The YGA Pollers vote on which Celebrity Author has the best story in These are My Confessions: An Erotica Anthology. Is it Electa Rome Parks, Cheryl Robinson, Meta Smith or Joy King? You decide!

Story by Heather Covington

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We asked YGA secret pollers who read the new blazing hotseller, “These Are My Confessions”with story contributions by  Joy King, Cheryl Robinson, Electa Rome Parks and Me’ta Smith, who has got the steamiest erotica story?

We were shocked. Folks liked Joys use of explicit language for specific male body parts the best.  Electa Rome Parks followed with steamy journal writing in her same entitled story, These are My Confessions, than Meta Smith whose characters are in a love trance in Divas Need Live Too. Aw, how romantic and lovey dovey for the writer of the Rolexxx Club. Me’ta shows off her versatility. Cheryl Robinson, one of the very popular authors and noted sexy fashinista ladies on MYSPACE  came in last, but folks liked the creativity of her entry more so and felt that Strapped could have been a full length book.  She’s got a repressed murrerer on the loose in her story that could find its way onto the big screen. Don’t sleep if you dare.

Joy King’s “Love B-Ball Style” story exposes the consequences of young love and the transitions young women must endure to discover and decipher real love from infatuation which these kind of relationships can be a hard-hitting gamble.

Electa Rome’s “These are My Confessions” story takes readers right into the bed of Kennedy and Drake. She’s got the hots for a man who isn’t serious about their relationship. Go ahead and read the story and read Kennedy’s personal journal. The lady realizes love is blind not once, but twice and boy do we enjoy her mistakes. Drake is so hot, he’s double hot, but will Kennedy realize that Drake is playing vicious sex games? If you thought R.Kelly & Usher’s Song, “Same Girl” was a riot, wait until you read Electa’s delectable story.

Cheryl Robinson presents “Strapped,” a fantastical and humorous story about perilous internet dating centered around a Black Widow Serial Killer that becomes the intrigue and obsession of Mrs. Alexis Cartwright, a teacher who confronts her own inner demons and learns a few tricks from this serial killer in handling her own dilemmas. The question is, are these dilemmas by accident or on purpose. Men need to be careful with the objects of affection they desire. In Strapped, the consequences can be deadly.

Me’ta Smith’s “Divas Need Live Too” is a thrilling and insatiable quest of a young woman’s journey on finding live, and regardless if it doesn’t last tomorrow. Lucky is willing to let go of all inhibitions to satisfy Spock and can only hope he’s the one for her and she’s the one for him. This man is sexually charged and more than likely will stray as the reader senses page-by-page in this captivating short story page turner.

 So there you have , the spiciest novel of the summer. If you haven’t picked up your copy, they may be all gone so you’ll have to order from your local store.  All I can say is this book is soooooooooo entertaining.

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