DISILGOLDSOUL REVIEW :Is Keston Karter the Millionaire Calendar Man? by Heather Covington

When  Trinidad and Tobago born “Ladies Hearthrob,”Keston Karter debuted his self entitled, “Keston Karter 2007” Calendar, sales accrued with dynamic success in a relative short amount of time, and haven’t stopped. In fact, he’s already working on the completion of his 2008 calendar.

It’s no secret. Everyone is buzzing about Keston Karter. His exclusive full feature interview is featured on the DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Celebrity Interview Link at www.Disilgold.com. The founder asked over 50 questions over a 2 hour interview. His responses were very intelligent and well spoken.

Some of Keston’s answers to various questions were not published.

Keston Karter is fast on his way to becoming a movie star. Perhaps, the excellent designing of his latest website over at, www.KestonKarter.com by the Prodigal Sun, website designer of celebrities and movies, brings out his true-to-life charming personality that radiates through every eye-catching photo and why he’s in demand for guest appearances at events.

 Keston is truly focused in 2007, and ready to take multi-faceted industries by storm with sheer intelligence, talent and extraordinary looks to match.

 He motivates others to reach their goals as a man who once struggled to pay his way through school on his own. His everyday rise to creative freedom has been a challenge, but 2007 may prove differently.

However, don’t cast Keston off as a model only. His passion for   acting, modeling, commercials, independent film and print work create an equal demand for the  DisilgoldSOUL Magazine predicted”Millionaire Calendar Man.”

 His film credits  to date include roles in One in the Chamber and the Inside Man.

 With so many daily sales of the Keston Karter Calendar, one wonders if his new passion will steal away from another passion as a musician.

You may even remember Keston Karter as a former Apollo  performer. He is the lead musician in the New York Adlib Steel Drum Orchestra.

If this is not enough to  buy Keston Karter’s calendar,  what the ladies will find endearing about Keston Karter’s calendar are the quote tributes featured  from people like Dr. Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. Keston already has the right formula for success by paying tribute to his mentors.

Male print models and fashion conscious gentleman will get inspired style-wise as well.

Keston does wear GQ styled fashions at his best, leaving room for the ladies and men to appreciate a Black Man on the rise and destined for success.

Keston Karter calendars are expected to sell out, and we highly suggest you buy a couple as gifts, and just in time for Mother’s Day before they are all sold out. Featured are never before seen photos. One of our own YOUnity Reviewers during a Friday powwow walked away with DisilgoldSOUL Magazine’s 2007 Keston Karter Calendar, and all we have to remember Keston is his website over at www.KestonKarter.com.

Feast your eyes ladies…”God’s Gift to Women” has arrived.  Watch Keston Karter rise to the top!

*****DisilgoldSOUL rating- 5 Stars

Vote for the Keston Karter Calendar as “TheDisilgoldSOUL Magazine Infusionary Male Calendar of the Year!”

Email- Disilgold@aol.com

JUST IN- It’s August 18th. Keston Karter has been confirmed as Disilgold SOUL 2007 Best Black Male Calendar of the Year Award Recipient. It’s official, his 2008 calendar has arrived. Click here now to read the interview at www.Disilgold.com  under Celeb Interviews.


9 comments on “DISILGOLDSOUL REVIEW :Is Keston Karter the Millionaire Calendar Man? by Heather Covington

  1. A few month ago I was on the computer a while back with a friend we came across your picture. I find you to be a very sexie man.but any how I was unable to send you any messages because I don’t have a page.but at the moment I’m having problem in my life but seeing you on this website I must say has made me feel good.I would enjoy corresponding with you.

  2. I came across his Myspace profile because there’s this lady who created a myspace for fine black men (FBM) and he was the featured star…I lost my breath for a few moments…lol…I am a fan of his beauty would definently like to come across an interview of him to see his personality

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