The Britney Spears Story

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Heather Covington’s Top Celebrities Damaged Beyond Repair Series- Britney Spears

Britney Spears exploded onto the music scene as the IT girl, with a fresh, charismatic, and flirtatious appeal that won over fans with hits like “OOPS! I Did It Again”. Her hit helped bring  viewers to MTV  during a time period when boy bands like Lip Sync were the latest sensation and crave, and grunge was dying. She worked the innocent Catholic School girl charm with short plaid skirts, pig tails and teenage accessories. All young girls idolized her and wanted to be Britney. People thought she could dance, but her short choppy and contrived moves clearly showed later on that Britney really had no talent and her stiff moves were short of a contrite disaster in the making and laughable when put up against the dance moves of artists like Janet Jackson, Ciara and even Beyonce.

Her life seemed daring, fun and like she had it all. Eminem wasted no time sky-rocketing his career and drawing attention to himself by knocking Britney down in his own albums. She dated Justin Timberlake and immediately dispelled the good girl image and rumors that she was a virgin. When she blossomed, many people accused her of acquirying fake implants, but the truth was, Britney was turning into a woman in front of America’s eyes and desperate for fame and fortune at any course. She went from a Mickey Mouse extra to a Star Search finalist to superstardom overnight success. The black audience took note because she added dance numbers to attempt to marvel the likes of girl groups like Destiny’s Child. She had body for a white girl as they say in the hood. There were other black girl groups that sort of fizzled out from SWV, Total, TLC and Blaque due to mis management, but Britney had producers waiting in line to manage her. She had potential and crossover appeal.

Top starlets entered the scene like Christina Aguilera, and the late Aaliyah. Fueds rose between othe boy and girl groups. Later on, Britney was dumped by Justin Timberlake or maybe it was the other way around.  Maybe we’ll get hints when Justin’s Future Sex Love Tour airs tonight on HBO.

Rumors circulated that she cheated on him. Soon she had a baby with  Federline.  He was no more than another music pimp who wanted custody over the children so he could gain child support like Bobby Brown or do these men really want their children? With accusations of post pregnancy erratic behavior, it is clear why child welfare services are carefully watching Britney.

People made pop shots at her man. He of course, fell into that dejected “I AM MR. SPEARS” mode where the men can’t take the stardom of their mate. Britney pretended she was happy for the cameras, but was suffering from inner turmoil and pain. Timberlake quickly got over her and went on to major success with his album. Meanwhile, Britney’s “Getting Mother’s Body” did not fair well with media. Her music seemed no longer in demand and lyrics like bubblegum music. With urban books and even surburban youth drawn to Hip Hop, Britney might as well hang up her pink lipstick and go into acting like many other singers whose music careers fizzle or even write a memoir. Instead, she chose to entertain the bad girl image media leaked on ocassion.

 She started hanging out with Paris Hilton and at the same time wanted a normal life. The two didn’t mix. She realized she couldn’t cook a cake and eat it too. If you are going to play into the hands of the media with hype and erratic behavior, the media will come, but there was only one problem, the behavior was no longer contrived. As a person who worked in a gym before, I have witnessed the erratic behavior of people who work out on high protein diets, minimal fat, and those Creatine induced and fat burner over the counter drugs that accelerate one’s heart, gives one spasms, makes one lose their senses, disorients one’s thinking and can even cause a heart attack.

Mix those drugs with sedatives, pain killers and anything these celebs are being prescribed to get through their rigorous schedules and you’ll begin to see a young star diva’s life crumble and fold hard. You can’t change the mentality of an adult with a 5th grade mentality which is what most of these child stars have because they have not slowed down to deal with life’s experiences and handle its hardknocks, so when challenges arise, they can’t deal with any situation without a publicist or manager.

Christina Richie was adopted by Lionel Richie and still with a rich dad, fell through the cracks.Paris Hilton was born the heir of millions, and she can’t even enjoy it without getting in trouble and getting thrown in the slammer. Lindsey Lohan is a sheer disgrace. What a let down from all of these prime divas, and now add Foxy Brown, and Naomi Campbell. Talk about divas out of control.

However, what do you do when your manager or publicist is jealous of you, wants your money and fame and/or purposely sabotages your career because they don’t want to be responsible for one’s failure as a career begins to fizzle so they turn the cheek? Noone really knows what is going on with Brittney who cut off her hair, has entered some kind of program for treatment and why she is acting erratic. Now she’s back on the loose and doing more crazy things like dodging photoshoots and making way with clothes and shoes. You begin to ask if Britney is doing all she can to stay in the limelight?

What is true for now is that the media has gone wild over Britney and she no longer has any freedom or privacy. This isn’t Britneyhood or Hollywood. This is not superstardom. This is a travesty. Can she revive her career? Absolutely. The mama’s baby fat will easily disappear with exercise. The hair will grow back. The plump face will return to her former appearance. Her voice may even sound better because gone will be the dilly act and enter life’s experiences and pain. She needs strong writers who can revamp her singing career. She needs a fashion designer and consultant who can revive her personal style and image. She needs a good choreographer to help revive her career.

Right now, Britney doesn’t know who she is and where she is going. She just realizes, superstardom can be here today and gone tomorrow. Anyone would be in panic mode. She’s got kids she can’t juggle with a career. Those are living beings. She can’t keep risking their lives with front seat drive offs and hitting media-filled vehicles with umbrellas. She also, can’t keep rationing photoshoots. “OH okay, walk off the set of that million dollar shoot, but do that shoot for free!” Maybe she is waiting for the 20 million dollar book deal !However, none of this money counts if you can’t enjoy it, have a peaceful life and be in control of your life. If the media cares about her well being, they won’t lead this woman into a sink hole of self-destruction, but give her space to breathe and find herself once again.

I could see it if she was a star made yesterday, but this CHILD started her career as a CHILD, and the only reason why I think folks should back off Britney for a while. What they do to these child hood stars is a sin and when you mess with children of God sin comes back to bite you in the ass. Media getting heir kicks off of sensationalizing bad gossip and garbage will always have to report bad gossip and garbage and those who have been gullible to read the mess will soon stop giving bad media an audience. It’s time to focus on the things Britney is doing right. Like this is the first time she looked decent in public. Hopefully, she will keep it up.


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