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 At DisilgoldSOUL, either a book from a YGA member is 5 Stars or not featured! And-even if a book is not featured, it may still be a highly regarded 5 star quality  book. We can only promote but so many authors each month.

 Our star ratings are for 1. Marketability 2.an engaging story plot or book content 3. a highly referred work in regard to the total package from the book to the professionalism of the author which counts at Disilgold because we refer authors for events, publishing, media and more 5. founder’s personal opinions which COUNT NATIONALLY and highly respected!


Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea by Darline Dorce-Coupet 

PerSOULnally reviewed by

Heather “The Literary HEAT” Covington

Sexy, intriguing, “mystifying” and a long engaging tale for die hard drama fiction fans who can sit back relax and enjoy an intriguing tale, “Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea” by Diane -Dorce Coupet centers around Mr. Cedric Courage, an international Hip Hop Superstar who can sell out more stadiums than your top modern day artist. He’s got it all, and a woman he can’t resist named Arielle. However, a dangerous twist occurs when Cedric finds out his wife has been killed in an accident while courting her own cousin, Danyel.   The story flashbacks to the Miami Dade Police Department where officials are probing Mr. Courage like a bonafide criminal. The story sets off into high gear from the very beginning of this twisted tale of redemption as  Cedric tries to find meaning in his life and understand why Arielle is gone, JUST LIKE THAT! Now fast forward to the HOT SEAT as Mr. Courage faces the death penalty as a prime suspect  of this double homicide murder that will keep the attention of even the most reluctant readers of long novels. Add death threats on this Hip Hop star’s life, and it is obvious something dark is about to unveil itself behind the murder of Arielle and Danyel. Diane  Dorce-Coupet’s novel is 383 pages of enchanting multi-layered themes that take you behind the scenes of an accused Hip Hop star.  Can you sit in the same seat and face his perils? A very original tale with plenty of unsuspecting erotic escapades and a winner has arrived.

*****5 Stars! The DLNA YOUnity Reviewers

Buy it! www.Amazon.com

Author website: www.DarlineDorce-coupet.com

Eternal Souls Clashin’

by Nisaa Aliyah Showell

PerSOULnal Review by Heather “The Literary HEAT” Covington

 Wait a minute!  What is the lady on the cover  of Eternal Souls Clashin by Nisaa Aaliyah Showell doing to that man’s zipper in silhouette form, and take a look at the submissive man’s expression. I will admit, I have never seen a cover like this before. Bold, and unassumingly suggestive, readers are invited to stare through a window and peep at an obvious explicit act which is quite humorous , but for  new urban author, Nisaa Aaliyah Showell, she  is setting off a new trend with illustrated urban book cover that invokes a little thought before opening to read.

Bold, shocking, fast paced and street savvy, Eternal Souls Clashin’ is the critically acclaimed surprise hit of the season named,” A Literary Diva creating a buzz in the industry,” by Shunda Leigh- Booking Matters, and who happens to be featured in my book, “Literary Divas” as an Editorial Diva…so we know these words are not to be taken lightly.

The book begins with your classic taboo word, “DAMN!” Quick, can you name 5 other urban books that begin with “Damn!” You probably can’t because you’ve got to be a really bold writer to start a book like this. However, I knew from the beginning what I was in for, and this immediately prepared me to settle down for a few hours to read this entire book from start to finish.

Ghetto grime at its best with those street elements that depict all city ghettos from territorial crime, drug laundering and fanciful blinged out power, a romance between the notorious drug dealer, Quinzel  & his unasuming better half, Imani Heaven  who drives a Bentley, erupts on opposite ends.

Imani is nothing like Quinzel, whom she wonders if he is the man responsible from Nino’s death, a local criminal “Who bangs guns in the club,” but as soon as she starts rolling with the trouble maker, her life changes forever. Her world turns from heaven to hell, but don’t fault the new urban “ride or die” princess. She’s in love right? She had better prove it soon because Quinzel suspects she’s in a love affair with Joey who’s after a man named Jovan, but Quinzel is super tense and on guard because he feels like his life is in danger.

Beware, Nisaa utilizes explicit language in this thriller gangster love story. Totally unassuming, and REAL AUTHENTIC dialogue of the streets, it doesn’t get any better than Nisaa’s style of writing. She owns the phrase, “Snitches Get Stitiches,” and young ladies who are dealing with men like Quinzel had better watch out.

