America on Trial: Ms. Richie, Ms. Lil Kim, Ms. Hilton, Ms. Ricci, Ms. Campbell, Ms. Brown vs- Mr. Kelly

Now I don’t know if you have been watching the news, but how is it that Ms. Ricci gets 82 minutes in jail, Britney a slap on the wrist, Paris Hilton a 20 day stint, Ms. Campbell, community service and Ms. Foxy Brown a year in the slammer, but R. Kelly… accused of child pornography… a 1 year delayed trial hearing because prosecutor Shauna Boliker is having a baby. Well I’ll be R.Kellyed out…What has happened to America’s value system. I guess the judicial system actually works in favor of pregnant women, can’t argue with that, and like R. Kelly was lucky the search warrant laws were working too when authorities claimed that R. Kelly wasn’t issued a legal warrant to raid his home. WOW! The case had been postponed before when the judge apparently had an accident back in 2006, and R. Kelly was pardoned as well to appear when his apendix ruptured. I guess everyone got tickets for the Oprah show on September 10th because that trial hearing date has been postponed. And once this mysterious tape is played in courts, won’t everyone present be guilt of watching sex acts with allegedly R. Kelly and a minor. My issue is not with R. Kelly inalienable rights to a fair trial if the courts can find an impartial jury, but how he is being given the gold treatment while women who get in trouble with the law are made a spectacle of and destroyed career wise. R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet Series video is actually profiting by the millions for those die hard fans while all of this parlaying is going on. Maybe it’s because he’s had 7 platinum albums and this is his lucky year. 2008 may not be that promising. These are some serious charges. Unlike the Michael Jackson and OJ case, there is actual footage. You can’t lie in the court of law because that is some serious time in the slammer. And if you admit to the charges, that is some serious time in the slammer. Which ever way, R. Kelly is going to have to think long and hard. Oh excuse me, no pun intended.Personally, I would admit to all wrong doings and serve time in jail. It’s not a mistake to engage is sex acts with children, it is a federal crime. You’re either guilty or innocent. Now if the child was not forced and seemed to volunteer acts, I want the parents bought up on charges who were not monitoring their young ling who managed to get that close to a R& B super sensation without mommy and daddy and knowing. There are no excuses acceptable from any party.  Now if R. Kelly did not know the girl was a minor, than sex-education classes need to be mandated that hold children accountable for their actions. If they can volunteer to have sex with a grown man, then they can understand the law that says no sex with minors. And if they know they are minors, they should be reprimanded and give time in a correctional facility that can help save their lives from self-destruction before it is too late. Preventative measures are a must for youth, parents and entertainers who should have their newly entertainment licenses barred for 2-5 years for these infractions. Fair is fair.

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