Exclusive Interview with Terry Anne O’Neal- GET THE LITERARY DISH ON A POETICAL BOMBSHELL


Author: Terry a O’Neal
Web site: http://www.TerryONeal.com ; http://www.MakeSomeNoise.biz ; http://www.LendYourHand.org
Email: Terryo@poetic.com

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Terry Anne O’Neal is the critically acclaimed poet and author of “The Poet Speaks in Black.” One of the first all black cover books with a lone mic center featured and absence of a poet, luring readers to take a look inside. Candid poetry and photos of Terry’s life, family and personality exude from this fine crafted masterpiece.

Blessed with beauty, grace and poise, she has toured internationally, spearheaded a highly critically acclaimed youth anthology entitled, “Make Some Noise,” and is a heavily sought motivational speaker at schools around the nation. She brings hope to young writers with the dreams and aspirations of becoming tomorrow’s authors.

Her many works inlclude a teen novella, “Sweet Lavender,” which is in current production as a book to film adapted work and has won book cover design awards. A professional and charismatic personality, she has been profiled on Def Poetry Jam co-founded by Bruce George, and was a top feature on http://www.Disilgold.com as a weekly DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Signature Award cover Spotlight Winner.

Upon speaking with Terry Anne O’Neal, a writer of all genres, she wants to tour Africa and culminate life enriching works that bring hope, historically symbolize the struggle of Africans in modern day culture and bring unity among the cultural divide.

Known for her honest poetry intertwined with her lifestory as a mother and wife, she returns in 2008 with a provocative and compelling memoir entitled, “A Child of God,” which reveals never before told and heartbreaking struggles of this renowned poetess who is a featured author in Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature among literary heavyweights like Toni Morrison, Kim Robinson, Oprah Winfrey, Alice Walker and Iyanla Vanzant and Editorial Divas like Tee C. Royal, Malaika Adero, Carol Mackey and Adrienne Ingrum.

She has been featured on major tv news programs and top newspapers worldwide. Terry Anne O’Neal is just getting started on her reign and journey to internationally acclaimed author and poet. A REMARKABLE STAR OF OUR ERA IS BORN!

Please visit Terry’s site at http://www.TerryOneal.com for booking, interviews and media requests.

Disilgold: What is your latest book about? Author: My latest book In A World of My Own is sort of a memoir with a short story, poetry and photography of my life as a child. In A World of My Own gives readers an inside look on some very personal undisclosed moments that I experienced with older men as a teenager.Disilgold: How long did it take you to complete your book?

Author: I’ve been working on this book for a little over 2 years. It’s been a difficult journey just working up the courage to share such private areas of my life.Disilgold: What were the happiest moments you have experienced while writing your latest book?Author: Working on this story brought up a lot of childhood memories for me, some good, some bad, but I suppose most of all, writing the story has allowed me to release many years of built up bitterness, frustration and shame that I’ve bottled up for so many years.Disilgold: Describe your writing style?

Author: My writing is family oriented, inspirational, rhythmical, enriched with culture and very easy to comprehend. My writing easily relates to the day to day person.Disilgold: How did you develop your writing style?Author: I think that my writing style first developed from my love for poetry. You will see that even my novels and short stories entail a great amount of poetic rhythm. I believe that reading the works by some of my favorite writers have also greatly influenced my writing style.Disilgold: Do you have a favorite author of all time or someone who inspired you to achieve your goals as a writer?

Author: Indeed I do. I remember the day that I met Maya Angelou as a young child and that experience has contributed greatly to the person that I have become. Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes have been a major inspiration in my life as a writer and I love them for that.Disilgold: Where do you see yourself as a writer ten years from now?Author: Only bigger and better.Disilgold: What other projects are you working on?

Author: Currently I’m working on another children’s book entitled MY JAZZ SHOES; another family story of a young boy’s journey from a life of tragedy to triumph, MAKING MO’. I’m also working with producer on getting Sweet Lavender to the big screen and much, much more.Disilgold: What are your top ten favorite books right now?
Disilgold:When do you write and for how long?Author: Most times I write when I’m inspired for no set period of time. Inspiration tends to inspire inspiration in me, if you can understand that.Disilgold: Do you have a favorite location for writing?

Author: My bed! My favorite place to be. Peace and quietDisilgold: What method did you use to write or organize your book?Author:Disilgold:What three words best describe your writing style?

Author: Inspirational, rhythmical and spiritualDisilgold: What other hobbies do you pursue when you aren’t writing?Author: Not so much a hobby but I try to get as close to perfection as possible – a work in progress.Disilgold: Are there any hidden jewels or talents that you possess that many of your readers may not know?

Author: There’s nothing that I can’t do.Disilgold: Where can folks buy your latest book?Author: Your local bookstores or Borders Books, BN & Amazon online OR www.TerryONeal.com.Disilgold: Where can folks meet you?

Author: Continue to check my calendar page at TerryONeal.com.Disilgold: This section of our interview requires brief responses.The “Get PerSOULnal” Interview
Disilgold: What time do you awake normally every morning?

Author: 2:30amDisilgold: What is your writing fuel in the morning?Author: A hot cup of Cocoa with whip cream.

Disilgold: What are your favorite foods to snack on while writing?

Author: Buttered Popcorn with m&m’s, ritz crackers, and dry oatmeal.Disilgold: Do you watch television or listen to the radio when you’re writing, and if so, what do you watch or listen too mostly?
Author: No, I must have peace and quiet.Disilgold: What is your favorite book of all time?

Author: Not Without Laughter by Langston Hughes.Disilgold: What is your everyday outfit?
Author: Brown boots.Disilgold: What is your pet peeve?
Author: Being late.

Disilgold: If you could inspire a child, what would you say?
Author: Dream BIG dreams and set your goals tall.

Disilgold: What is your favorite time to put your writing pen down and rest?
Author: When my kids get home from school.

Disilgold: Have you traveled anywhere besides your hometown and if so, where?

Author: I’ve traveled many places. I’ve been to Bermuda, Jamaica, Bahamas, Hawaii, Florida, Maryland, St. Lewis, Atlanta, Ohio, New York and the list goes on…Disilgold: Where is your dream vacation?Author: I would have to say Sierra, Leonne.Disilgold: What do you particularly like about the literary world today?

Author: The diversity.Disilgold: If you could leave one word of advice to people in general, what would it be?
Author: “Carry out your literary dream, no matter how unlikely it may seem.”Reflections from Founder:
Terry Anne O’Neal is destined for major success and is on her way to becoming an international phenom. Her achievements are substantial and to be respected.
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One comment on “Exclusive Interview with Terry Anne O’Neal- GET THE LITERARY DISH ON A POETICAL BOMBSHELL

  1. You are so encouraging Terri. I will forward this interview to my adult daughter who is a very gifted poet but seem as though she has given up on accomplishing her dreams. I pray she’ll hear your voice Terri so she can eventually hear her own successful voice again as she did when she was younger. May YHWH bless and keep you as you thrust forward with this message of hope to others, forgiveness, and shame removal due to one’s past.

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