Eric Pete is the national bestselling author of several books, but the one we have full access to before it lands on stores nationwide is entitled, “BLOW YOUR MIND!”

 This book is supposed to take the author to international superstardom according to critics and be “THE IT BOOK OF THE YEAR”, but rumors have been surfacing that the author never ever smiles.

We visited his website over at to follow up, and was shocked to see an all new website with brand new photos. The rumors seem to be true. The author is not smiling on his site.

So we got our correspondents to contact Eric Pete directly and he refuted the rumors. He said, ” I do smile.” Than authors who we won’t shout out whose names begin with Karen, Kim and Rowena claimed that Eric Pete does smile at events, but you have to just approach him and he will smile.

Then we wanted to know why he was wearing that spiderman shirt and holding out his hand on the site. The photo is absolutely scary and frightening!

 His response was, “I am reaching out to my fans, and I just like comic books.” I don’t know folks. Sometimes these authors become their characters. Look at Omar Tyree. He responded when we addressed him as Shareed Crawford in his new book, “The Last Street Novel.” Even Michael Baisden still thinks he’s the main character in his book, “God’s Gift to Women.”

Perhaps, Eric’s revealing a new fashion statement or something. No Enyce, no Phat Farm, and no Sean John….. it’s spidey wear folks

 We aren’t going to call Eric out with the Literary Fashion Police just yet because maybe that is his new fashion line or something.

For those of you who don’t know, Eric Pete is the author who received top votes as the classiest  literary celeb.

Now the pic with the shades on is more like the Eric we know. He said he’s not changing his photo anytime soon, and is sincere about reaching out to his fans. Could be the shirt has something to do with the book? I don’t know about you, but I need to thoroughly read this book. Maybe there isn’t a correlation, but  it’s a question that is intriguing enough to find out.

You know a lot of literally artists send sublime signals through their websites. It’s like an inside industry thing. Either you are reading the books carefully or you just won’t get the message.  I do know that Eric Pete is going to crawl himself way up to the top like spiderman and we may even start wearing that shirt whenthe book reaches number one.  This is one hot author you have to check out right now. Leave a message for him. Visit his site at For new photos of Eric smiling, visit



  1. i am a good friend of erics and he does smile. he loves to smile and is a great guy to meet and be around. he also has a site on myspace too. its really cool, check it out.

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