I tuned in to J. Holiday’s Mix Cd arranged by Chocolate City from D.C. I guess this is the new wave of promotion for R& B artists, and very effective because the last thing I want is a cd from an artists with a loud dj sounding off on every track. Talk about annoying.

I was impressed from the very first track entitled, BED. Now I am not sure of the order of tracks on the real album yet, but there are  good solid hits throughout the cd. The song ,”BED,”  is some serious baby making music and makes you wonder if it is one of those one hit wonder tracks, so you tune in  to see if this artist can flow with more hits. J. Holiday not only flows with more hits, but almost every track is radio friendly except a few which I personally sound off  in this review.

So far, it looks like J. Holiday has what it takes to build a solid music career, maybe? Brace yourself.

 He sounds just as good as the artists he’s sampling for this Mix Cd by Chocolate City from Omarion, Rick James, and Bobby Brown to Take 6 and Howard Hewitt, but he contradicts himself with the song “R& B is Dead” by saying everyone is sampling.

BED has a sample of an old jam in my opinion, but I am not saying anything. I am just a music collector with over 10,000 old and new jams, plus real albums I am going to dust off and have a flea market sale.

I told y’all I heard Jamie Fox’s song “leaving out title” before and what do you know, the man who wrote the music of that song”leaving out the title” surfaced with a big law suit.

No music today is original as long as folks have mentors. I give credit to J. Holiday for paying homage though to all the greats. That’s very nice. No doubt, he’ll be invited to every award show, but image is everything right now. He’s appealing to his hard knock DC fans and winning over a mature audience, so I am unsure which path he’ll choose or just be himself. It looks like every male R& B artist right now tries to give that thuggish mentality, and guess what? I really don’t like it. It’s okay to look the part, but don’t act it. There’s the difference between a polished entertainer from those artists who are disappearing one by one.

I always talk about an artist’s voice. I ask, “Is it a hit or a miss you grow tired of?” After 20 listen ins of the tracks, I can still play the cd over and over. That’s a phenomenon for me because I toss CD’s and break them. Ask a few folks who know me. I use them as coasters after burning one or two tracks. I may have wasted my money, but I didn’t waste a piece of decorating apparatus.

At first, I thought I was listening to singer Mario when I first heard J. Holiday. I won’t lie. Oh, never mind me.  I can’t keep up with these male R& B artists. You got Tank, R. Kelly, Lloyd, Tyrese, Joe, Chris Brown, Neyo. Bah humbug. Who’s the king? Who’s the most original? Who’s going to be my baby’s daddy? I mean really?

I want artists to know that there is a new breed of listeners out there called “real woman.” It’s not enough to sound good, you have to look good. It’s you I am adopting as my listening mate and thinking about for one moment in my temporal insanity, and so this is why a  music artist’s life span is so short. We real women toss you when we see any deviation of our image of you just like that! (That sound was your cd breaking).

If you are getting in trouble with the law, caught with firearms in your car, in a shoot out or disrespecting women, you are cut off! Groupies may buy your albums, but they don’t buy the next album if they can’t get you. What you want are solid fans who will buy album after album and help you earn more than your advance or you may wind up homeless in a few year with nothing to fall back on.

That’s how volatile the music industry is right now, so artists have to work on their image to stay in the cd changers of “real women” out there. The men don’t buy cd’s. They have technology and know how to download music. This I know! So you are dealing with 90% women consumers!

In other words, don’t ever get caught slacking. Not good. By the time one makes it, someone else just steps up to the plate and takes over, but  if other artists can take your reign then you’ve been  half stepping.

It’s amazing how J. Holiday just stepped in and knocked Lloyd and all those other cats off the map. Is he going to the top with this album? I don’t know. Can he can keep up a solid image?

All I want to know is, “When will a complete artist  step up to the plate that noone doubts? Maybe one from the pack is complete, but I just never get to see this effect carry over beyond 1-2 years.

I’m sorry. Do I have to put a real artist together? Where’s my nephew BB? The boy can dance. He can sing. Maybe I will get him a music deal. BB is bad! He appreciates art, music and dance enough to perfect his craft and he’s only 13 years old.

These artists of today have no substance and long term appeal. I am not saying J. Holiday doesn’t have any substance, but I just don’t see his true character surfacing right now. Oh no, not a thug from Washington, D.C. Run! Last time I tried to book a hotel for an event, I researched the neighborhoods and like I decided to spend a few g’s for the HYATT in a commercial area. Forget that thug appeal and street mentality. Step up your game and write songs the way songs should be written.

I am telling you right now, Michael Jackson is about the only artist and Prince who has that effect. They still got it! Don’t player hate.

I’m sure J. Holiday will sell a cool 5 million copies of his new album with his R& B Crooner sounding self, but I can’t stand that song, “Make it Rain”. That’s a stupid and dumb song.  Sorry for the double entendre. That song killed it and ruined my review, plus his reputation, unless it doesn’t make the cut. Any more delusional songs about women dancing on poles, and I am going to have to start breaking more CD’s.

