother within two weeks of each other. Unstoppable, Caitlan  continued in the remembrance of them, Willie D. Holmes, the original humanitarian in our family, and her grandfather, Willie Jackson of Ashburn.

I watched her give away bears and I watched her hug, kiss and cry at times while accompanying this feat, “I have this dream.”  It was all amazing to see this little six year old child have compassion for others.  She has taken the last money from the project and mailed it to Feed The Children in Oklahoma City, OK, and the extra bears are going to our local police force and our fire department to be given out to children in distressful situations.

Caitlan on January 18, 2007 is being recognized by our City of Ashburn, she is being given her own local holiday, The Katie Bear Day!

Caitlan Christmas Float won 1st place on December 2, 2006, featuring the Theme of Africa, with Caitlan performing her new CD for the town.  Her float can be viewed at WSST-55 TV in Cordele, Georgia.  She made her CD, My Mama’s FlimFlam, featuring ArVon Johnson, a local Rap Artist in order to make money to buy Teddy Bears for her project, “I Have This Dream.”

Caitlan Holmes isn’t finished yet.  She plans to collect clothing, books and toys this year for the children living in Africa.  She hopes to deliver them herself with the help of our community, her family…if she is lucky, maybe Oprah, Gail and Star will let her travel with them! (Smile…I am a believer!)

Caitlan is back in the Studio now making a new CD called Genie In A Bottle for this purpose, to sell and receive funds for her new project of Feeding the Children and going to Africa with all the gifts she can muster for the children.  She has a Picture Book in development for publication. Caitlan so wants the other young children in America to join her, helping those who can not help themselves.  She is the light of the world, a new world and should be considered for an NAACP for all her humanitarian work.

Special message: Get ready for the Publication of ‘Katie Are You Ready Picture book,’ with over four hundred pictures of Caitlan in her project of giving away bears to the Elderly during the holidays! 

Edith M. Holmes

Author of ‘Pressions: Memoirs of a Southern Cat

Coming Soon:  The Cross Road

and the Transfiguration of Faith!


9 comments on “Edith Holmes earned a Proclamation from New York City at the 1st Disilgold Soul Magazine’s YOUnity Guild Awards in NY held at the Brisbane Youth Center. She’s back with child prodigy, Katie Ede- CHECK OUT THIS NEW ARISING TALENT!

  1. I have known Katie every since she was 3 years of age, she would be running around the house singing and dancing. Who would imagine what she is becoming. Katie has been a joy to be around and she has loved me since day one. I am currently in Iraq and I still hear of the good things that she is doing. So Caitlan keep up the good work. I LOVE YOU! Daddy Robert

    Corporal Robert McMillian USMC

  2. Name: Jack & Dianna Howell

    Email Address: jackhowell2006@yahoo.com

    Comments: What a beautiful web-site & what a joy
    you must be to our Heavenly Father &
    Jesus. In a world where most people
    think only of themselves how wonderful to find one so young with
    such great love & compassion.
    I’m hardly ever at a loss for words
    but your unselfishness is amazing’
    We also host a web site called
    http://www.jesuslovers.net. If you love songs about Jesus you may just
    love & enjoy ours. God gave these
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    Now I’m thinking we can only come
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    I hope you will find some songs you
    will like.
    Keep on doing your thing for Jesus
    & I am absolutely certain that he
    already has noticed. We have a
    grandson age 10 & he just fell in
    love with pink. I can’t wait to show
    him your site. He’s gonna love it.
    Jack & Dianna Howell

  3. Katie is a sweet, fun loving child. She loves to help people as much as she can. There is never a dull moment when Katie is around. She loves to sing and dance and she loves to be around her big cousins. She loves watching The Disney Channel watching “That’s So Raven, and the Cheetah Girls.” Katie has always had a positive on life and Big Dreams. Good Luck Katie, and Always Dream Big.
    Love your Big cousins: Dee, Susie, and Miranda

  4. KR, rarely do I ever do the Dream Weaver thing! But I think I need to for you. I hope you will return and read this message from me.

    Believe me, I have read your advice twenty times or more, and more than any of the others, yours touched my heart. Simply because you are so young, and not just black. You can’t change anyone but yourself…never worry about others! Having the name REBEL for your school isn’t a good thing. It can be oppressive if you are black and from the Deep South. It speaks of a time of horror, war and crimes against mankind. I will promise you this, Caitlan’s next CD will address your issue!

    Now, stereotyping an entire race is not a good thing either! We were all created great, we just need to take that path of greatness and walk that way, black, brown, yellow or white, it matters not! Remember, we did not create ourselves, JAH did, and everything that he has done is…GOOD. He said it and I believe Him. Nobody can ever take that away from you, that you was created on a grand scale, and can’t be competed against, for your blue print is written in stone, KR. I might add, a wonderful stone!

    I never worry about who will not help me, it is a waste of time. However, I do worry when I see someone with your outlook, or take on life. My E-mail address is above, write me. We can talk!

    Caitlan is yet to young to understand your concept of only helping oneself. That’s not what she is taught at home! This ‘one self help only’ concept can make your very soul empty, lost and unfulfilled. Life is nothing without hope and dreams…with vision!

