Hey Superhead Watch Your Language: Feedback from Community About Karrine Stefans

(DisilgoldSOUL, USA)- We polled YGA members about their pick for the most foul mouthed literary artist on line and we were shocked to visit Karrine Stefans website and hear such vulgarity from a lady giving advice to a young teenager contacting her on advice concerning obtaining a job as a video vixen and call girl.

Now ads are popping up in Vibe Magazine of porno tapes for sale featuring Karrine Stefans, and now folks are wondering is she an innocent victim of the industry or a business woman?

 Okay, we’ll see if that entry was just a publicity stunt to get y’all folks attention and if she’s calmed down to really give sound advice which would be beneficial for young girls tuning in who look up to the National Bestselling author. Regardless what people say, she is responsible for her own success. She’s not the prettiest or most drop dead gorgeous on the planet, but she’s carved her niche in an industry that is volatile for most women and changed her life around for the better. Don’t you want to see her succeed ladies and gents? Come on, don’t player hate.

 If so, do get her book , Diary of a Vixen Diary… Oh my bad, the Vixen Diaries available at www.Karrine.com or visit your local store this fall.

She’ll be at Hueman Bookstore in Harlem in October. For more information, visit www.Huemanbookstore.com.


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