DisilgoldSOUL Media: Which Rap Mogul is the Wealthiest,plus a little Political Muse?


DisilgoldSOUL is the first Black Media online to report official news on the  results of the wealthiest rap moguls worldwide. No doubt, rappers must have writing skills, so it’s easy to understand why the winners  featured  arrived in first place! Jay-Z  (Shawn Carter) reigned supreme as Forbe Magazine’s Hip Hop Cash King with over $30 million in revenue from 2006, plus he sold his Rocawear  fashion label for 204 million. Next on the list was 50 Cent (Curtis Jackson) who earned 32 million from his various endorsements including video games and recent, Vitamin Water deal has earned him much more. The top 2 were followed by  Diddy “Sean Combs” whose Sean John clothing line and cologne fragrance and MTV television shows keep him at the top.

It’s clear as night and day that these men utilized their talent as young rap artists to secure a solid future in business, and a smart move.

 Music consumers can be unforgiving and fickle as artists age by just a few years. Fans are hypocrites and easily sway onward to the next rap mogul. They go by the hype of the DJ’s who make and break artists when they feel like it. Either they are blowing up rap artist’s hits or dissing and trashing them on air.

Most rap artists don’t understand the business and quickly disappear from the scene. The rap game is very short-lived unless you’ve got a sound that crosses over into the mainstream and gets plenty of spins.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem like these rap moguls are slowing down anytime soon.

The ladies are following the DisilgoldSOUL Magazine trend, “Own Your Success” by also, launching product lines. 

Beyonce launches Emporia Armani Diamonds line which should rack in millions from young “buppie” middle class women. Rhianni becomes the new face of Cover Girl and J Lo’s clothing and fragrance line become a staple among shoppers.

Artists should not enter the music arena without having a plan B. Noone cares when you go flat broke. It’s survival of the fittest and there’s no telling how much these music moguls will gross in due time if they remain business savvy and don’t get in any trouble.

Looks like trouble follows music moguls anyway. Foxy Brown has become a magnet for trouble with her impulsive retaliation to aggressive fans who are doing things deliberately because they smell money and the list of music mogul trouble makers goes on. It’s nearly impossible for a woman to survive in the rap game. Look how Queen Latifah just left it and went on to acting and singing.  Even MC LYTE has moved on to landing more acting roles. 

 We’ll just have to see who remains standing at the top of their game between the sexes, but nevertheless, beginning one’s music career as a rap artists could materialize beyond all expectations.

Who knew Sean Combs, Shawn Carter and Curtis Jackson would grow up to surpass Michael Jackson’s reign as the greatest world entertainer of all time. It’s imperative that the black community help keep these few black music moguls at the top. You have to give Sean P Diddy credit for that rocking the vote campaign years ago. Maybe it didn’t really work before, but I think it left an everlasting effect and more folks will be at the 2008 election polls in record numbers more than ever. Forget the popularity polls sabotaging Barack Obama’s lead with  lack of experience accusations. Ain’t either one of the candidates conducted a war and need experience to know when the country is being threatened. It’s all about heart, not testosterone and estrogen. And- Barack has a little of both with that strong and intelligent wife of his, but I don’t know… Clinton is like a wet poodle at Hillary’s side who seems to make her own decisions and I am not impressed. For one she should have owned up to her feminimity and addressed the cleavage charges with some class and defense of women’s rights. No woman should have to wear a darn turtleneck to serve the country. Just because men can’t keep their composure, doesn’t mean women have to look like housewives and hide their God given cleavage.

I am sure this is what causes cancer in women’s breasts when they are sealed up with bras and hot clothes. Breasts have to breathe. If Hillary is going to let the sexist world shun her, than she doesn’t need to be representing the women. Be sexy, be feminine Hillary and tell them you like rap music, too!!!! They can really rock the vote!

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4 comments on “DisilgoldSOUL Media: Which Rap Mogul is the Wealthiest,plus a little Political Muse?

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    I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here frequently.
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    Good luck for the next!

  2. No I am not going to have a contest between these three rap moguls guys and gals. They all have a unique style. That would be impossible. Maybe there may be a concert with these guys challenging each other, but come on, you know who would win.

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