PLUS & MINUS Highlights of The 49th Annual Grammy Awards by Heather “The Literary Heat” Covington Image

From the pre-Grammy  Awards Show the after parties, here were some of my reflections on all of the stars. After all, many literary artists probably took a break to view the show.

It was all about style and fashion on the red carpet.

Singer Christina Aguilera worked the Scarlet O’Hara  shoulder sweep hairstyle, cranberry lipstick (New shade for the spring), layers of fake eyelashes and a powder pink strapless floor length dress topped with a huge mid-drift bow tie. The look was effortless, chic and a scored a notch above her former  “Big hair” wigs  that were just too overwhelming for the singer’s petite frame.  A PLUS.

However, she made a pop shot at Brittney Spears when asked about her way of entering and getting out of a car. She acted as if she was more of a lady than Brittney. When a woman wears a mini-skirt, regardless how she gets out of a car, her crotch is going to show. The question is when will a law be passed to slap a fine on media who evades people’s privacy. People want to say Brittney has no class, but that is what the media can make you out to be. She didn’t sell millions of records for nothing. I bet she just said, ” If the media wants controversy, than I’ll give them more controversy,” and being that celebrities have to endure controversy to stay in the spotlight or be forgotten. I just didn’t care for that pompous pop shot from Christina. Her time will come when she’ll get her end of the media, and sooner or later, she’ll be caught without her wig too one day. A BIG MINUS

Timbaland looked clearly perturbed during the pre-Grammy celebration on the red carpet when host Ryan Seacrest, American Idol’s popular host, referred to his clan with celebrated artists like Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake as a big Kumbaya meeting. WHAT?!!!

Producer Timbaland’s face turned  ghetto sour.

 According to Wikipedia,

“”Kumbaya” (also spelled Kum Ba Yah) is a song claimed to have been composed by Reverend Marvin V. Frey (1918 – 1992) in the 1930s in New York City. Originally titled “Come By Here”, it first appeared in “Revival Choruses of Marvin V. Frey”, a lyric sheet printed in Portland, Oregon, in 1939. In 1946, the song returned from Africa with a missionary family, who toured America singing the song with its now world famous Angolan text “Kum Ba Yah”.”

Due to the symbolism of the song, you  don’t use this word in the context Ryan Seacrest did. Ryan Seacrest gets a BIG MINUS for that one!

Nelly Furtado broke out in a shower of “Ha,ha,ha’s” that matched the ignorance of Ryan’s statement which he quickly tried to “MAKE NICE.”  If this is her personality, I am shocked. I thought she was a classy singer, not a hyena. Her laughter is so unbecoming. I turned flipped the station with my remote because of her obnoxious guffaws. A BIG MINUS!

Regardless, Timbaland is on the rise to becoming one of the most requested producers. He’s done tracks with Omarion as well. He’s a very talented man who I am sure had to endure a lot of pop shots to get to where he is. Just keep making those hits Timbaland. You  get a big PLUS.

Spotlight stealers on the red carpet were clearly Gary Dourdon. I love this man’s eyes, but I truly think he should have awaited to be called over than bust through Weird Al Yankovic’s shining moment. Here’s a guy who has managed to make it to the top with parodies of top hits. It’s every rap artist or R& B singers dreams to get song rights sold to Weird Al Yankovic. His rendetions surpass the actual sales of original songs. Yes, I am being very sarcastic here. He gets a BIG PLUS, and Gary gets a big MINUS.

And- why in the world would Anita Baker, someone whom music  listeners  would welcome back in a heartbeat, steal the mic from Ryan Seacrest or did he give her the mic after she ignored that she was on national tv to say hello to a friend? This moment was tacky and rude, but  sincere Anita wouldn’t pass up saying hello to a friend even if more viewers than the Super Bowl were watching, hungh? Way to go Anita.  You get  a BIG MINUS & PLUS, because I am getting your new album this week.

Oh my, Natalie Cole returns after 25 years with a nomination and looks fabulous. How does this lady do it. A BIG PLUS for Natalie, daughter of the late NAT KING COLE. I just love that old time classic duet, Unforgettable!

 The Red Hot Chili Pepper looked way to calm, docile and normal, but were sweeties. Still love ’em. A BIG PLUS.

Sting stole the show from the beginning. Uh, aren’t the Grammy’s supposed to save the best for last. A BIG PLUS.

 As far as style on the red carpet among some of the ladies… many Moore had a grungy look – BI G MINUS), Mary J. Blige’s Greek Tunic was STUNNING (A BIG PLUS),Beyonce’ was flawless (BIG PLUS), Jennifer Hudson’s stylist aced this night with a red Roberto Cavali dress and plunging neckline. Classy and becomes her full figure ( A BIG PLUS). Shakira’s hair earns herself a hot mess award ( BIG MINUS). Ciara showed off her gams which sent Cedric the Entertainer in full fresh mode and looked stylish (BIG PLUS), and Carrie Underwood looked like, Carrie Underwood a (BIG PLUS). Paula Abdul looked great in my opinion. She’s aging well, keeps herself together eventhough she’s overworked. The upsweep do works well for her.

The men of the night who looked simply classy were AKON (wear that white even if it blinds them dead), Randy Jackson (nicely tailored for the evening) and walked away with a Grammy for his group, Van Hunt…WOW!, and Terrence Howard always looks debonair, polished and handsome. 

He gets a little carried away and pompous at times, but he’s a sweetie. Can’t wait to see his movie, Idle Wild. I’ll be back with a classic Disilgold SINK OR FLOAT review.

John Mayer looked gothic and morbid. He seems rude and attitudinal to put it blun. If Jessica Simpson and him are an item, I think this relationship will last as long as his song stays on the charts and that’s it! Women in entertainment business should stay away from one hit wonders. Wait until the sopomore album.

John Legend had a playful risque look with his TIE undone.

Lionel Richie is still the man. What would the Grammy’s be without Lionel?

I was shocked by the outcome of all award winners selected. Dixie Chicks walked away with deserving awards, but the categories were all screwed up. Mary J. Blige should have atleast won 5 awards for that steller album, The Breakthrough. I’m not ready to make NICE on the voting faux pas.

Over all, the 49th Grammys was one og the best award shows of the year. I certainly think they won over young fans. Robin Troup, young winner voted  to duet with Timberlake has just been signed to his new record label, Tennmen, and make no mistake about it, his record dales went up this week proving that 2007 is the rise of the young black woman.

 You had better pay attention. There are even young models like Chanel Iman making major moves, and YOUnity Guild Award winning author Edith Holmes brings the literary world a new young author sure to make major headlines. Can you guess who. Read our young authors link tribute.

The Grammy’s earns a BIG PLUS. Next year’s host should be Ludacris and Scarlett Johansson,  who are surely the next DisilgoldSOUL personalities to watch.

I usually pen an article after I have penned a review and read a good book. The must read book right now is Men, Money & Gold Diggers by Je’Caryous Johnson. And- that’s the Literary HEAT.

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