Come on guys, get over your sick twisted fantasies and just sing real love ballads from beginning to end with no street lyrics like “make it rain”. How many songs are going to use this whack phrase.  You want rain, read my book PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man. That should do it for you.

That’s so weak and lame. Just say what you are really trying to say. I appreciate more directness. Don’t use little clues in songs for kids to sing and not even know what the hell they are singing. At least Akon is more upfront. He should have his own tv show. He is what he is and doesn’t leave any guessing to his fans.

 So for now, I think I am going to find Ginuwine’s Cd. I’m so sorry I tossed his CD to the side when new artists like Usher, Omarion and Tyrese jumped onto the scene. Now I appreciate him more. I’ll never forget when one of my ex-fiance’s took me to one of his concerts at the Apollo on Valentine’s Day and like, Ms. Jones decided to sit next to us and enjoy the show with her loud acting self.

 Loud women with a whole lot of mouth are why men say crazy things about women in their songs  and then they expect us “real women” with buying power to rush out and buy an album talking about us like trash. You better try harder. So that’s my take. That’s my review.

If J. Holiday’s album is anything like his Mix CD from Dj Chocolate City with that MAKE IT RAIN SONG then it will not fly! He better think very carefully on this one and take out that “Make it Rain” Song. Alright? I said it!

And on a personal note: -) LOL Why do these artists do this! WHY? How about I write a song with you R& B men dancing on a pole and reverse the discrimination J. Holiday?

Sorry, I am in a real bad mood, but you put me there J. Holiday. Oh well, “Where’s my Brian McKnight CD?” Need to move on and as far away from J. Holiday’s music as possible before I pop a nerve!

Brian McKnight  is an under- rated artist who should be making bank, but noooooo girls don’t want nice guys, soooooo keep buying the music that denigrates you. Go ahead! I buy the garbage, too. Buy J. Holiday’s cd. I bet Make it Rain will make the cut, and you’ll biy it anyway just like me. I am fool too ladies. (Giggles)

Be right back….

Okay, I am back. The song J. Holiday copped was the theme song from MIAMI VICE from Phil Collins. I don’t want to hear it. Leave me alone. I know my music. Don’t go spreading this news….and yes, I am still in a bad mood because until the album drops, I have to keep playing the Chocolate City mix cd and skipping over the worse song on the track next to “MY LAC.”

 I also, wrote earlier on my MYSPACE page at www.Myspace.com/HeatherCovignton  that J. Holiday looked  a little too frail like those artists on protein diets, but my good friend said she saw him in concert and he is all that and a bag of chips. Will do. Whateva!

As you can see, it’s difficult for me to accept any new artist’s music with full endorsements these days because they always disappoint me when I see these folks in person at events and concerts. They think they are the “IT MEN” and will reign forever.  My word of advice is stay humble in this game because when you have talent, you really don’t have to be anything but yourself. Real women do not like bad boy R& B singers. I just want one R& B singer from the batch to surface with no thug mentality so I can feel proud to play their music in my car with the sun roof top off and not have to skip over embarassing songs when I stop near a bus stop and there are my students laughing.”Is that Ms. Covington listening to, “Make it Rain?”

Bed is a much better song. It’s on ITUNES.

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  1. Mr. Tyler Dahlgren,

    Thank you for posting your opinion of my review, but if you can read and have comprehension skills, you will see from the title that it says my PERSOULNAL review which is a trademark muse style of writing that starts off sweet and then exposes the consensus of the people. 9 out of 10 times my thoughts ring true. Now mind you, I wrote this review before J. Holiday hit the scene, but he did have a working website. I realized from first listen that the cat was a star. Did I lie. This is not the first time I predicted major success for an artist whose album didn’t even fly yet, so my review is soooo on point. I hear J. Holiday even had a recent run in with the law which is exactly what my muse stresses, and as of today, J. Holiday’s album has reached 1 million in sales with itunes, compilations, duets and concerts combined. Will he get paid, that I don’t know, but as a student of Kashif, I think I know soooo much more than you about the music industry I could call someone to cut you a deal if I thought your work was worthwhile. I could write 3 lines of endorsement for a work and it will sell, because I know my quality works and artists. You’ll just have to get over the fact that you did spend time reading my entire review like thousands of other people and got socked at the end with my muse. No apologies.

  2. I am sorry to say I am far impressed of your review. You begin with J. Holiday, recalling what you liked and disliked about the album. However you contradict yourself so many times I am not sure if its an album that is good or bad in your eyes. 5 million, are you kidding? With music pirating there is no way he will sell 5 million. It just went gold thats 500,000 not 5 million. Im sorry but this is a terrible review. Don’t write about what you don’t know.

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