Spiritual Author of the Year, Darren B. Rankins, Author of Purethoughts Series Tops MEGA EVENT!

Darren B. Rankins has landed. Not only are his books, Purethoughts taking off on its on spiritual wave, but he’s taking on the motivational  poetry circuit. We just know this man can recite poetry like noone’s business. You better check a Poetry King in the making. Read the article. Most journalists top articles with the folks they are most impressed with from events at the very end.


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27 comments on “Spiritual Author of the Year, Darren B. Rankins, Author of Purethoughts Series Tops MEGA EVENT!

  1. How to get information on the Pure Thoughts series:
    Greg Bailey
    5809 Jason Drive
    Jacksonville, Florida 32244

  2. I’ve enjoyed meeting Darren B. Rankins. I worked on his Pure Thoughts logo and his upcoming magazine. You are doing very well in your writing and all you endeavors. Keep up the good work Darren!

  3. To my brother in christ who has always been there for me;
    You have been all over the place! You are a very PERSISTENT young man who will go far in anything you do whether it be poetry or anything else in life. I am proud to see how far you have come with your poetry and know it will only excel.

    Melissa Redfield (Prego)

  4. Hello to everyone, Great job my brother. I would like to say the work of the Lord count and getting your name on the wall of Heaven. It’s funny how church folks ride on the coat tail of fame. Let me give a good example: My Ministry put out free CD’s and booklet all over the world and in this town these church folks act like they never heard them or read them, let me tell you all why ? Because they were not sugar coated, when you started to sugar coated they come out of the wall of the churches the ground and out of the walls at home ! All Praise and Honor goes to God. Don’t take me wrong here , I’m proud of the work of my brother, but it’s strange how people try to jump on the coat tail, trust I do know. Next they will have you eating at all the churches and events to make them look good !!
    Thank God their is a God a Real God. I’m a fire and brimstone preacher and I’m going to tell it like God give it to me. In this time in the religion people don’t want fire and brimstone preacher no more. So I’m saying to my brother keep doing for the glorified for the Lord. Trust me on an alot of thing I been there and done it !!
    My who family have an alot of preacher in this family and none of us were not award when they had the Honor of the leader at Patterson Park!!
    It’s all who these church click like, so keep working for the Lord not the people of this world they will let you down at any time.
    Until next time Look up to the hill which cometh your help and that the true God the LORD !!!!!
    God Bless you and your wisdom from the Lord
    Elder F.L. Rankins aka (The Son of Thunder)

  5. Hello Darren,
    You are nothing if not persistent! Keep pressing forward towards that high calling!
    Your sister-in-law,

  6. Hi Darren!!

    Things seem to be prospering on your side of the world!! That is just awesome. Congrats on having your poetry in the library in Murfreesboro. Watched the youtube videos, thanks for sending the link. Must be a nice feeling to know people are enjoying your heart in words.

    Keep up the awesome work!!


  7. Hello Rankins Family,

    Darren Rankins the son of JW and Barbara Rankins makes history once
    more again. Check out what he
    have done: Hello, Darren B. Rankins will have his own brick placed in
    the “Walk of Honor” outside the Rosa Park Library and Museum complex in
    Montgomery, Alabama within six weeks. And soon at the National Civil
    Rights Museum. Darren has also donationed books to the Middle Tennessee
    State University Library
    We are proud of him planting the Rankins’ name else where.

  8. Darren,

    That’s a very nice pic good brethren…

    It exudes character, wisdom, integrity, and pride.

    Peace and blessings…


  9. Your words are so powerful through your poetry. Never lose your focus in what God has given you.

    Tamara Eskridge”

  10. Hi Darren,

    I was just writting to let you know that your poems are awesome heartfelt! Goodluck with your business.

    God Bless


  11. Hi Darren,

    I recent received the email addition of Talking Crochet with Carol
    with the write up entitled Boys and Crochet. I think it’s wonderful
    that you
    have embellished this craft and that you are teaching it to others. My
    mother has been crocheting for years and taught me the basics when I
    was a
    child. As an adult, I was able to teach myself the rest from books and
    asking questions to senior crochet enthusiasts. I always have a project
    two that I’m working on and I find that it’s a wonderful way to relax
    and be
    creative. I give away all of my creations as birthday/holiday gifts and
    saying that I’m going to make something for myself but I’ve found that
    so rewarding to give them to others that I can’t seem to help myself. I
    recently started crocheting with thread. It was a little tricky at
    using the small needles but I’m getting the hang of it. I’m now on my
    project and it’s going very well. I would love to make an heirloom
    cloth out of thread but haven’t found just the right pattern yet.

    I see that you are from Tennessee. Where is Murfreesboro? My Dad lives
    outside of Pigeon Forge in a little place called Douglas Damn and my
    lives in Sevierville. I visited them last summer and had a blast. The
    were so warm and friendly and the Smoky Mountains are just breath
    I’m hoping to visit again this fall for Thanksgiving. Well Darren, if
    have a chance, write back to me and maybe we can share some crocheting
    patterns. I’d love to here from you and chat with you about Tennessee. And keep writing those Beautiful books of poetry and your work in your area.

    Happy Crocheting,

  12. Darren has deep feelings for hurting people and the overcomers in life. He has put down on paper just how great it feels to be an overcomer.
    He will keep on keeping on until he makes a name for himself.
    Keep up the good work, Darren.

