DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Exclusive 50 Cent Review of Video “I GET MONEY”

Reviewed by Heather Covington
It’s Friday the 13th, and 80% of the  Hip Hop  community in New York is indoors listening to 50 Cent’s new heavily anticipated debut airing of  the” I Get Money” Video provided courtesy of Emmis Communications on HOT97fm.com. The DJ creating major excitement is FAT MAN SCOOP! Right? If I am wrong, he sounds like him. (Just in, okay, okay… it was Funk Master Flex)…. I really don’t listen to the radio during the summer! After watching the BET Awards, I practically went to the music store and purchased all of the music I want to hear!
 For me, I was rudely interrupted with an IM message from a friend who happens to be a diehard fan of 50 Cent, so I stopped my promotional campaign online for my new urban  novel debuting Dec. 2007 and respectfully entitled, Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Tale Diaries.
I tune on 97.1 FM, alert a few of my YOUnity Reviewers to tune in, catch Common’s debut song who I met at Beyonce’s B-Day Bash, and notice 50 Cent has  granted an all access interview with Angie Martinez on the popular Hip Hop station.  This lady has got mad skillz to catch my attention. Enough said.
50 Cent doesn’t sound anything like a thug as he also, eagerly  awaits for the release of his own hit that according to his MYSPACE FANSITE is being postponed for release on September 11th, 2007. For those who may recall, this is the day of the World Trade Center travesty.

To add more fuel to the controversy, 50 Cent selects Friday the 13th of all days for his single, “I Get Money”, admits that he’s moving to his late grandmother’s house where he apparently was shot 9 times, but the split second sentimental gesture turns into humor when asked if his grandmother still lives in that crib.
He laughs and mentions, “It’s a wax museum.” A moment of silence overwhelms the rap/HIP HOP Mogul who says he’s going to be more aware of his surroundings. In other words, his instinct will be able to decipher foe or friends rolling down his street.
You gain a sense of fear for 50 Cent, but he’s got plenty of supporters.  You may hate him one minute and love him the other minute, but he forces folks to step up their game. Can we say split personality or that 50 Cent is really  25 Cent -vs- 25 Cent? Flip the coin!

People are going to have to relax. His latest hit is the number  one club banger that’s got NY hip hop listeners sporting grand pride and unifying. The Summer 2007 vibe is fine and dandy! This is a great year worth 400 million bottles of Vitamin Water. Drink the stuff all the time. Hey Fiddy, I think we are related, for real!
Feel good music seems to be back with the wave of summer hits from artists like T-Pain, Ne-Yo, and Musiq Soulchild. Not quite the feel of the 1980’s, but 50 Cent may be the man to bring HIP HOP back with international appeal,  although there are plenty of issues with his new song.
Already controversial for its use of  theNAACP banned use of the word “NIGGER,” and “HO”,  two words of endearment usd in the African community and shared by white surburbia, Latino brothers and sisters and even Asian Hip Hoppers for your information, but you better not use them if you’re RACIST, the aftermath from Don Imus remarks has dearly affected the moralistic thoughts of the African American community.

 It doesn’t help that a baby is sipping on “Apple juice?” or is it “moet?” People will imply what they want when they watch the video on HOT 97.com.

The video blinds you with an unabashed  green -filled montage of “HIPHOPNOTIC” imagery, classic “hat -to -the- back” brotherhood and fine brothers just having a good time profiling. Of course, everyone is sporting muscles, the V-back, deltoids, and ripped abs. 50 Cent is getting men who thought they didn’t have to work out because they had money, back in the gym.
The ladies may not want to admit they are impressed with 50 Cent’s latest albums, but they are… and feeling 50 Cent right down to his filthy rich 50 Cent diamond bling rings. We want to see our black men in charge, large, pockets filled with doe, succeeding, but unfortunately, the message is still disrespectful to women period. This can’t be overlooked by any intelligent and sensible woman as myself. If I had a water gun for every red flag that went off in my mind as I watched the 50 Cent Video, the rapper would be drenched!
I particularly liked how many folks were employed to make the video from kids to old cats. See I notice a lot of details. The video does display more scaled down imagery of the video models, so things are looking up for 50 Cent who is slowly cleaning up his videos, but this is just one video. Way too many parents are listening to 50 Cent music.
The ladies say he’s built, handsome, a smart business man, but they would not want their daughters around the man whose song “Amusement Park” is built around a “Magic Stick,” and don’t  tell us its a video game 50 Cent is refering to, because that will be something else. 
Perhaps, when people listen to the entire album that folks want right now, than everyone can formulate their opinions, but for now, it’s 50’s world. The YGA has never failed to acknowledge the cream of the crop each year. We call the shots as we see it.
Over all, 50 Cent’s album release thus far is the hit of t he summer, THE BANGER. Everyone else’s  rap lyrics sound even better  because 50 Cent style makes you pay attention to the art form. I respect rappers. They are really poets.

Our last reviews were on LLOYD, Mary J. Blige, Corrine Bailey and John Legend and many more hot albums before they took off. So from what I am hearing everyone is in doubt, but DisilgoldSOUL Magazine has no doubt. It’s the mood the song puts you in. MIMS brought back New York pride, and now 50 Cent is glorifying the BIG APPLE. That is true hood pride and on right on time. I still say that Dr. Ben, creator of the Hip Hop Summit should bring 50 Cent and his cute rivals together to do a WORLD ALBUM for peace. Yes, repent your sins and bring all the hip-hoppers together. Now more than ever, there are booming Generation X  millionaires.

It’s our prediction that 50 Cent album will be the biggest HIP HOP album of all time, but he’s going to have to accept the controversy headed his way. There is always an opportunist in media who’s a hypocrite and is going to speak out to bring a black man down. I totally understand the need of artists to come at listeners with authenticity. However, this is one of those situations, where everyone is going to have to let the “FEEL GOOD SUMMER HIT OF THE YEAR” roll.

You don’t see me trashing my beautiful black sisters Karrine Steffans, Heather Hunter, ms. Jones, and Carmen for the JOYSTICK literary productions making bank this year. GET MONEY!
Overall, what can I say about the vernacular in GET MONEY!  50 Cent is creative, but hasn’t  quite mastered the art of being able to produce a track without the need of profanity yet. Not everyone can throw down on the hip hop scene with international fan fare like LL COOL J and Will Smith. You’ve got to give credit to these boys. One day 50 Cent will be that reformed rapper with squeaky clean lyrics, but of course, we understand that he’s got to make his bank first before he can experiment. Right?
My question is, “If a black man is succeeding and giving back to his community, should our shunning of artists be left up to consumers who have the power to either buy it or leave it in the store?

Same goes for comedy….

Creativity is a major risk once we set restrictions, but most artists have the mentality, “to each is own” and who really cares! Maybe this is why artists go after theirs without fail while they got it. 50 Cent is surely creating a franchise and taking over the most underated letter of the alphabet, “G!”
Are you buying 50 Cent’s album when it lands? Let us know?
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Recent silly comments we deleted…..

“50 Cent is my boy. That brother is bad. Luv bad boy.”
“I can out rap him anytime, but he’s nice.”
“Who knew he’d make a comeback like that.”
“50 Cent is my baby daddy!”
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