Cherlyn Michael’s new book, “FIRST FRIDAYS” arrives with Much Anticipation for Debut Sophomore Release!


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One of the Most Anticipated Books this Season Has Arrived from Cherlyn Michaels! She’s one of top bookclubs favorite authors.

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It’s no secret that Cherlyn Michael’s, the HighTech Lady of Pen, is heating up cyberspace with the eager anticipation and release of her latest drama First Fridays. Longtime friends and loyal readers are ready to send Cherlyn Michaels to number 1. What’s so unique about Cherlyn is her dedication toward keeping an online journal since day one reflecting her life as a writer and even sharing news about her bookdeal over at Authors will find many of her tips to be very valuable. Check it out. Her site is supported by She also generates an exciting newsletter that has gained a surge of new fans. Cherlyn’s new book arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, and of course, it makes a nice gift for those who design gift baskets for friends and family. I plan on adding Cherlyn’s book along with boxes of chocolates, socks and mouse pads with hearts and a card from Elisse Gabrielle, the author of “Good to the Last Drop.” This author makes some greeting cards that rival Hallmark. I want to triple up with 3 books in my gift baskets, so I am adding Electa Rome Park’s Girl’s Night Out and Vickie Stringer’s Dirty Red. These Book Gift baskets are becoming a hobby I personally enjoy. Try making one for your loved ones . Giving books as gifts is practical and affordable.
I might also top off my gift baskets this Valentine’s Day with a newspaper style letter featuring literary news. Authors have to support one another and not let the booming publishing industry slow down. Speaking of literary news, Terry Anne O’Neal, resident 1st Lady of Poetry over at Disilgold, will debut a new movie adapted from her critically acclaimed novel, Sweet Lavender. Additionally, I opened my copy of Black Enterprise, and nearly fainted when I saw J.Ivy, resident 1st Gentleman of Poetry over at Disilgold representing his Black History poem. There is even a play back button so you can listen toJ Ivy recite his poem. This is state of the art marketing folks, and I guess I will keep my Verizon plan being that the company is supporting African American poets to the top being featured in HOLLER: A Poetry anthology of A Decade. This insert can be pulled out and given as a gift to a young one. Do pass on J.Ivy’s message.

Now when you read Cherlyn’s new book, I want you to see why we are just delighted that she’s back. Talk about a fun read. Feel free to share which part of Cherlyn’s book you enjoyed the most by emailing We’re going to announce the YGA’s favorite part.

CONTEST: Cherlyn is calling all booklovers to support sales of First Friday’s at your local bookstore and online on Valentine’s Day. Do visit Cherlyn’s website to share your favorite part of her book after purchasing a copy from Amazon or your favorite bookstore. Cherlyn is going to randomly choose a winner of free autographed book giveaways. AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS FROM BESTSELLERS ARE VALUABLE TREASURES. All of my autographed books from folks like Michael, Ian, Vickie, K’wan, Terry, Omar, Cherlyn, Edith, Alethea, Rhonda, Jewelene, Dena,Delores, and many more are certainly my treasures. The winner of Cherlyn’s Book Giveaway Contest will also be spotlighted on photogallery. . Join in on the fun. It’s Cherlyn Michael’s time to shine. Enjoy the review.

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One of the Most Anticipated Books this Season Has Arrived from Cherlyn Michaels! She’s one of top bookclubs favorite authors.

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HYPERION/ ISBN-1-4013-0814-7-First Fridays by critically acclaimed author, Cherlyn Michaels, who brought the literary world the bestselling novel, Counting Through a Stained Glass Window, returns with the highly anticipated First Fridays, a dynamic, exciting, fast paced novel that is by far one of the most entertaining reads of the year, highly energetic, cunningly charming and sexy from beginning to end.
The story plot centers around Naja Rodgers who creates an Internet Cafe haven called First Fridays, but she soon attracts Russ’s insightful eye who believes she has a goldmine not only worthy of investing his money in, but possibly courting the naive entrepreneur who falls into the trap of mixing business with pleasure.

Suddenly, Russ’s plan goes bust and his big time investment backers pull out of a deal. He decides to steal all former contacts, show his true colors all along, but where does this leave Naja’s and Russ’s former relationship?

Will Russ join the list of men who prey on entrepreneurial women or will she be able to pick up the broken pieces of their relationship and move on? Wait until you see what happens next! Wait until you see what happens to her business.

First Friday’s by Ms. Cherlyn Michaels is ENGAGING, WELL WRITTEN, and owns an ORIGINAL PLOT from Hyperion Books that is a PLEASURE TO READ and highly recommended.

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