What’s Hot in 2007- Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Legacy by Writing a Peace Poem

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have finally discovered…

that the world is not ready for the gift of peace you brought to this world…

the world is not ready to accept one another regardless of their race, color, creed or gender…

 the world is not ready to spread your song of harmony and love…

 the world is not ready to understand the importance of your work…

 the world is not ready to stand up to the pain and struggles you endured for little black girls and black boys to walk together…

 the world is not ready to celebrate and support people who resemble your greatness…

 the world is not wealthy, but greedy

the world is not honest, but a liar

the world is  not a team player, but envious

the world is not well, but sick

the world  is not powerful, but weak

The world is not free, it is in bondage with its own curse…

the world cannot celebrate, because the world is not free,

 but I will still carry on your dream for the world although

 I still do not believe that this world wants me to be free!

Copyright 2007. Heather Covington

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One comment on “What’s Hot in 2007- Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Legacy by Writing a Peace Poem

  1. Dr. King gave our souls a peace so solemnly,
    It is unmatched even to this day by silver or gold,
    Nor any riches unfolded.
    The Diamond of Africa,
    The Eden of the world
    Can’t touch what Dr. King spread abroad called love for mankind!

    I have deeply abiding respect for him,
    And the others who level the playgrounds.
    His Revelation is a part of my Personal Salvation
    For this job I have here on earth.
    His dream is my Vision, I won’t let him down!

    Time has passed, yet his story is untold.

    A story so ancient in time, that of a man and his Anthropology. He wanted us to be great, like Jah created us on that six day. He want us to take our place, never giving it up again, not for life of limb! It is call love of oneself…under all situation!

    With his dream I became a Seer, my eyes are open wide!
    Growling, I watched!
    In the distance I hear
    A Nonverbal Communication
    Of another take over
    Of my body, soul and mind!
    Because of him, I can fight
    I will fight
    It is only

    Because of Dr. King
    I wasn’t born today
    Have no knowledge of such a thing!
    I was born yesterday!
    That gives me knowledge
    Of all things, trapped in a system
    Doomed for change!

    Even that which is yet to come.
    I am ancient, that of time
    Thus I do, hereby
    Jah Created this World
    For you and Me!
    For this I thank thee, Dr. King!

    I can see
    With these amazing eyes,
    My unbelievable eyes
    I can see!
    I stand not before you,
    But now you are standing before me!
    I tell you
    Jah created this world
    for you and me.
    My kind,
    My cause
    Of my time!
    For I am Creation
    Here on earth
    Been around from the first mankind!
    Came through a flood, remained the same
    I am Chusite
    The Original Ethiopian
    From the Land of Light.

    With these eyes, Dr. King
    I looked over Jah’s Creation many times
    While standing on the top of the Towel of Babel
    I can tell the awesome story
    Which will make the Greeks heads swell!

    This knowledge of self leaves one wondering why the sky never changed,
    Don’t you at least think
    Jah’s creation remains the same?
    This world was created for you and me
    Just For Him, no one else!

    So To be… To be
    Or not to be, this is the answer Jah gave to me!
    Jah created this world for YOU

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