Paris Hilton, Foxy Brown, Heather Hunter, Miss Jones, Mya, Karrine Steffans, Britney Spears, Vivica Fox, Megan Goode, Halle Berry and Lil Kim Pretty Survey from the Guys! SEE RESULTS!


The DLNA Men rated Karrine Steffans as the number one natural beauty in the looks department. Folks may call her Superhead, but they can’t take away the woman’s natural appeal. Go get ’em Karrine. Her book is doing really well. Foxy Brown is dubbed a “fine chocolate sister” says the men, but not on bad hair days and when she’s throwing phones at people. Oops. Halle Berry seems to be glowing lately and age isn’t doing anything but enhancing her beauty. The men are real angry that she’s off the books. Many thought they had a chance after men like Christopher Williams, Wesley Snipes and Eric Benet. Paris Hilton is still the all American girl beauty. What makes her attractive to men is that “she’s stupid on purpose and rich by accident”.  Britney Spears doesn’t leave much to the imagination with her daily publicity antics, but people are banking that she will make a comeback now that Justin Timberlake has made his debut on HBO in concert at Madison Square Garden.  Britney looks like she’s on a mission of revenge as she takes photos with strange men in hot tubs that she’s never met. She didn’t think the men would rat on her antics, but now she’s exposed for what she is, and that’s a publicity stunt specialist intent on staying in the paparazzi’s eye. And never mess with a woman who wants to get back at you for dumping her Justin. She’s going to show you just how many more men she can make out with until you can’t take it anymore and constantly have her on your mind. Justin may succeed, but his every waking thought is Brittney.  Vivica Fox is a woman of age who has managed to keep herself up and still looks great, dresses and speaks well.Dlna men have to give the lady credit. She’s held down a lot of movie roles and that ain’t easy for a Black woman in Hollywood. Most become used up goods by their 3rd movie and desperate to make it to the top. Megan Goode is still America’s Black sweetheart and as long as she maintains what she has and doesn’t let herself go, she has a promising future in acting if she can get more quality roles. Mya is going to inch her way back into the music limelight with a new book soon and then she’ll be able to promote her new album. Liberation arriving September 25th on music store shelves. Her new song, Riding, is a perfect anthem for the scorned divas out there who like smashing up their ex’s cars and stalking them until they catch them with a new woman. Go get ’em Mya. A new breed of women are born. Heather Hunter’s novel is a favorite on store shelves, and a fun read. Go and get Rise of a Porn Star. Great debut Heather Hunter, Double H. Applause for a sister honing in on new found talents. Miss Jones is giving folks a candid sneak peek into her world and is a very interesting person to say the least. The DLNA men all in all, love all the ladies. They have money and some have time in the slammer right now, but you got to give them credit for giving their all to the fellows. I’m not sure who will fair the richest. These industries grant wealth and find a way to take it all away. My advice to these women is make that loot , find a man who doesn’t know who you are, and take off before the paparazzi finds you so you can enjoy your life. Nothing is worse than making all that money and not being able to lead a peaceful life. To read more archived TOP STORIES, visit


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