DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Poll: Results on Who Will Sell More Records Out- Kanye West -vs. 50 Cents, PLUS WHO ARE THE TOP RAPPERS OF ALL TIME IN ORDER!


Kanye West departs MTV’s “TRL” on August 7, 2007 at MTV Studios in Provided courtesy of Wire Image

DisilgoldSOUL Magazine YOUnity Reviewer polls indicate that Kanye West will out sell 50 Cents by a landslide on September 11th, 2007 thanks to the controversial rappers popular quote that stated,”Bush Doesn’t Like Black People.” Now we don’t know how Kanye West got away with that one on national air during a popular music awards show, but not only has become a mainstream icon, but very well respected for being honest and frank. President Bush can sit back an laugh because he’s really not the president of the country, Condoleeza Rice, his best friend is the president ruling the country. Everyone knows this. And so- if Bush didn’t like black people, he surely wouldn’t be taking orders from Condoleeza. But he is a country gangster who curses, spits and walks like a b-boy. Check the President Bush out. Now Kanye has done the unthinkable by releasing 2 very controversila videos. He’s been very mouthy lately and worse than former boxer Ali with his boastful remarks on how HE WILL outsell 50 Cent. This kind of bravado always works when you’re polished. However, 50 Cent may come off too street if he slashed back at Kanye and may be better off not responding. 50 Cent popularity is still intense, but the spark of his “Get Money” debut was very short lived. People woke up and realized that they didn’t make any money this summer, and so why should 50 Cent make all of the money? His album will still outsell his own previous records. That is a given, but it won’t out sell Kanye West’s Graduation album. The man whose face received reconstructive surgery after a fatal accident and now looks even better than he looked in the past seems to be a mainstream favorite. His lyrics stab and toy with the human psyche on purpose. Kanye has a deliberate stance that’s hard to match these days and is the loudest rapper in the game right now. We’ll just have to await results on September 11th when 50 Cent and Kanye West’s album debuts. This is clearly an amicable and cleanest rap war ever. Both 50 Cent and Kanye West have performed together and both are very well liked among the rap community. Noone liked the Game fued. It was ugly and senseless and folks threatened to not support anyone of them. Everyone is glad 50 Cent has calmed down just a bit and brought entertainment back to the rap game.

Another poll requested a listing of the best rappers of all time. Hold your breath. This is going to cause major friction, but the results are as follows:

1. Common

2. KRS-1

3. Rakim

4. Tupac

5.Mos Def

6. Biggie Smalls

7. Q-Tip

8. LL Cool J


10. Nas

11. DMX

12. JAY Z

13.Snoop Dog

14. Brand Nubian

15. Dr. Dre

16. Kanye West

17. 50 Cent

18. Diddy

19. Nelly

20. Ice Cube

21. Eminem

22. Eve

23. TI

24. Wyclef

25. Ja Rule

26. Lauren Hill

26. Salt & Pepa

27. Queen Latifa

28. Special Ed???? Who is this???

29. Master P.

30. Foxy Brown

31. Ice T.

32.  Ja Rule

33. Remy Ma

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