Whoopie Goldberg puts a pitbull in her mouth on The VIEW!


Whoopie Goldberg, the actress mostly beloved in her role in the movie Ghost and The Color Purple alongside Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey and a brief stint as the host of the Amateur Apollo Night as well as the star of a one woman show, put a pitbull in her mouth during her debut on “The View” by demurely explaining why Michael Vick may not have seen dog fighting as a criminal act due to his sub-culture.

The former NFL player clearly admitted his actions were wrong and took full responsibility, so Whoopie’s comments were not taken well by viewers. In fact, she would up as headline news for her callous statements.  

Now Whoopie is under attack by over 10 million animal rights lovers and labeled as a pitbull. That’s not right, but media is taking everything that flys from her “Whoop Ass” comments apart and placing Whoopie on the hot seat to better explain everything she utters on The View, and this won’t be the last time.

 It’s obvious that America doesn’t want Whoopie to out shine their beloved Rosie. As ranbunctious as Rosie is, she is well admired as an underdog of media by mostly white, middle age and single women with alternative lifestyles where as Whoopie has gained universal appeal for her acting talent, wit, raw candor and ability to tackle all controversial issues with honesty.Is this a sign of good fate or bad fate?

According to Nielson ratings she wasn’t able to atract more viewers than Rosie, so she may want to hold off on being too controversial or she may be the next host booted from “The Curse”, oh sorry, “The View.” However, her comments may earn a few million more viewers so what’s bad may be good, but can Whoopie handle her own heat. She’s rich so she really doesn’t have anything to hide, but be herself.

The View is one of those shows that tends to forcethe black woman who have appeared on the show to water down their roots. One thing, Star was herself and spoke her mind from the perspective of a down to earth black woman. Yes, we want Whoopie to speak up for issues she feels contrary about, but by no means does the black community need excuses for Michael Vick or displacement of his actions on other cultures that have similar animal fighting rings.

Take it back to slavery. That’s not a sub-culture, that is a travesty. Blame Michael Vick’s actions on the real problem. And by the way, slavery still exists. The NFL players risk their lives everyday for a blood sport that is worse than animals fighting and abusive to players who I’m sorry, “You couldn’t pay me 300 million to go to sleep at night thinking about someone accidentally breaking my neck.


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