DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Top Fashionable Literary Divas Poll & Results

The  African-American literary community craves content beyond the bookcover these days since so many covers have beautiful depictions of black characters and great covers are simply the norm, but very often  reeaders want to know more about the author behind the pen.

 Authors can create an air of mystique and intrigue by developing an unique style that invite readers to delve further to find out more about them by visiting their website, and what better way than by presenting oneself as a fashionable literary diva who’s on the rise.

 Now more than ever, female authors have to step up their game  to keep readers wanting more. An author photo on a book cover alone or back cover can lure readers to buy  future books.

 We decided to pay homage to those authors at the top of their literary  careers and setting trends that are simply turning heads and getting reluctant readers out to bookstores who normally would not buy a book to read period. Our polls prove this fact.

When you read about these  top female authors, don’t be surprised if you happen to pay a trip to the bookstore and purchase a book from a featured author and of course, go shopping. Enjoy this special article. Most of all, treat yourself to our pick of the finest literature on the market this month. The fashion world meets the literary world with fan fare long overdo.

 Look on for newly added Literary Divas every week.

Here’s what a rising author had to say about Martha Tucker in regard to our poll survey “Who are the Top Fashionable Literary Divas?”

Dear Heather,

 Martha  “Marti” Tucker, author of The Mayor’s Wife Wore
Sapphires, is a Fashionable  Literary Diva if I’ve ever seen one. She is mature and styled to the nine.
Her niche hairstyle is classic lines layered with a bit of
bold  ummmph! One has to wonder what makes her so currently  stylish.

Well, I figured it out. She’s a fine fabric, couture cut diva.  When she wears a dress or suit, you can
be sure that she will adorn it with  jewels that are simple but classic. This Fashionable Literary Diva’s passion is shopping and finding bargains wherever
they are.

In  all of that, she never looks over dressed, but always classy-chic.

I  think her smile and loving attitude are the most elegant garments and  jewels she wears, and I constantly admire her with acute attention,  which
often borders on imitation.
All of these things have  molded Martha Tucker into the woman, and may I also add author, that she is  today.

I completely understand how she was nominated and indeed won the  Cush City Best new Author Award for The Mayor’s Wife Wore  Sapphires.
Now that I know her and understand the history of
her book, I understand why her main character, Indigo,
is such a regal,  and out right exquisite dresser. Her
creator is much like her. I’m awed by  her simple
sense of style and fashion. She makes inexpensive bits
and pieces look like a million dollars. And she’ll laugh
and tell you  it’s cheap. But of course, we never
believe her.
With her trademark  little glitter jacket, jeans and
fabulous dual bags (one for her diva side,  the other
for her author side) Martha is one of a  kind.

Spiritually Connected,
Sheilah M. Brooks

Keep on  the look out for my exciting new book
entitled “Beneath the  Ashes.”

Reply from Heather:

Sister girl Sheilah, thank you for that fine response of support for long time YGA Award member Marti. Marti is not only classy, but just simply one of the best writers on the market we can attest to. She is going to love your comment, and of course, DisilgoldSOUL wishes you literary success with your new book. Marti is in great company over at www.Marthatucker.com. Her book is no.1!

More Fashionable Literary Divas on the way.


One comment on “DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Top Fashionable Literary Divas Poll & Results

  1. Hi Heather,

    Love what your website is doing in terms of letting us know what’s going on in the entertainment community.

    Thanks again for supporting my friend and author Martha Tucker in your DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Top Fashionable Literary Divas and thanks for giving my book a shout out.

    Keep blogging and be blessed!

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