He’s the kind of gangster who hires assasins if he catches his women “creeping.” It doesn’t help when he finds out someone very close to him is 5-0.

 Twists and turns will pull the reader into this cyclonic gritty story, grain by grain. Nisaa’s  style is raw, rugged, bold and  street dirty, but she’ll be cleaning up at the bank if she can take her book to the top by attracting true die hard fans of urban lit who can recognize  a good story beyond the cover.

*****5 Stars- The DLNA Younity Reviewers

Buy it- www.Amazon.com

Everybody Gets Tired by Yvonne Bridges

PerSOULnally reviewed by Heather “The Literary HEAT” Covington

 Everybody Get’s Tired by Yvonne Bridges is right on time and on the cutting edge with her  teen to young adult novella ruling the literary market as one of the most intriguing reads of the season.

Welcome to the Richard Allen Projects,  a dangerous playground for three best friends, Kinda,Lala and “Ness” who know how to use what they have to get to the top and possibly earn their way out of the hood, or do they?

 Their desperation leads them into the hands of Tay, a  lady who seems caring and like a mother figure or mentor. Every young project girl seems to run into older women on the stoop who give advice, but sometimes not the best advice.

Considered “fly girls,” Kinda is the sexiest one of the three friends who loves flirting, wearing tight jeans and making it clear that she’s a highschool girl with 36D breasts, but the guys find out she’s still a virgin thanks to one who she shared her personal business with named Mike.

 She goes after a guy named Gary who she swears she’s in love with at first sight. Her friend Lala warns her, ” A weekend in paradise can cost you your life!” Does she listen? Of course not, she’s in love and regardless if Gary is using her as a punching bag and verbally abusive. He’s snappish and irate too, a classic handsome basket case, but he’s got a Mercedes  Benz which a “project girl”  in this book may fall for  and who wouldn’t want to be, “Cinderella going to the ball?”

Don’t worry, his ways catch up with home worse than “a bullet to the head” later on which sends a clear message to readers that “God don’t like ugly, and what comes around goes around.”

Lala falls in love with the most popular guy in her neighborhood named  Jake, and whom she meets in McDonalds, a dead no-ringer, but she’s got to have him. He’s a middle class dude with a family who doesn’t accept him bringing home a project girl. Some family upbringing! Jake delves into a drug business, and uses his power to screw every woman. Lala won’t complain as long as he’s slipping her $2000 each week.

These naive girls lives are obviously on the edge.  Things spin out of control when Tay is suddenly locked up behind bars and must await a hearing. They find out about Tay’s past, and how she was vicariously living her life through the girls as a woman who would run local trips for her drug dealing man on the interstate, and thought she would take the money he gave her to finish her education. 

Tay reveals how the man set her up while she was pregnant because he wanted her to have an abortion. Okay, this is a spoiler, but folks will wonder abotu her significance until the end of the book. Her presence of course, would be obvious on the big screen.

 Kinda finally redirects her love toward a man named Kelvin, Lala is still dealing with Jake’s nonsense and Vanessa “Ness” has got a new interest in Dr. Craig Pitts that seem like a fantasy that will never come true. She acquires custody of Tay’s new born, Mya Neils and finally realizes she is TIRED of her life, and having to be the punching bag for her friend’s problems and relationship issues, when quite frankly, she  doesn’t have a love interest of her own.

Something miraculous happens that makes Yvonne Bridges new book a shoe- in for a book deal and adaptation for a movie.  These three girls endure realistic situations that could happen to everyone. One thing is for sure, the kind of situations will have readers agreeing, “Everybody Gets Tired.”

Yvonne Bridges spirituality in this urban drama  leaves readers with a sincere prayer that asks God for guidance when life gets so crazy for young folks they weaken their souls by resorting to self-deprecating behavior and exposing themselves to abusive relationships.

*****5 Stars! The DLNA YOUnity Reviewers

Buy it! www.Amazon.com

For Every Love There is a Reason by Kenda Bell

 PerSOULnally reviewed by Heather  “The Literary HEAT” Covington

Hold on! Isn’t there another book out by William Frederick Cooper with similar title? Kenda and I discussed this over the phone, and indeed, William and Kenda know each other well and have wished each other good luck. His book title hit  is “There’s Always a Reason.”Now you don’t hear that in the literary world. Regardless, “For Every Love There is a Reason” has an original plot that even Shelia M. Goss has named Kenda, ” A fresh new voice who has a flair for drama.”

