Shocking Revelations in Larry King Interview with Star Jones: Why She Chose Surgery?

If you’ve seen Star Jones,a former host of the View, you may notice she looks absolutely fabulous. DisilgoldSOUL Magazine tuned in to the Larry King Show, and it is true…Star Jones admitted to obtaining gastric bypass surgery to shed all of those pounds that have her down to an amazing 145 pounds.

Star Jones mentions on another show that as a lawyer, one day she was reading a report of a dead victim of a crime. The report mentioned that the woman was morbidly obese. Star Jones mentioned that if she ever died, she wouldn’t want to be described in this fashion which is a poor excuse to go under the knife and endanger her life. She gave a better excuse on the Larry King Show when she talked about the effects of weight on one’s health. However, she also mentioned how 3 women from the same family experienced different results with the surgical procedure. One’s weight went up 100 pounds. The other maintained her weight for 8 years, but the last one died. People were concerned with Star Jones’ health because until now, noone believed that exercise helped her lose all of that weight alone. However, she’s not obsessed with being bone thin. She tells Larry King that she even had a bite from her favorite Rosco’s restaurant before the show, and instead of eating a big serving of bacon for example, she’ll eat 2 servings. She exercises regularly and feels better these days. When asked if she had any other surgical procedures, Star Jones said she needed a breast tuck and tummy tuck for the excess skin, but she’s pretty blessed everywhere else. Her arms look youthful and like your average young teenager. She’s really looking fabulous. Her hairstyle really frames her face well and the hair color is stunning. She seems more relaxed and poised and admits her demeanor on the View was an escapism from the pain she was facing inside, but noone sympathized with the irrate fat lady then. They dismissed her as unable to work with and argumentative. When Rosie O’Donnell went through her midlife crisis, it seems like Barbara Walters protected her as long as she could until she said the unthinkable. Plus, that Donald Trump fued was like a publicity stunt that just needed to go away. It really tarnished two people who were adorned in their hey day as icons in business and media. Now Whoopie has landed in the hot seat on the View, and hopefully her image won’t be tarnished as Star Jones after she left, but so far she has made a come back with  God’s grace and a good husband by her side despite rumors about his sexual orientation. He can be as sweet as he wants to be with a rich women like Star Jones by his side. She’s looking so hot, she’s got straight-on hands appeal right now  and for the men waiting on line for her hubby to mess up, Star Jones will continue to get better.

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