Gumbo For the Soul Lands!


Beverly Black Johnson, Founder of
Offers free Literacy Support Ribbon with each pre-order

 “Gumbo for the Soul: the Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community” 

Dear Literature Enthusiasts, Healthcare & Educational Professionals, Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Community and Ministerial Leaders:

Beverly Black Johnson, founder of “Gumbo for the Soul” Literacy Program, and compiler of the soon-to-be-published anthology Gumbo for the Soul: the Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community, announces Gumbo for the Soul Literacy Program was created to heighten awareness of the growing high school drop-out rate in the African-American community. Proceeds from the anthology will support funding of the Gumbo for the Soul Literacy Program.

Beverly Black Johnson

Gumbo for the Soul
5 out of 5 rating!

Gumbo for the Soul: the Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community encompasses accounts of educational, occupational and personal experiences of overcoming adversity and obstacles with perseverance and determination – eloquently portrayed in delicious poetry, essays, quotes, reflections and gumbo recipes.


1 FREE Literacy Support Ribbon per book pre-ordered

The pages are penned by best-selling authors, first-time writers, media personalities, corporate professionals, laypersons, parents, teachers, students and others from all walks of life.

Heather Covington, author of Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature (ACGI,, has written the foreword.

Pre-order at:

Gumbo for the Soul: the Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community anthology release date scheduled for early 2007.

Remit payment in US currency check or money order to: Gumbo for the Soul, P.O. Box 5193, San Jose, CA 95150 or pay online

A two-year effort, this first “Gumbo for the Soul” title is self-published with direction and assistance from There are eight impending titles in the queue. The “Gumbo for the Soul” series remains open to agent representation for the future anthologies. We look forward to garnering the attention of a major publisher.

Please visit and help support literacy by ordering our Literacy Support Ribbon. Pre-ordering information will be available soon for Gumbo for the Soul: the Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community anthology.

Proceeds from the sale of Gumbo for the Soul to benefit Literacy Programs and scholarships for students at all academic levels. Thank you for your support of and dedication to this very important project.


Beverly Black Johnson

The “Gumbo for the Soul” book cover
embraces the bold and beautiful work of

Synthia Saint James
, fine artist, author,
songwriter, and illustrator of the widely
 popular Kwanzaa postage stamp.
(cover facsimile)

Toni Beckham



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