(DisilgoldSOUL/BX,NY-August 7, 2007)- 50 Cent new AYO Technology album cut with Justin Timberlake receives positive reviews from YOUnity Reviewers although not as cutting edge and appealing as his “Get Money” Video. You see more of Justin Timberlake in this video and the video overshadows 50 Cent.  He makes the song. Any male singer could have sung Justin Timberlake’s chorus. Even Timba, the producer is looking more dapper these days, and should have had more  presence. Just because Justin  is an international singing sensation and heartthrob, doesn’t mean he has to stand out more in compilation album cuts. He is even out dancing folks lately. He’s been such a show off since his break up with Britney, but he better watch out, Britney is coming back. Just wait. 

Overall, it’s definitely a great crossover song for  50 Cent and shows his versatility,” says a DLNA poller upon viewing the video on YOU TUBE.

Watchers of  repeat show of Oprah  this week enjoyed the presentation of celebrity choreographer, Tweety, who has worked with Jay Z, Beyonce’ and more artists creating appealing dance moves that give a cutting edge to videos and boosts sales. Oprah scored high points for participating in dance numbers like “The Humpty Hump,” “Old Man” and “Chicken Noodle Soup Dance.” Kids as well as adults enjoy these moves at the clubs and parties that bring out people’s personalities although out dated as of summer 2007.

Gayle and Oprah create a great vibe on tv and viewers would like to see more shows of variety that allow interaction with the audience. On a sad note, the Rutgers Basketball coach expressed that it was not her wish to take away Don Imus job as an on air personality. It seemed as if she just wants closure and an open forum of apology to the team mates whose glory was stolen. You can’t stop folks from applying descriptive words based on their visual summary. I personally don’t take offense to the word nappy. Most men I meet love my nappy, curly hair. They say I look like Pam Grier on a good day. LOL!

 But- when you add a word that defames a person you don’t know, that’s where the problem lies. One statement Oprah said to the team that was just superb was,”You make me proud to same my name, WOMAN!”- in homage to Maya Angelou. Her words have shaped this nation and Oprah brings them to light internationally. That was a touching moment.

Big kudos to singing phenomenon Usher, who tied the knot with his fiancee’ this past Saturday in his lawyers office with Tameka Raymond. Apparently, his mother of his soon to be born child had complications and she had to be rushed to the hospital. His mother was present during the nuptials and so, Usher is officially off the market ladies and his music never sounded so good. Woman respect married male entertainers who are responsible fathers. I think his move made me a fan again. Besides Conan O’Brien mentioned playfully, “What  unscrupulous, hedonistic dirtbag  and paternity dodging sleezeball would not marry the mother of his child…” All I can say is, “Good for Usher and his beautiful wife. Don’t be fooled by racist media that labels all brown complected women as unattractive. Tameka is a brown beauty knock out. I hope she starts a fashion line and represents for all the brown beauties. She has personality, is down to earth, smart and I belive Usher’s new album coming out this fall will put him back on top where it should be. Never mind all of the sarcastic pop shots from media. When you’re hot, media talks about you, and all you can do sometimes is show that you are a better person to get them off your back. Usher’s back.

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