For Immediate Release: DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Presents 220 Communications “The 4th Annual Authors & Artists Chicago”on OCTOBER 6th (1pm-5pm) at Little Black Pearl Art Design Center

Musical Artist

    Ron (Romeo) North



Terrence Haymer
Darrick Claiborne
Alicia Neal 
Yvonne Coleman-Burney
S. Teresa
Rashawn Taylor
Kelley Moseley


         Minister Joyce Alim
Youth At the Crossroads



Carla Curtis
Donya Hooks
Monica Young Freeman
Toni Akers
Gary Cooke

Valerie Beck
Karoline Bethea-Jones
Gregory B Williams
Darryl McCullough
Anthony McGee
Shoya Bowman

Brenda Taylor
Liz Lampkin
 Valerie Whiters
Mel Hopkins
Sylvia Hubbard
Shamontiel L. Vaughn
Cynthia Berry
Talayah G. Stovall
Pamela Murphy
Sheena M. Jones
Michelle Larks

220 Logo Clear Background



 For Immediate Release: DisilgoldSOUL Magazine Presents 220 Communications “The 4th Annual Authors & Artists Chicago”on OCTOBER 6th (1pm-5pm) at Little Black Pearl Art Design Center

(DisilgoldSOUL, USA- Sept.1)-One of the most anticipated annual Chicago events is back with its “4th Annual Authors & Artists Chicago” sponsored and produced by 220 Communications.

The national headline news event will be held on Saturday, October 6th @ 1PM -5PM at the classic “Little Black Pearl Art Design Center” located on 1060 East 47th Street. Admission is free to the public.

 The theme of this year’s event is “My Story, My Way” and it focuses on the struggle of the independent author, and the obstacles they have overcome to tell their story. 

 The event will be one of the largest book events to feature almost exclusively self published authors in Chicago this year. 

 Each year this event has grown by leaps and bounds. Founder Glenn Murrat mentions he  began with 12 participants 6 authors and 6 artists, but by the next year the number of authors increased by 100% .

 By 2006 the founder mentions he had to decline author enrollment for spacing reasons. 

However, this year under a highly selective process, 25-30  self published authors will grace this glorious event. 

Currently scheduled to appear are returnees Janis Kearney, Carla Curtis, Monica Young Freeman, Sheena Jones, Paulette “Passion” Stinson,  Charles Miles and Michelle Larks.

 New authors  to  join the event, are Darrin Lowry, Cynthia Berry, Jeanetta Bradley, Sheila P. Miller , Minnie E. Miller, D.J. McLaurin, Corlis Martin, Dwayne Murray, Robert Sells, Shoya Bowman, Kenny Bey, Xernona Woods, Shelly Sylvester. 

 Artists appearing include Bill Hill, Melvin King, Clifton Henri, Rashawn Taylor, and KFleye Designs Kelley Moseley for an ecclectic mixture of authors, art and a musical performance by Sanctuary.The  goal of the event  is to create a book  experience. Unlike most book expos, there is no admission into the event. The event makes sure select a diverse group of authors from every genre and plans to keep the event fun and exciting.Past events  have awarded thousands of dollars in prizes to attendees ranging from Oprah tickets to Cruise Vacations says founder Glenn.“We make sure our attendees walk away with lasting memories.  This year we will add musical entertainment, as always we’ll have the best prize drawing of any event anywhere  and an experience of meeting talented people you won’t  forget.”For more information, visit : or email


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