50 Cent’s Album Premiere is on www.MYSPACE.com! Rate it now!


You can send ratings of 1-10 to Disilgold@aol.com. Clearly any ratings less than 5 means the album is not up to par to YGA standards. Any ratings 5 and up means the album will sell beyond potential on September 11th. Please participate. YGA ratings are accurate. You have until 12 midnight. We can’t wait to break the news.

Oh and send a rating of 1-10 on how 50 Cent looks, too. I think he finally has a good stylist. He should have been styling like this all along. The stylist even found some clothes with G-Unit on it that don’t look like gangster gear, but kind of buppie and not in your face, come and fight with me style. That young kid 50 Cent is growing up.

Maybe I will buy this shirt for someone. I am loving these green, taupe and biege hues. Very nice and so much New York loyalty. Cool! Makes everyone want to live here. Hooray for G-Unit, New York. East side! 

Kanye is still going to surpass him in sells with his jacked up outspoken self! If I met Kanye, I would definitely trip him up a few times because you can’t out talk him in an arguement. I can’t stand men who can win an arguement.

He’s killing poor 50 Cent who has been looking so sad lately. Who knew 50 Cent had feelings? Don’t hurt him Kanye. Be nice.

My take is 2.4 million album sales for Kanye first week and 2.1 million albums  sold for 50 cent first week if there is no bad news with Hurricane Gabrielle in other towns. New York will not get hit by a hurricane, but New Yorkers are feeling magnets who care about the world and so if they hear bad news, they don’t go out shopping. It’s all true!

Got to www.myspace.com to listen to 50 cent’s album. It’s some serious car bumping music folks. Get ready. My students are all talking about 50 and Kanye so pardon me for being as excited as the kids.

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