by The Literary Heat

The Viewers Choice Award will definately go to either Beyonce’ or NE-YO. These are the folks people want to see perform.

The Best New Artist Award will go to MIMS despite the controversial lyrics. My goodness, even Vivica A. Fox is toting this song on her site!

The Best Collaboration Award will go to Mary J.Blige & Ludacris. Runaway Love is “OFF THE METER” and like a modern day Marvin Gaye Anthem. Listen to the lyrics.

The Best Female Singer Award will go to Mary J. Blige or Jennifer Hudson because they can really “SANG.” Let’s be real here.

The best video is Ciara’s “Like a Boy”. She lost mad weight, got fit, worked REAL DANCE MOVES, not silly fluff moves like some artists trying to get over and she deserves it.

Results: Beyonce’ won for Irreplaceable!

The Best Actor Award hands up is Will Smith for his role as Chris Gardner in “The Pursuit of Happyness.”  That was a REAL ROLE, a lot of substance, not just aggressive jump into character roles black people can play very easily. Forest Whittaker is the man, but I could have played his role. (Giggles).

The Best Actress Award winner  should be Jennifer Hudson. I think her reign is fizzling quickly. Too much emphasis on her being an underdog and now she’s losing weight, doesn’t look the same and our heavy divas no longer have a role model. She needs a hit song badly….

Best Group is that Pretty Ricky team or Three 6 Mafia.

Results: Gnarles Barkley snatched this award!

Best Gospel Singer is Kirk Franklin or Fred Hammond. He started the  Gospel craze. Give him the award. Like Mary Mary too.

The BET Cool Like Dat Award should go to Musiq for I guess paying all of that money to advertise his song on MYSPACE. RIP Gerald Levert.  I think its poor taste to include you in any award among live nominees. That is tacky…Rather a special honorarium should be given to his father, Eddie Levert Sr.

 The Hip Hop Award should go to no other than JAY Z or Lil Wayne.

 Personally, I am digging this new phase of male writers and not much into the entertainment phase anymore. I know Usher is performing, but I am so over that strutting nonsense on stage. Just stand still and sing. Somebody bring back Luther Vandross.

So that is my new motto for singers….”Stand still and sing!”

Now who can hold the audience’s attention… That’s real talent when the world is captivated by your voice and not the videos or the way the artist looks.

Well, it’s 5am in the morn and I am ready for the last official full day of spending time with my kindergarten students.

Their favorite song is “Lip Gloss” and they can sing Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” without skipping a word. Catch me singing this song fully in Spanish at my next book signing.

Copyright 2007.Disilgold. Disilgold@aol.com.


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