The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman: The Fragrance that Attracts the Right Man by Jerone L. Davison is Sweeping the Christian Market in Record Breaking Time


DisilgoldSOUL Magazine 5 Star Review: The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman: The Fragrance that Attracts the Right Man by Jerone L. Davison

Article and review by Heather Covington
Editor of DisilgoldSOUL
President of the YOUnity Guild of America
It’s only been less than one month since “The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman: The Fragrance that Attracts the Right Man” by Jerone L. Davison was released in 2007 and already, his entire first print run has astronomically sold out at just one event with over 500 guests and recently at another posh upscale Cali event totalling over 1500 books sold to date!

These are the kind of figures that have publishers ringing to negotiate a major book deal, but Jerone L. Davison, a business and family man, is clearly taking his journey to the top with spiritual  guidance, support from tens of thousands of friends, family and new fans he meets daily on his growing Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman National Book Tour. In fact, he is updating his site soon at time permitting. This is how busy his schedule is today.

The ladies want to know who is this Jerone L. Davison? On, you may find a brief intro to the man people are calling, “THE NEXT INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER!”

A motivational speaker, he owns a powerful voice as prominent and most requested as motivational speaker-Les Brown, National Syndicated Radio Host-Michael Baisden, Amber Books Publisher- Tony Rose, Director- Rel Dowdell, and Networking Guru- George C. Fraser. It’s his powerful message and strong advice on attracting the right man that has won over new fans of his work.

A very young minister, folks may wonder where does he find so many years of wisdom in just the 7 months he took to write “Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman,” but if you comb through his website, there are over 10 more books in the making. It is clear that Jerone L. Davison is a writer built with the power of longevity and very passionate about his work.

Media agrees, it’s certainly Jerone L. Davison’s time to shine. He’s brilliantly reaching folks through their untapped olfactory senses, and what relationship gurus will say is the strongest sense. Yet, many people in relationships have ignored this sense, thus suffering break-ups, divorce and even domestic violence.  Could Jerone L. Davison be holding the key to keeping couples together?

Jerone L. Davison is so masterful in helping women to find their spiritual fragrance in his new book with tips,  heartfelt advice and a powerful voice, he boldly includes an “Attractiveness Test” and many references to biblical quotes that will raise a brow, stir feelings one has been neglecting and overall, restore each reader’s soul to turn on that fragrance that attracts a mate.

Don’t be surprised if you hear testimonies from many women admitting that they failed “The Attractiveness Test” for the first time as cladly stated, “Spiritual Virgins and/or Spiritual Haters.” You too, will be reformed by Minister Jerone L. Davison’s new self-help book.

Instead of placing his own face on the cover when asked, he says he placed a perfume bottle and rose which guess what, all women are attracted to, but that is not all. When you flip the cover, there is his understated photo. Is this small photo enough to stir up long lines at upcoming booksignings when so many readers are stirred by sight?

According to event photos, women of all ages have been caught embracing the former NFL player for the Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers turned novelist for how much THE CONTENT of his book has inspired their lives.
Don’t forget the respect women have for the family man with 15 years of marriage and 5 adorable children as mentioned in the book. Not only can he talk it, but walk it when it comes to claiming the title as America’s new “Relationship Guru.” Even men are taking note.

A male reader named Kris states,

“I  was reading the info. on your book from a forward-Black PR.Com. I have read a million self help books,some help, others were just a repeat of what I already knew. However your book, cut to the core! Everything you stated hit home.

Often times my prayer was “God why so many saved women still single?” I seen women who were holding on, they got tired of waiting and Married unsaved men. Its very difficult in this time and day, to hold on. I don’t care how you preach it, a healthy, whole woman gets tired of yet holding on!!

I have been kept by God for years now, and still no prospect. In my forties, fine, enjoy working out & raising a young man alone! I have cried a many a night, Lord please help.

Finally a book to help with insight! Thanks for shedding light to a very dark & dismal area.

God Bless, Kris.”

Has Jerone L. Davison created one of the most sought books on the market of this era?

A genius with his first published book, he’s created a blueprint for women to seek that right fragrance from internal cleansing and healing to physical rejuvenation and complete resoration of all wounds apparent on the outside that detract a mate, but she may not know it.