    Caitlan have all three, she does work hard, but not for glory of man, but because she loves what she is doing! It’s really simple for her, giving.


  5. Embracing A Dream That Died Within A King!

    Have outlived its useful purpose! I go to a school called rebels!
    If that is not confederate,what is it.I’m black,a black rebel, Can’t be to proud of that, RIGHT!
    Even so, Caitlan i am proud of you.Let me state that first.
    You are a bright gift, very special.I’ve witness how hard you’ve worked, and i’ve seen the smiles and hugs you give,all from your little heart.

    Real life!

    Im a teenage black! stop thinking about the world and start thinking about yourself.
    Do it now and you won’t be disappointed as i am with ‘race’ and people. They will never embrace you,never. Your new CD states, “Hope & dreams springs from the past. I give you a little something. I hope it will last!” Take my word for it, hope doesn’t last! Another
    Genie in the Bottle with a surreal message! K.R.

    So Now you want to go to Africa, take books and toys for the children…


  6. Oh, Edith, what wonderful news! God is blessing you and Caitlan now!

    What a wonderful little girl with such a beautiful spirit -a giving mission.

    Sounds like Caitlan is really a ball of fire! Beautiful child also. I just know you are soooo proud of her!


  7. I just looked at her website, it looks wonderful and it seems to me that Caitlan is a very special girl who has a specific aim in life. She is on the beautiful road towards helping others. And, at such a young age, all you can say is WOW! She is going to go far, and she is going to be someone very special who will be admired. It seems we may have another Oprah in our midst.


  8. Thanks Ms. Covington for the Post!

    After learning that the E-mail I sent out to all the groups that I am a member of ended up posted at DISILGOLD, I have been returning back for no reason but to read what I have written concerning my life and that of Caitlan Ede’s journey into giving.

    I finally understand the parable with the elderly women who gave all that she had vs a whole lot of money from one who had a lot! Those Teddy Bears did bring lots of joy into the Elderly at the Golden Retreat, more so than a million dollars.
    Before I thank Ms. Green from the Golden Retreat for her words of encouragement, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Ms. Heather Covington and congratulate her on the new show, Literary Living Television. Also for making me one of the Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature. Here, I thought no one reads the books of the unknown….in this day and time! Thanks Heather, you are a gift of light…Keep shining until your star is recognized all over the world as the brightest, you have that great ability! ‘Pressions was written for those women of your caliber who jumps the walls of adversity! Who except not the word NO, but I can and will! You should be adopted as the Different Maker as Caitlan was in November 2006 by 96.3 WJIZ Radio Station in Albany, Georgia.

    For Ms. Greene, what a job you have caring for the elderly! It has to be a commission from Jah.

    Thank you so much for your words of encouragement for Katie Bear! She is on my lap reading it now! Trying to tell me what I should type in return! As it shall be and expressed by Caitlan, we will work tirelessly in helping…It’s your call! What you ask, we shall deliver! We will bring awareness to the open community, and Caitlan will help raise income, keeping your doors open. We really do understand how important it is. For us, it was the smiles received, the laughter of all your residents that gave us the answer! It told of a time when being older and forgotten can hurt, and if we all shall live out the promise time, we will utterly get there ourselves…praying for a KatieBear! Katie will be on WALB News 10 tonight with Brent Solomon, News Reporter and the President of our local NAACP, Mr. Jerry Lowe who visited us while taping her segment. She was given her own holiday in my hometown by the Mayor, City Councilor members on Thursday, January 18, 2006 with a Resolution, dedicating February 19 in Turner County as a Katie Bear Day. It’s funny, Dr. King has a National Holiday for all the work that he performed in the earth, and Caitlan has a local Holiday for the same! What he has done is still working today! It was a good thing!

    Again, thank you.


  9. Little Miss Caitlan Ede’ Holmes, the youngest humanitarian, has graced us with her presence in early January 2007, showered our Senior Citizens and staff with love, her mystical music and beautiful Teddy Bears. It was wonderful seeing someone so young, so full of compassion, especially for the elders. She brings with her hope of a better tomorrow, grace and charity. Never ending, Caitlan Ede’ has vowed to help by adding the Golden Retreat to her fundraising efforts because she understands and believes that it is imperative that we continue to offer services in east Albany, Georgia to our Senior Citizens. Caitlan is our little Angel with a Big Heart!

    Our Center, The Golden Retreat has a mission. It is to provide programming that helps to increase cultural awareness, emotional well-being, and mobility to our seniors. Our doors are opened to give to people who have given so much and ask for so little in return. For many, this is their only opportunity for companionship, fun, a nourishing meal and their caregivers are relieved of their awesome responsibility if only for a few hours a day. The needs and desires are real.

    The Golden Retreat desires to showcase the centers activities and to increase community awareness; many of our senior members readily offer testimony signifying to the benefits of this center and embrace our vision for the future. We provide a variety of activities sponsored by local churches, businesses, social groups and individuals who volunteer their time and talent.

    The Golden Retreat makes dreams a reality.
    Yvette Lee-Greene, Center Director
    (229) 434-9691

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