FOX HD TV SUNDAYS is about to take over the planet thanks to Wayne Brady!

 The Simpsons

Watch out parents! Don’t let your children watch Fox 5 HD Sundays or they may get hooked. The Simpsons in HDTV is lethal. It’s worse than 3-D. Your child will not only get headaches, but become addicted to the form of television and crave it. That means no learning in school for your young lings. All your child will be thinking about is Fox Sundays. Blame Actor Wayne Brady who is promoting the line up of animated shows. He’s a likeable television personality and was put up to promote the line up to kids. HD TV is a new clearer form of television that makes you feel like the people on your tv screen are in your home. This modern technology is being infused in all new television models and soon will become the standard to see basic channels. That means out with your old new television models and in with your new new television models.  These new state of the art tv’s with built in HD TV run $1000 and up with flatscreens, caption ready and multiple channel viewing on the smae screen so you don’t miss all of your favorite shows. TV is back with a vengeance and books! All people want is a good show to watch when they arrive from work, and good book to read before they fall asleep to slow down life and escape sometime. It’s called balance. Folks are also, checking out the Daily Literary Dish for credible news you can trust on the regular and keeping up with the hottest books and literary contests on the net at Why not be a star! You only have one life so live it, and don’t forget to sneak in exercise. By next summer 2008, everyone will own a 6 pack or you’ll be deemed unfit for the work market. Haven’t you heard? Yes, bosses have added the fat ratio quoto to their hiring agenda to ensure less employees are taking off for health related issues. So while the kids are watching FOX 5 HDTV Sundays because they are going to find out from their pals in school whether you like it or not, why not hit the floor and do 500 situps until the line up is over! See you fit and ready in Summer 2008.


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