By Dee Freeman

Poetry from a woman’s perspective,

as she searches the very bottom of her soul

to find truth and reality.


        © 2006  Hot off the Press

          AuthorHouse Publication


             ISBN 1-4033-3780-2



“The optimism in Dee Freeman’s third volume of poetry is just as contagious as in her first volume … From the opening epigraph from Herman Hesse’s Reflections, which stresses the oneness of all living beings, to the self-eulogy that ends Part II of Poetry She Wrote, Freeman traverses a plethora of emotions from yearning… to resolution… I always knew she possessed tremendous spiritual beauty.  I am glad she decided to share this beauty with the world in such a beautifully organic manner….”

Lovalerie King, PhD;     Assistant Professor of African American Literature,



 “Just imagine with me, a little kinky haired girl, who moves …from knowing nothing about the world, to a star of a woman who can explore the universe through her poetry and declare “Still Me”…a masterpiece…A work of art.  So genuine, so rich… so well blended in mind, body, and soul……”  Geraldine Smothers, MPA, RHIA, CSL, CPHQ…President and CEO, Professional Dynamic Network, Inc. …The Jordan Evans Institute


Poetry, She Wrote II: Reflections of the Heart       By Dee Freeman


This poetry addresses aspects of life from a woman’s point of view, as she journeys and searches through every nook and cranny on earth, then scans the heavens for truth, answers and awareness.  This central theme reinforces the fact that people have a strong faith and are determined to continue their search until they no longer breathe.  There are miles to be traveled before reaching the ultimate plateau of awareness and contentment. 
Dee wishes to help in this conquest with these diverse literary expressions. 
Poetry, She Wrote II reveals a number of experiences she has personally encountered while traveling this journey.  Both the poems and prose convey a message, express sentiment, pose unanswered questions, inspire determination, encourage love and togetherness, promote pride, open the emotional window to the heart and invoke inspirational healing.  Their clarity and lucidity motivate as they foster: self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, self-awareness, healing and a sense of well-being.



About the Author:

“A dynamically gifted poet…Dee Freeman, Independent Bestselling Poetess and Author, producer and host, speaker and literary advocate, has been writing and sharing her compelling poetry and prose for years!  Poetry, She Wrote II,
Dee’s third book- ‘HOT’ off the press -is one of the most informative, captivating, inspirational and breathtaking poetry works of our era. 
Dee has arrived to join the ranks of poetry Goddesses like Dr. Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni, Denise Campbell, Jessica Care Moore, Cynthia Highsmith Hooks, Terry A. O’Neal, Alice Walker and Sonia Sanchez! 
Her books are undeniably among the most uplifting poetry books of all time; among the few that will stand the test of time,” says, Heather Covington, Editor of DISILGOLDSOUL! Magazine.


Dee uses her creativity, passion, love and clarity of voice to serve up imagery and rhythmic rhyme to tickle and delight her readers.  Her previous well received books of poetry, “Oceans of Love: To Us From Us” and Poetry, She Wrote I: Oh, Magnify Him” proved beneficial; gently touching, softly soothing, delightfully awakening, enthusiastically illuminating and fervently healing.  Her lyrical verse peers into the mind, opens the emotional portal to the heart, and grabs at the soul-all seemingly simultaneously. 


Her award winning poems have appeared in magazines, anthologies and both local and distant news papers. She writes a monthly book review, article or word of inspiration for the Lansing State Journal.  She works with the Michigan Million Women Movement that sprang out of the MWM (Million Women March) of 1997.  She participates with functions of the

School District.  She’s a member of Marguerite Press, Disilgold Soul and Publishing and co-founder of Sisterhood Of The Written Word.  She proudly accepted a commendation from the City and City Council during Black History Month in 2005 for a stirring presentation.  She was selected as a magazine award cover spotlight winner at Disilgold Soul and heavily referred by the YOUnity Reviewers as top poet of the year.  It isn’t uncommon to see Dee Freeman co- hosting poetry readings, slams, competitions and providing tributes and motivational words throughout the
Lansing and surrounding areas.


Dee is eloquent, eclectic, and innovative.  She is an advocate for the arts, human development, peace, global equality and cultural diversity.  She sings with a 35 voice group-The Earl Nelson Singers.  Her two year old TV show-Poetree-N-Motion is expanding and is also a hot spot; drawing dynamite guests, who come by and share their wisdom, viewpoints and advice on a variety of topics.  It airs in Lansing on Comcast channel 16 -Thursday @ 3:30PM and East Lansing channel 30 WELM on Tuesday @ 7:00PM and soon to be back in
Detroit on channel 68, daily.


Attorney Myron S. Freeman, Sr., the love of
Dee’s life, is also her #1 supporter; inspiring her to write pieces on love and romance, so her manuscript, “Love Ever Flowing,” the third in the ‘Poetry, She Wrote’ series is almost complete.  Her three adult children and grandson-Giovanni, who inspired her children’s book, To Heir Is To Love, give her much happiness.  Her constant message to everyone is, “Being your best self; Be proud, Be productive and Be Blessed”


Dee invites your comments and feedback:

www.deepoette.com  or  deekfreeman@yahoo.com

or 1 517 321-3122,
Lansing, Michigan 



Dee Freeman,

Author, Poet, Literary Advocate,

Producer/Show Host and Speaker for Truth

deekfreeman@yahoo.com or deepoette@yahoo.com

Find pride and inspiration here!



See why I quit my J O B!


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