Daily Literary Dish “Celebrity Gossip”: Usher, Mary J. Blige, Steve Fossett and remarks about his partner, Apple I Phone “Cellutragedy” and is Fashion Dead? by Heather “The Literary HEAT Covington”


Steve Fossett, a daredevil flier who reached international critical acclaim for becoming the first  person to fly solo around the world in 67 hours vanished on September 4th after setting flight in a private aircraft. His fatal mistake may be his fetish of flying solo without a parachute. A competitor against himself, he hasn’t been found yet. His partner is looking for him and says he hopes he is okay. He also, revealed a whole lot which will leave discreet gay couples having to possibly place in their wills or pre-nups, a gag order on their mates when they are missing or possibly dead. It’s no longer taboo for news channels to air commentary that is indifferent from the media of the past. I guess folks have to grow up and face current trends. His partner cared enough to share his feelings. I think any mature person can respect his honesty. I know I dropped my toothbrush this morning when I heard Fossett’s partner speaking openly about his missing man on a major news channel. I guess it’s not so much what he said, but how he said it and if in fact Fossett would approve of such commentary on his behalf. Maybe I should just mind my business and grow up, too. Sorry that I overreacted. As a media personality I am just adjusting to being open minded when reporting news, that’s all. This is a first.  Apple I Phone  sends customers in a fit of rage upon hearing the company plans to drop its prices for the phone craze that had droves of  customers waiting online on the first day of its release to  purchase for $500 dollars. The phones will now be available for only $300 which steals the chic appeal of the phone that separated cheap cell phone users from the elite celluppies. Now the celluppies will blend in with the crowd like everyone else. Apple is giving a rebate of   $100 dollars for consumers who purchased the phone during debut week. Just when you think you have a phone noone else has, now teenagers are walking around with it, and better yet buying a secret code  cracked open from a young cyber genius on e-bay to change phone line carriers for less! What a cellutragedy! Now reports have it there are phones underway with every letter of the alphabet. Talk about quit-witted competition. First you had the Brat dolls-vs- Barbie Dolls and now this. Hurricane Felix devours The Honduras with a Category 5 storm right after  Hurricane Dean hit Mexico just a few weeks priorly. Does your car drive 165 miles per hour? Well that is how fast the wind stuck and weather forecasters are predicting a series of more hurricanes to hit the region and other popular resort areas. So if you are looking to travel for less during hurricane season, you better think twice because these storms don’t even give  substantial warnings where they will strike until too late! It’s Fashion Week and who cares. Fashion couture is at an all time low. Taking old vintage clothes and tearing off sleeves to replace with silk blossom sleeves is not the move and nor will it ever be. You can’t professionally clean one part without effecting the other fabric. There were other sightings of one time wear disasters and clothes made for starving mannequins without figures that the average girl couldn’t slip over her hip even of she starved herself a few days. Every celebrity has a clothing line from Nikki Hilton to Gwen Stefani, but consumers aren’t buying these frocks unless they are really high quality designs. Consumers know quality clothes when they see them, and even in magazines. If anything, it looks like folks are looking for the perfect dressy T-shirt with scoop necklines that bare sensuality of the male or female body without revealing too much. In otherwords, folks are falling in love with being fit, and wearing clothes that flatter their figure and not drown one in undesirable frocks. Designers need to study the best designers on the market and start all over! Weak clothes from weak celebrities equals weak success. Wear your own personality. These retro hard-edged styles for women are killing the era of feminine appeal. Hopefully, 2008 will change the face of fashion and  a new breed of designers are born! And-you’ll know it because I’ll be wearing it! All in all, I nver thought I would have to say, Fashion is dead! Joel Olsten arrives to Madison Square Garden December 19th and 20th. Purchase tickets at www.ticketmaster.com. This is going to be a phenomenal event. He’s one of the fewest motivational speakers these days who actually make sense. People have been fooled in the past. We once thought if you give a fool a mic and a large standing room only crowd, this constituted a great motivational speaker. Not so. Sometimes people stand around because they have nothing else to do. a top motivational speaker is when one can command an audience as a solo speaker! And- I am not tooting my own horn, but the women seem to have this edge over the men. Women still rule the world as gently beings. Even Hillary may win the presidency. She’s doing pretty good at reaching out to folks directly. She’s some marketing guru. You don’t have to go to her, she comes to you. Hillary must have been the real president when Bill Clinton was in office. She’s tryint to tell us something and I think I am finally hearing what she is actually trying to say. Barack is a great man, but don’t accept your throne as a rock star, defy it and just say no! It’s time to get serious about an agenda. Now here’s what I would do if I ran for president. I would provide healthcare to every American and impose a 5% Tax hike where citizens who really need their money back can apply to get it back by what I call a contested rebate, but they’ll have to prove it. The rich will just let it go, but those who really need their money back will go through the process. This gives the country time to pay folks back and balance the economy. Or folks could work a few extra days of their work year for free so there is nothing lost or gained, but a little vacation time to help our unfortunate neighbors with those checks. Now we’ve limited the need for folks to miss a lot of work days because they are being taken care of better. Everyone should be able to get a flu shot. In New York alone, most people die incidentally of asthma,pneumonia,bronchitis and the common cold.

Resident YGA member, Vincent Fergusen, the mastermind behind Body Sculpt New York receives nomination for Liberty Medal. His 4th Annual Free Children’s Sports & Fitness Expo on  September 29th will be held at the Harlem Armory and help teach 30 activities to youth ages 4-18.  Right now, I’m reviewing the Fashion Tribe show on CBS. Tyra Banks and LL Cool J’s appearance was nothing less than stunning. They introduced the charismatic Usher and Mary J. Blige who sang a rendention of the late James Brown “Man’s World” and a Stevie Wonder Classic, “Chocolate Kisses.” The duo was stunning and if I am not mistaken, may be just the two music birds to bring fashion back. We’ll see. They still got it. Okay, migrating to the big screen. That’s the Literary Dish for tonight. Off you go to write your novel, and don’t forget to buy some hot books over at www.Disilgold.com. More hot books on the way! Email Disilgold@aol.com .


3 comments on “Daily Literary Dish “Celebrity Gossip”: Usher, Mary J. Blige, Steve Fossett and remarks about his partner, Apple I Phone “Cellutragedy” and is Fashion Dead? by Heather “The Literary HEAT Covington”

  1. I have noticed classic garments always stay in style. Fashion brings out whatever emotion you are feeling inside. Whatever you are feeling, have fun with it and remember not to take yourself so serious. Don’t let someone predict who you are!

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