 A tumultuous and intensified story that begins like a soap opera straight out of a scene in hell as Keilah holds her breath intently to hear Andre loquaciously beat around the bush to drop a BOMB, he finally tells her that he’s got another woman pregnant. Uh,oh!

So how many women have heard their man come home and say this line?

I love the way Keilah’s mind “races back to a rainy Friday in June when she let their love get sucked out of her.” Don’t you just love Kenda’s vivid imagery?This author has got pure literary talent! Andre’ or Dre is such a beautiful man, it’s hard for Keilah to hate that “Bastard.”

She’s crying inside with  tear-filled bursts of pain readers can feel. You just want to cry for Keilah. The 1st chapter ends with, ” I never really prepared for our winter, because I held onto our summer.” Woowee… this author is one “bad ass” writer folks, but she’s crazy humble in real life!

Why? Well, when she called the Disilgold residence, I could not hear one word, so I was just about to hang up the phone in thinking it was a prank call. Then Kenda finally spoke with a choppily voice, but when she got a hold of herself, she spoke with the class of Maya Angelou. “Okay,” I said,” Kenda has a speech impediment”.

 I wanted to break down for her because most media would just hang up, but something miraculous is happening to Ms. Kenda Bell these days. She’s getting calls everywhere for speaking engagements and folks are sitting through her occasional stuttering spells to hear her talk about her NUMBER ONE BOOK that is by far one of the best written drama fiction works to date. She’ll be debuting her book with Donna Hill at Hueman Bookstore the day after her signing at the BOOKEXPO w/ DisilgoldSOUL at Booth 223. (Check it all out at www.Disilgold.com).

Don’t feel sorry for the lady who is going to sell millions of books! That’s right I said it.

By chapter 2, she opens her door and lets Norelle inside. Norelle is your classic trouble maker friend with issues! She married Raymond,but bore a child named LT by Tariq, a past junior highschool flame. She claims she loves Raymond.  Norelle has the nerve to give Keilah advice on her own relationship with Dre and asks, “You are going to let Dre ride off into the sunset with another woman?” This is where the story unfolds folks…

 She asks herself questions  about Dre’s side fling after Norelle leaves her home like,” Was she short or petite, tall or skinny, breasts slightly firmer, hair curlier, did she wear locs that smelled of patchouli musk and was she a slick corporate chick with a silky weave down her back?”

Kenda is very thorough…You have to read chapter three. This is a very intense chapter as Norelle comes over to Keilah’s home again, and this time Andre arrives. Keilah and him exchange dialogue on her recent illness that required a hospital visit. Why is Dre’ here? Isn’t the relationship over? Norelle’s whispering, “Andre wants you to talk him out of leaving with that other woman?” Norelle is no dummy. She’s been studying to pass her bar exam, and eventhough she doesn’t know her own family matters are about to spin out of control, but she is focusing on her friend’s life.

 She lets Dre know K is in the back. He sits down and pours more than a few drinks.  K finally appears in the same sweats she use to wear around the house, but this time they are tighter. She lands the bomb on him, ” Dre I am pregnant.”

You would never guess what kind of emotions fuel Andre’s response.

 Will Dre stick it out with Alisha or will he let Keilah back into his life with a series of text messages and last minute attempts to stop him from marrying her? Another twist unfolds as Alisha gets a hold of Andre’s text messenger.

Darn it, this book is exciting!Keilah hasn’t heard from Dre in a month, but receives a text message. Is it Dre? Will he stay with Alisha or get back with Keilah?  Which one is the right choice now that he is  supposedly the father of two children? Decisions… decisions… amask until Dre discovers a true shocker that leaves him stuttering at the bitter end when he realizes the decision he makes may be as far fetched as South Africa. You’ll have to read the book to figure out what that means.

 Kenda Bell, as seen in Honey Magazine and Baltimore Magazine has got herself a winner. She may harbor a speech impediment, but her writing style is vividly clear and remarkable!

I told Kenda I would reveal her speech difficulties so folks won’t hang up the phone or turn their backs on a NEW LITERARY STAR on the RISE! Folks, I don’t make a habit of revealing my personal phone conversations with YGA members at www.Disilgold.com, but Kenda says she doesn’t mind the publicity factor of it all because she feels good about her book! Hey, I do too! She aced this one! Nothing will stop Kenda, whose taking her book to the top and writing talent that speaks for itself! The book is designed by www.thewritersassistant.com . Fab work here!

