Big Things Poppin’ & Little Things Steppin’: An Homage to Celebrity Mishaps-Diddy Dismisses the Piano Man from White Party?

Sean P.Diddy had an all white affair that brought out a low record number of a dozen or less celebrity stars probably due to bad timing. It’s hurricane season, folks are getting ready to send their kids to school and folks rather spend quiet time at home among friends these days or at intimate barbecues rather than events that bring out the paparazzi. You can’t even give another person a hug or a kiss without media insinuating the worse . And don’t get caught wearing the wrong attire.

 Reports have it Billy Joel, a well noted music icon was asked to leave because he wore cream. His wife wore cream, too.Will someone tell Diddy to stop running his events like a fraternity before no celebs come out to the next party?

 Billy Joel didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Come on Diddy, that’s Billy Joel the guy who sang, “We didn’t start the fire!”

 Diddy should have given Billy Joel a voucher to return with a white outfit or maybe some Sean John outfits in various sizes for folks to rent if they showed up in the wrong gear.

It was rude behavior for a Forbes candidate. The most expensive gear is never pure white. Expensive gear threads can’t be bleached white unless they are mixed with synthetics and linen only stays white for a few wears and gets dingy after the first cleaning. This means folks have to rebuy a new white outfit every time they attend these all white parties or  risk wear cheap white clothing and not getting shouted out.

If anything, Billy Joel could care less. He’s a multi-millionaire, and there weren’t that many celebs to hang with. As an underdog of Diddy’s events, he needs to make an album and take advantage of his name being mentioned in media since years of his divorce from Christie Brinkley. Perfect timing! And now– Diddy is labeled as the Ebenezer Scrooge of the Hip Hop World. He’s not taking it too well that he came in 3rd on the Forbes Hip Hop Kings list, but he did receive props as a pioneer in HIP HOP from the YOUnity Reviewers.  Whether people like his attitude or not, he’s still kind of fresh, but you just know if he’s going to flip out at his parties. Everyone better order a black outfit, white outfit, gold outfit and red outfit just in case Diddy invites you to a party.

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