Should Brandy be Charged with Manslaughter for an Accident

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The YOUnity Guild is divided on the issue IT appears like people are saying why should Brandy be let off the hook? An innocent victim was killed who could have been your mother, brother or family member. On the otherhand, folks are saying that an accident is an accident, and why should a person be charged with manslaughter if they did not have intent to kill anymore? Perhaps, Brandy should serve community service and give attention to driving safely. Halle Berry, another celebrity who was involved in a supposed “HIT & RUN” was let off  the hook for an undisclosed amount and went on to win an Oscar. Is there a double standard in America on who gets let off the hook? It is obvious Halle did leave the scene of an accident, but of course, she was delerious and out of her mind as apparent by a gash wound on her head. However, Cinderella, Brandy Norwood  may now have to do time because of several media hot heads suggesting the latter in the GET THIS, Black  media community and now this… Are we our own self-destruction in the Black community?  Brandy is no criminal, and I am sure she deeply regrets the outcome of her accident and the death she caused. There are real criminals out there. I believe counseling, and a statement or personal address to the family may be better suited. The family member is gone. Nothing can replace the life of the victim, but the family should be given at least a million. Brandy would not survive in jail and is more valuable out of jail and serving her community. She’s even the spokesperson model for hair products for little girls. I am angered by the accident, but I don’t want to see Brandy go to jail. Send your comments to Developing…


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