Heather” The Literary HEAT” Covington’s Take on the N-Word: The Collected Essays


by Heather Covington
“The Literary Heat”- www.Disilgold.com

“The Most Controversial Essayist of the Millennium Speaks Out Finally”
The NAACP Image Awards responsibly overlooked pop shots at Isiah Thomas from the media recently and gave him an award despite him stating he did not  call a fellow actor a “F–” on national television.

Maybe it was the wrong time for the overzealous Isiah Washington to express himself as possibly an overlooked and underrated actor in need of attention and possibly feeling like a straight heterosexual man is put on the backburner these days, but America took offense.

I had to step into the shoes of a gay person and empathize, but personally, I would not be offended. My own friends nicknamed me KON in elementary school and lied and said it was a name of an Indian girl. I found out that it was their little abridged name for conceited.  A TEAR- atee,atee!!! (Giggles). So words and names don’t hurt me folks… but to not digress from this powerful essay you are about to read folks…I am about to shed truth on the idiosynacrisies of culminating events surrounding radio DJ Don Imus, The N-word and a sleuth of issues that will knock you in your face with an upper right hand cut.
The question of freedom of speech came to mind for left wing political leaders and where do we draw the line upon punishing someone for speaking his or her thoughts? Top actor, Alex Baldwin just told his 11 year old daughter off via a phone conversation that was leaked to media with words that would damage any child, and he gets national exposure and no punishment for destroying a child’s future???Hungh!!!!You got to be kidding me. Let’s go deeper.

And- will any kind of punishments for aggregated statements by celebs be fair on any issue of concern by the people since some people who exercise their freedom of speech lately are being targeted more severely than others?
Isiah Thomas  literally got lynched by the media while Michael—- repeatedly called an audience member on the Sunset Strip Comedy Club a N—–!
Michael —- got on public air, made headline news, got to speak face- to- face with our nation’s top leaders and we fell for his publicity stunt. His career will make a comeback some people say because he used blacks as his focal point of frustration for his failing comedy career and won! YOU SO STUPID MEDIA! I’MMA GONNA GET YA!
The tapes that aired to media made it seem like a heckler chastised him to ruin, but the so called hecklers were on Tyra Banks show recently, and a guest of the audience presented an unabridged recording. HUMMMMM! Looks like someone was conjuring up deep rooted hate all along and had these guests from over 20 blacks targeted all night long.
Now we have people like Councilman Leroy Comrie in NY, calling for the abolishment of the N-WORD, but  hold up! WAIT A MINUTE….They want to abolish the words’ use in books, videos, comedy skits and music by blacks as well when the word in these scenarios are used as endearing words, brotherly bonding, sometimes varied by intonation to show aggression or a truce such as during conversations between gang members.

How would gang members know if a war is about to go down if they weren’t able to detect intonations of voice when the word N—— is used by their rivals?
There is a difference when someone says, “Wassup my n—–!” from “WASSUP N—–!” Forget back- to- back showdowns like the wild, wild west and whomever turns around first and draws their gun out in time wins. This ain’t a Charles Bronson showdown. The N-Word’s use in the streets can mean “WAR”and sudden death.
And so, here we go again punishing and shunning “Black rappers, artists and writers” who have the right to use creative expression, but they are your voters… they are the one’s reforming their neighborhoods and bringing wealth to school programs and giving to charities… and they are the ones feeding their families and taking them out of the hood. Are we forgetting the value of the BLACK DOLLAR?

Now Snoop Dog is the subject of tyranny and blame for the use of the N-word and calling women hos, bitches you name it in his music,and since the Don Imus comments calling the Rutger’s Basketball team, “Nappy Headed Hos.” Oh, Snoop is referring to those gold diggers in the hood after a man’s money and don’t care about a brother. Okay, Snoop I will let you go with that one for now.
Even Oprah had the clan of top voices speaking from Kevin Lyle, Russell Simmons, Stanley Crouch going head-to-head with Ashe Bandele on that issue, and personally, it just showed Black-on-black crime and diverted from the real issue….. WHO THE HELL IS IN CHARGE of the programming of Don Imus Show?

I could care less about Don Imus. He is a media slave churning out what advertisers and his fans have paid him to say and what they want to hear.If the man was adamant about his comments, trust… he would not have apologized.

Like Don Imus, all entertainers are just that, feeding off their audience’s wishes. What works goes unless you’ve got staying power. Snoop Dog really is a street man in the rap game trying to represent as a business man. This man is a gentle giant in America’s eyes, soft spoken and seems to be trying to correct his image and then some.

Why are we wasting time ridiculing Snoop Dog’s words?  Can we spell publicity. Snoop don’t need America’s distribution to sell his records. Someone attacked his lyrics, so he gave a comment America wanted to hear, take it or leave it. Have we forgotten, this man is an ultimate street hustler?
No one is going to buy watered down soul, R&B or rap. “It is what it has got to be,” and if times change to the point where rappers no longer feel they need to use the N-WORD, than let it be their moral decision and not because it is forced down their throats with legislature committed by UNCLE TOMS in politics who happen to be Black.
Now I am not saying that Councilman Leroy Comrie is an Uncle Tom, but don’t shun black folks using the N-WORD who learned to cope by turning this word around and throwing it back in the oppressors face, and making bank.
Black on black crime is not the way! “The Ban the N-Word Movement” has to be a volunteer measure and not force fed, especially when you know YOU ARE USING THE WORD behind closed doors with your posse. YES YOU ARE, YES YOU ARE… FESS UP. Stop trying to be a politically correct saint in 2007. Using explicative language doesn’t make you any less that a leader. Look how BUSH cursed while unknowingly being taped. LET’S BE REAL!