  13. Darren,
    I just wanted to say I saw the article about you in Crochet Talk. Kudos to you on learning to crochet! I’m meeting more and more men who crochet and I think it’s great! I just recently taught my bf to crochet and my son is learning to do loom knitting. Mommy can’t seem to coordinate herself enough to teach him crocheting…he’s left handed! lol! I also visited your site and it’s beautiful! Keep up the good work and never stop writting

    -Mira Samson
    Belmont, NH

  14. I Terrie Hutzler a 8th grade reading and science school teacher at Central Middle School and have recieved from Darren B. Rankins a Pure Thoughts Vol.1 Poetry CD and a Darren B. Rankins Biography DVD , which he had donated for our library here in Murfreesboro, TN. Darren is a very hard working young man that people can learn alot from.

  15. Darren’s Pure Thoughts series is first rate. I have thoroughly looked forward to and enjoyed each volume. He is making a real name for himself in the spiritual poetry genre.

    Sharon Parente

  16. What a story. But this doesn’t suprise me whenever someone needs help in raising money for a good cause Darren is there. Do what you do best Darren(poetry and reciting)

  17. Darren has a great way of expressing when way life really is through his poetry. Pure Thoughts Vol.1 was very emotional. Keep the Faith

  18. Spiritual Author of the Year!!! quite a title. Well Congrats!!
    mind seeing you perform where can i get some info on where you will be


    P.S. Maybe we can get you to perform at our next Destiny Expo we want
    to add
    some performers this year to make it a true expo.

  19. That was an excellent performance I really enjoyed that. Thanks for sending it to me

  20. I enjoyed reading your book, Volume Two. Several entries were convicting, soulful and stirring. Great job. I am very proud that you are leading the African American community in the direction towards literature and spirituality. Spirtuality has kept us thus far, and I am glad you continue to carry the torch. God Bless you.

  21. Great book. Inspirational poetry with deep, profound meaning. My favorite is Don’t Lose the Faith. I expect even greater things from Darren in the future.

  22. I have all of Darren’s books and cd’s. He is an inspiring writer, and is a real
    Christian. He encouraged me to get my own book of poetry published. Without his encouragement and unselfish guidance and knowledge, I wouldn’t have fiished my book. I had the privelege of meeting him when I went to Tennessee, and knowing him has enriched my life. He is triumphant over adversity, and stong in faith. I am proud to have him for my friend .

  23. Darren is a very good friend of mine whom I have known for several years. His struggles he has sustained, his enthusiasm and his hard work, and his faith have always held him through the storms of life. He is a very faithful, honest, and inspiring person and a wonderful poet. A godly man who believes in and inspires those around him. He has inspired me many times. He has lifted me up during some hard storms of my life since I have known him and he is a very god fearing, loving, and kind hearted man who seeks the well being of others. His poetry, his heart, his life, is all a testament to God. There is not enough good to say about Darren B Rankins, however, as his long time friend, I am extremely proud of him for all of his accomplishments and I look forward to seeing more, as he always strives and pushes for more. He doesnt give up. He has endurance like no one I have ever known. The trials of life that he goes through only make him stronger and it is because of his faith in God that he stands where he does today.

  24. As the Chairwoman of the Middle Tennessee
    State University Gospel Music Extravaganza,
    I would like to commend Mr. Darren Rankins.
    He is a gentleman, writer, author, father,
    speaker and much, much more. Anytime he can
    be of service with his poetry, his is available to
    share with others. His works will go un-notice
    because it is worthy.

    Thanks, Mr. Rankins.

  25. Darren, is an inspiration to us all. In spite of the difficulties that he has faced. God is at the head of his life. I saw him perform at MTSU Extravaganza and he was excellent. His poetry was very refreshing. The whole room was quiet in anticipation of what he was going to say. If this was the Academy Award he would have received the Oscar. He is a poet on the rise, his work is on the cutting edge. He is a very talented and unique individual. I look forward to hearing more of his work and seeing him in major publications.

  26. Oh, how good a friend is he? I mean is he your ex husbandor something, because I am just a promoter, and as a past psychoanalyst, I know trouble when I see it Ms. Johnson. Fight, fight, fight…. just kidding. LOL. That should get your attention:-). I have not met Mr. Darren B. Rankins yet, but you are right, his work is exemplary and I look forward to being right there when this man reaches the top. His poetry is one of a kind, and worthy of millions. With supporters like you and all throughout the community, we can ensure that our black male poets rise to the top. I told Darren to enlist his p.o.d. books in the return sellers program. I know it costs about a thousand per book, but it is worth it in the long run. I have several p.o.d. books on bookstore shelves at stores who accept 40% discount. Once they sell out, the stores automatically order more. It is a slow process, but either you want longevity or a quick rich scheme that usually leads to scandals, bad small press distribution and absolutely no royalties for many authors who try the self-publishing route with a few books. It is hard for authors to find these stores that go for the 40% discount p.o.d. companies allow, but I have a complete listing of these stores. The goal of p.o.d. authors as I told Darren, is to ace over 10 books so Ingram will pick up the books and this will lead to direct distribution into bookstores with a quality line like his. I AM FOLLOWING PURSUIT as well. So thanks for sharing your comment and I hope you join us regularly with your feedback. I do read all messages here and allow comments that are substantial to stay posted. It takes an angel to give back to someone else. Thanks.

    With sincere blessings,
    Heather Covington

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