He has masterfully created a embodiment of work that is a treasure and companion for the virtuous woman seeking the answers to her questions from a man certified with multiple degrees in ministry as well.

People are comparing his writing style to the greatness of Rick Warren’s, “A Purpose Driven Life”. Upon interviewing Jerone Davison, he was elated to share that The New York Christian Times, Senior Editor, Karen Cox will run a  feature story in the publication circulated to over 52,000 readers in New York, “the Mecca of Literary Civilization.”  Essence Magazine also contacted Jerone L. Davison recently and we’ll be sure to follow-up on his debut in the publication reaching millions.

As a new YOUnity Guild Award Winning Best New Contemporary Spiritual Author of the Year, his reign is just getting started.We have photos, an exclusive premiere interview,and never revealed secrets of building a relationship with longevity.


Jerone L. Davison is an author to watch!

*****5 Stars! The DLNA YOUnity Reviewers Worldwide

About Jerone L. Davison

Pastor Jerone L. Davison spent several years in the NFL with the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers and one year overseas (Dusseldorf Germany) with the Rhein Fire. He is an anointed Preacher, Teacher, Conference Host and Speaker. Jerone is a Family and Relationship Specialist with extensive training and experience in both disciplines. He is also a Licensed Minister (COGIC), Ordained Elder (COGIC), Certified Parenting Instructor, Creative Conflict Resolution Facilitator, Anger Management Instructor and Marriage and Family Counselor. Pastor Davison is gifted with wisdom in the Word of God and deliverance often accompanies his ministry. He is the Senior Pastor/Founder of a growing congregation in Fairfield, California, the Bountiful Harvest Church.


Pastor Davison is a graduate of Solano Community College where he is memorialized in the school’s Football Hall of Fame (owning most of the schools rushing records). He graduated with an AA in Science degree and received a higher degree of study in Sociology from Arizona State University. He holds one degree from Masters International Divinity College: a Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Biblical Preaching and is now studying for a Master of Arts – Biblical Counseling – Sexual Addictions/ IABC certification track, with plans to achieve a Master of Divinity and a Doctorate of Divinity.

Jerone Davison is a dynamic man of God in whom the Spirit of Praise, Power, Prayer and Prophetic Speech rests upon. His messages center on the Redemptive Work of Christ in all facets of life, including relationships.


He is the proud husband of Sharon Wynn-Davison for over fifteen years, and father to their five children; four girls and a boy (whom he lovingly calls his only begotten son) Janay, Jashe’, Jada, Jerone Jr. and Jaya (arranged from oldest to youngest).


6 comments on “The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman: The Fragrance that Attracts the Right Man by Jerone L. Davison is Sweeping the Christian Market in Record Breaking Time

  1. from what i have read about pastor davison i cannot waited to get the book. blessing to you

  2. I am so so excited for Pastor Davison. Since I have been in this ministry, it has been nothing but blessings. It has been an eye opening experience for me in life . Learning things about myself and how to carry myself not justr as a woman, but as a woman of God. The message in this book is so true , and you look at everything in a different persective. If you were like me and have given up on marriage and love as a whole , reading this book will give you hope and rstore your soul . I encourage everyone that can read to read it and study this Word from God! Thanks Pastor Davison

  3. I am so, excited for my Pastor Jerone L. Davison. I love to here other people comments concerning this man of God. He has been a inspiration to my wife, children, family, and me. The book is just reinforcement to what he has been instilling in all of his member at The BHC. For single women this is a soul healing message. It is therapeutic, sanctifying, soul-tie breaking, and first of all Christ center message. For man it is eye opening awareness on the trap the devil his made us the bait of. At the same time with awareness comes the responsibility for us men to get free from the snare and free other men by drawing closer to our God and Savior Jesus Christ. I took a class in college called the destruction of the black family. In this class they taught about drugs and there effect on the black community. They taught single parent homes, the black male, and the system of Eurocentric Amercia. Never dealing with the real issue. satan and his attack on God’s people. Never giving the answers that Doctor Jerone Davison is injecting through this Book for families of America. I thank the Lord For his Holy inspiration that ignited this man of God to write this book. LOVE The Ross Family

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