It’s like watering down gangster’s. You don’t want to make those kids any angrier by changing their identity. The N-WORD is all they’ve got right now, and as long as they aren’t harming anyone, let them N-WORD themselves out until they realize they don’t need it to succeed. LET IT BE THEIR DECISION! BILLIONS OF BLACK DOLLARS BUY THE N-WORD AND GUESS WHAT, White surburbia buys much more!
It’s just like when politicians wanted to end gangster rap, and what happened was, Gangster Rap went pop… and crossed over with catchy song lyrics from eye-candy artists! Now it is here to stay. Besides we should be focusing on the route of the N-WORD and that is underlying overt racism. Many black brothers have been locked up in institutions due to racism at a higher level. Check out an article called Time to Shine in the March issue of the Source. What is being allowed to go down in our prisons is a travesty and now all revealed! There is your institutionalized slavery.
There should be a law to weed out undercover racists who inflict their racism without using the N-WORD. Probes and investigators should be able to monitor even private institutions. Overt racism is more harmful than calling someone the N-WORD because at least you know who it’s coming from! Overt racism kills our black work force! We know its there. We’re treated differently! We’re mocked! We’re made an example of! Sometimes those examples are overdone to seem as if they are normal! We’re ridiculed! We’re not liked! We know we are not wanted! We know we are thought of as N——s! It hurts. It’s painful in corporate America. It cuts like a knife, so what do you do, you take the word, N—— and call those racists N——s in our music, books, videos and whomever doesn’t like it, don’t buy it. We’re going to kill your racism with success and call each other N——- too.

Is this the social conciousness of youth today? Don’t know, you tell me. These are just points I am sharing and like an actor, stepping into the shoes of the oppressor. Don’t get mad at me. Get mad at yourself!
Hope I am not being to melodramatic here, but allow me to just skin the surface as the lady who can step into the shoes of every kind of personality and read folks with TRUTH. Is that my crime?

My question to Council Leroy  Comrie is, “Are we hypocrites for taking bread and butter out of urban culture’s pockets over the N-word? The N-word is absolutely an authentic word used on the streets for assimilation among youth, artists alike and here to stay. By shunning an entire urban culture that already has had their culture stolen invites war, the insurgence of more gangs that feel defeated, more anger and hostility.

Trust, it’s not the music and videos that are causing violence.  I was exposed to music and videos as a youth and growing up. I am not trying to hurt anyone. There are some people who are born killers and psychologically disturbed from birth. This doesn’t have anything to do with the N-WORD. Poor nutrition, poor advice,  drug and alcohol consumption, lack of pre-natal care, addition of hormones and antibodies in milk by -products, pesticides, pollution and effects of global warming are affecting babies before born, not the N-WORD.

All I am saying is that slavery is DEAD, and it is not alive, a FEW PEOPLE STILL HARBORING HATE ARE HERE because they hate themselves. I refuse to accept that America is all racist.
There are laws for crime, and the judicial system sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t because it is run by man. Man is infallible. As a people, we strive to improve race relations, but to just focus on trivial comments made by a radio host fails to get to the root of what our society should be focusing on, and that is unity.  I like seminars. I like for people to discuss their racial issues and be honest. Don’t be hypocrite and say what you feel behind closed doors and in public pretend to love Black folks.

I respect folks who say what they feel, and while I may not always like it, I have a literary voice that can go to battle. Wasting tax payers money on trivial matters is ludacris. I side with Cousin Jeff who is against the building of a monument built in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s name that will equate to over 100 million in tax payers money that could go toward building programs. Don’t use Dr. Martin Luther King to make a tourist attraction and earn millions and not give any of it to the poor black folks living in the same vicinity as his monument tribute. Let those who have money donate funds to this project.

So to some up all, I don’t feel Don Imus should be fired, but the head boss of his radio programme should GO. By the time my essay hits the internet, I believe this is what will go down. I predict these things. It’s like locking up drug dealers, but who gave them the drugs to sell. They aren’t the ones at the borders. It’s like castigating all chinese on behalf of one lone murderer of over 30 people at Virginia Tech, but we failed to acknowledge a person with mental sickness because my bad, HE WASN’T BLACK, so he probably would not harm a fly right? All the signs were there, but yet, America wants to find fault with over 2 million incarcerated black men in prison.

If we can give many black leaders who have also made racial comments in the past repent for their sins, than we have to give Don Imus a chance to reddem himself. He is a talented radio broadcaster and valuable because his voice can attract millions of listeners, so why not give him a forum to escape from the Devils fryer who lead him into temptation with advertisers dollars and said, give them more and more, and instead, let him have interviews with people who are leaders to change the face of this nation. From all bad there is good in a man’s soul when given a nother chance.

I want the ladies who were called Nappy Headed hos to receive endorsements from all beauty companies for a complete make-over and go on tour to address young women and teenagers on self-esteem issues. They can take their pain and help others. Now if you will excuse me, I have to
move on. Now dry your eyes, read my book, God’s 24 Hour Make-Over and show ’em what you got.

Take negativity and THRIVE MY SISTERS AND BROTHERS! The way I ended my essay leaves YOU, the reader with nothing to say but to be a vehicle for change.  Don’t even raise a brow. You just got empowered by the Literary Heat. MY VOICE COUNTS AND SO DOES YOURS! Get at me at Disilgold@aol.com.
Copyright 2007. Heather Covington. Disilgold.


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