Just in: Celebrity Gossip on Hill Harper’s appearance on Jeopardy

Did you see actor Hill Harper today on Jeopardy looking just as dapper and fresh-faced since he began his acting career? Was he dressed like a movie star or what? Wasn’t he a humble giant and adorable? Ladies I don’t know about you, by Hill Harper is a true role model.  He answered a whole lot of questions on Jeopardy which was filmed at Radio City Music Hall. That’s a whole lot of people! And- the millions of folks Jeopardy reaches! Merv Griffin designed that show and even  wrote the tune back in 1960.  Now Hill is an international sensation. Everyone watched Jeopardy. it’s the no.1 game show on tv next to Wheel of Fortune. Can we say a  mega-buster actor in several upcoming films is on the rise. Oh, we know he’s appeared in over 50 production roles and CSI, but this is major!!!!He even got the last question right by answering “What is “Raisin in the Sun?” Okay, so he’s an actor, bestselling author, and add brainiac. He won $25,000 for his charity for youthm so that makes him a legend. That’s how you do it, and didn’t you just love how he pressed the answer button, but the other contestant beat him to it… and Hill clapped for him anyways. What a gentleman. Can’t believe we interviewed him face-to-face and got one of the best interviews of Hill Harper  on tv ever. What was the name of the show? Literary Living. Get his book, Letters to a Young Brother!, a NAACP IMAGE AWARD WINNER! Seeing an African-American literary artist on Jeopardy has made me an even bigger fan of the show. I’ll have to tape Hollywood Access onmy TIVO and watch this show live. FUN! EXCITING! AND EDUCATIONAL!



One comment on “Just in: Celebrity Gossip on Hill Harper’s appearance on Jeopardy

  1. Thank you folks for emailing your comments about Hill Harper to Disilgold@aol.com. Yes, I did get a live face-to-face interview with Hill Harper. For the ladies who want to know, Hill Harper is a very intelligent and well spoken person who will inspire you to be better. A great human being. What more can I say. You should read his book. We were in the same NAACP Image Award category I think and yes, I am honored.

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