I am so sorry many of you are experiencing difficulties with independent distributors. Some that were at the top just went bankrupt.

Here’s my advice, get about 30 quality books that can compete on the market with mainstream sales and open your own distribution company.

You’ll have to either stock your own inventory or utilize a fulfillment center to do all the work for you. If I were you, I would turn your garage or a room in your house into a nice storage area. Do have a de-humidifier to keep moisture level balanced if you don’t have acid free books, keeo books in cartons and label everything.

Have pre-labeled shipping and packing slips available so all you’ll need to do is fill in addresses.

 Don’t waste time with merging  your mailing addresses because addresses and contacts change all of the time. PRINT your addresses from a neatly categorized mailing list. TRUST ME! Better to reach a few quality contacts than those mailing lists for sale that change!

 You’ll mostly be working with just a few stores to begin with and as you grow, you can hire a staff to do most internal errands.

Remember quality books get ahead, and trash gets returned. Sell your trash on the streets so folks who are more open-minded won’t come after you for a return and kick your ass! Just kidding!

Don’t sell any trash, and especially through the mainstream market because what happens is consumers lose faith in your product and maybe even the genre you write in which effects the entire book industry.

Consumers don’t want to be fooled by a cover with blurbs that are contrived either by like authors and friends and publishing affiliates.

 Consumers are very smart and not buying that. Seek reviews from everyday folks and people of variety as well like a nurse, teacher and even a sanitation worker. Cross promotion with blurbs  and bestseller list titles is called marketing in the eyes of the consumer. Instead, post these reviews on your website and press kits. 

Review publications and bookclub reviews are still the best reviews and can land your book in the hands of a library wholesaler or regional librarian. They refer to Kirkus, Library Journal, DisilgoldSOUL Review, QBR Review, BIBR Review often for buying decisions from what I am hearing!

So get in  cooperative ad catalogs so you get right in front of the eyes who count.

For a mailer that is issued quarterly with ad inserts is the DisilgoldSOUL Book Mobile Quarterly Express Catalog.

We started with the mainstream market in the past and are now working our way to niche markets and bookstores with solid reviews of our publication from BUYERS and CONSUMERS!

Can’t get any better than that. Check out our new catalog link at  and visit our home at:


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