*****5 Stars! The DLNA YOUnity Reviewers

 Buy it! www.Amazon.com

How to Get Out of Debt

by Harrine Freeman

PerSOULnally reviewed by Heather Covington

One of the most important books on the market for aspiring CEO’s,home owners, and entrepreneurs is “How to Get Out of Debt” by Harrine Freeman. The book, issued a stellar review by Lynette Khalfani, author of Zero Debt as seen on the Oprah Show, delivers realistic solutions for debt control and avoiding debt that will set readers financial woes free. But-don’t just take my word for it.  Visit the author’s website at www.hefreemanententerprises.com to read the testimonies from fans of Ms. Freeman’s latest work for yourself. Harrine shows the importance of keeping an A credit rating  in a simplified manner that a 5th grader could understand, and which can easily grant you the financial debt free life because you’ll always be able to get money from anywhere for the small to big things in life you desire or just have to have right now, as well as savings for a rainy day. How to Get out of Debt offers advice that is pricelss, but worth a fortune toward your future success. Having a debt free life  is good for your health. Every dollar you save counts, and every dollar you spend counts. Already gas prices, stamps and commuter costs for public transportation have doubled in less than ten years. Having a debt free life is a necessity and may be instrumental toward everyone’s survival beyond dwindling social security only entitled past 65 years of age.  Is that what you are working for each day for the next 30 years? Plus, why not have extra cash for trips, furnishing your home and all your shopping needs? You deserve to give  Harrine’s book as a gift to a friend or yourself. Her book also provides governmental agencies and resources in almost every state.  Readers will be inspired to change their financial future today! Expect to see Harrine on the seminar circuit speaking from her experiences and how she got out of her own personal debt. Her story will set you free. A job well done! Thus far, Harrine Freeman, Lynette Khalfani and MsFinancialSavvy are ruling the debt free market and responsible for African-Americans nationwide embettering their financial portfolios.

 *****5 Stars! The DLNA YOUnity Reviewers

Buy it! www.Amazon.com

I Got Your Back by Gerald Levert & Eddie Levert, Sr.

PerSOULnally Reviewed by Heather “The Literary HEAT” Covington

“They say the final years between a father and son are the best years of communication, but noone would have ever suspected the untimely death of Gerald Levert, son of legendary R& B crooner, Eddie Levert.

A modern day king of  R& B SOUL, Gerald Levert shares his poignant moments with his father up until stardom in his only debut book compilation with his father entitled, “I Got Your Back” which he wrote with his father before his death.

Readers get a eye-full glimpse of how he colloborated with singing sensation, LSG group members to form one of the greatest male singing groups of all time and simply irreplaceable. His magnanimous reign to superstardom which came with hard work and spiritual guidance is  impressive.

“I Got Your Back” is certainly one of the most heartwarming books for all music lovers and people in show business who will gain motivation from the open candor shared between Gerald and Eddie on everything from relationships, working together and overcoming obstacles and challenges from love and fatherhood to family and friendship.

The makings of Gerald’s last photoshoot are exposed and everything that helped to create his father’s singing group, THE OJAYS! Reminiscent tributes are accredited to more soulful crooners such as Patti Labelle, Steve Harvey, and many others who have weathered the storm to stardom despite many rocky roads.

“I Got Your Back” is like a fine cup of gumbo you just want to share with family and give as that perfect gift. There was something endearing about Gerald Levert’s personality as well as his father that the entire music industry grieves until this day, but with Gerald and Eddie’s new book scheduled to hit bookstores  in June 2007, now everyone can remember one of the greatest father and son teams in history, and in their own words.

…A HISTORICAL must read that will warm the musical soul has arrived just in time for Father’s Day!

****5 Stars! Heather Covington

Editor-in-Chief of DisilgoldSOUL Magazine

Spider Web by Jewelene Banks

PerSOULnally Reviewed by Heather Covington

Someone give me 1 million dollars to adapt Spider Web to a film.  The national bestselling author of Zeola, Jewelene Banks returns with a  hard hitting urban drama centered around the world of Venus Steward. She’s had to endure the sudden murder of her mother by her gun toting father who became enraged when he caught his mother cheating.

This scene from many shocking surprises keep readers glued to Jewelene’s tale where Venus seeks the comradery of a new lover named Spider whose background is dangerous and sad. 

