Exclusive story: Are there too many urban books on the market? Disilgold reveals street poll survey! Shocking news!

Upon attending the Book Expo this past week, we heard fans of literature talking about a common debate over whether or not there are too many urban books on the market. So, we took this hot topic to the streets and asked Junior High and Highschool kids what their take was on this heated issue.

One student said, he can’t wait to get out school to finish a few chapters of the next hot urban novel he’s reading. He finds urban books to be exciting, especially erotica, so we had to ask him if he was promiscuous, and he said, “Hells no!” One thing he has learned from reading urban books is the difference between fiction and reality. The boy mentioned how AIDS and HIV disease is prevalent in urban communities so the books teach valuable hardcore lessons. He even knew statistics that he admits he found out from reading an urban book. The boy said he’s saving himself for a church girl who’s a virgin and he doesn’t want any dancing hos or freaks like in those videos because they are nasty, but nevertheless, doesn’t mind escaping into a fiction book. 

We asked another student in junior high what she thought about all of the urban books on shelves. She mentioned she likes them and does read a lot of books in one week that she swaps with friends, but simply can’t afford so many titles so she’ll pick up a book from an author she knows that delivers without fail. She says she doesn’t care for too many bad words or the use of the word nigger in books, but she’ll read those books too if they have a good story plot that holds her attention.

Disilgold asked if covers count. The girl mentioned not really! That really was a surprise. She even mentioned that she looks at the content on the back and if its a story that seems interesting, she’ll buy the book,but she’s mainly AUTHOR DRIVEN. Well all of this news was shocking as well as the response of some older teenagers who are urban book junkies because simply, the books relate to their lives and other books don’t. All in all, it seems like urban book readers have a fetish for the genre, like the infusion of erotica, and appreciate a good story plot, but it’s all about the author.

We finally asked how do they know who are the hottest authors. We got another shocking response. One young girl mentions, “I have met my favorite authors” which reveals the importance of authors to connect with their fans in person.” Personal interaction counts.  Not many authors can handle a large volume of fans and have to run to their publicists to handle all messages, but this impersonal interaction can cost fans.

In other words, authors have to be willing to keep up a rapport as frequently as possible to stay number one or be forgotten.  Not many fans stick by their favorite authors to the bitter sweet end. Many move on to the next hot author and so it’s important to build communication into one’s marketing plan.

A young adult urban book lover says she’ll google search authors to find out more media wise because she’s just nosey like that, and she admits she tends to support those authors who are out there just like celebrities and just plain ‘ole interesting and sometimes weird. Magazine articles motivate her to buy books  only if well written, and as well as press releases.  Now this news made our day so of course, we will be sharing this with authors while on tour. It didn’t hurt to find out that this lady receives Disilgold e-newswire. NOW THAT WAS A REAL SHOCKER. We gladly  issued an autograph upon request on some flyers and took note of all the authors she says she got to know better while viewing www.Disilgold.com. Her next goal is to write a novel.

Finally, a gangster teen said, “Disilgold ain’t representing all the urban literature on the streets.” So we responded with a head nod and said, “Exactly, and it’s a fight to the finish line.” I had to mention that authors at Disilgold have to be marketing gurus, know how to support others and give back as well as be talented writers because just like all media, we want to represent the best of the best. Enough said. We’re not a charity case, and it’s not about supporting everyone. “If you’re a top urban book author and you know it, step up to the literary playing field and show it or don’t fret. We read e-zines, blogs and forums. It’s always the urban book authors with poorly written works whose books may be moving, but are not getting the respect for their work  due to numerous reasons that are always complaining. Don’t label Disilgold as biased. We read the best urban literature! It starts from the first page. Just because readers are from the ghetto doesn’t mean they are dumb, and can’t tell a piece of garbage from a well written urban work. You can’t bully us at Disilgold.Keep writing  better and that best work will shine like Disilgold. The language in urban books authenticates characters, but make sure you have a real story! That’s all we’re saying.

Over all, it seems like there are not enough urban books on the market. Readers want more!


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