Spider was given up for adoption at birth and labeled as his “mother’s evil stepfather’s son”. You can figure this one out.

Nevertheless, Venus befriends Lela as well. Between her escapades with Lela and Spider, she’s tumbling further down a road that could lead to dire consequences and giving new meaning to “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Spider (Spike Weber) may very well be one of the most complexing urban ficition characters who happens to own the Spider Web Nightclub that ends up in a bloodbath. 

 There is something fresh about Jewelene’s writing style. She’s showing her versatility as an author, and carving her own niche as a story teller of the streets. Spider Web is a simple read, fast, witty and flows with controversial scenes you won’t believe. I simply could not out Spider Web down and you won’t be able to either.

 *****5 Stars! The DLNA YOUnity Reviewers

Buy it! www.Amazon.com

Turning to Prayer: Parents, Teens and Educators Talk About the Power of God by Dena Silver

PerSOULnally reviewed by Heather Covington

I am going to be honest and frank, Turning to Prayer by Dena Silver is one of theose books fit for the seminar circuit, powerfully effective in reaching teens and young adults and story-filled with issues that address teen sexuality, fitting in, pregnancy prevention, friendship,self-esteem issues and peer pressure!

Brilliance at its best, Turning to Prayer is a responsible book for teens looking for real life situations that they can relate to and reflect their personal lives.

There is even poetry that is fit for read-alouds during teen parenting programs, sex education courses and violence prevention programs.

Dena  addresses more issues like suicide, drugs and communication. What a masterful work in a compact slim line book that will impact on teenagers nationwide. I truly recommend that parents  provide this book for guidance to their children. GREAT WORK!

 *****5 Stars! The DLNA YOUnity Reviewers

Buy it! www.Amazon.com

Your Chance to Hear the Last Panther Speak by Chase Von

PerSOULnally reviewed by Heather Covington

A poetical masterpiece has arrived and is taking over. Meet Chase Von, Black and also of Native American ancestry with the possibility of some French, whose riveting poetry will twist and turn a reader’s soul, but yet caring, nurturing and compassionate, thus exposing two sides of true-to-life panthers.

A brilliant work, Chase Von stirs reader’s emotions with poignant poetical grace that will get folks talking about many issues as only Chase can conjure up like a magical spell.

Besides one of the best poetry book covers on the market created by known talent,Candace K, with two beautiful face-to-face black panthers, Chase’s poetry speaks to the reader with incredible insight in works like  “SO LONG” which reveal emotions from a woman’s point of view on love and love lost. His poetry also hits the core of the human psyche in, “Are you just playing games?”

In the poem, “ENOUGH SAID,”  he mentions, “You can turn your back to the oceans and still hear the waves kiss the shores…”  Letting us all know, sometimes, that words aren’t even necessary.

Chase Von’s poetical words will entice you to write your own poetry. He ends his creation with soft hearted poetical song lyrics and poetical shorts but in between you will be on a ride that takes you through the gamut.

Upon researching to find out more about Chase Von, I discovered his pen name really is a root word of Chaucer which in origin is Old French meaning, “The Hunter”.  Perhaps he hunts truth.  He’s a retired Marine and a veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm as well as OIF one and two.  Occasionally he draws and is a charcoal illustrator who can give Picasso a run for his fame but he only draws when he feels there is time and he thus doesn’t do a lot of that.  He also decided to include in his book the way to reach Ed Roberts who has poetry that is in truth saving actual lives once it is read.  A good friend of his who is White and American Indian and who has a  Poetry For Life Project which can be found at www.thepoetryforlifeproject.com.  Or, in the back of his book.

For a former retired Marine and also ex-soldier to publish his poetry, songs lyrics and more is historical enough but even more notable as a work from a real Black, Blackfoot, Cherokee Native American who doesn’t see colors but character. His candor is going to evoke many emotions, but he’s not here for a popularity contest. Chase Von is a poet!

Sometimes what you read will reveal his human side…

Sometimes what you read will reveal a search for the better side in us all..

Women are going to be asking…

Why did it take so long for someone to say this?

Men are going to be asking…

What does it take, to really truly, be a man?

And we all or those of us that have read his words will be asking…

What will…

The Last Panther…

Write next?

And when again will we hear again…

The Last Panther Speak?

*****5 Stars! The DLNA YOUnity Reviewers

 Buy it! www.Amazon.com




Or his store:



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