THE MILLION DOLLAR REVIEW- Kanye West’s “Graduation” VS 50 Cent “Curtis”


Photo from Rolling Stone Magazine



Kanye’s eyebrows are thicker than 50 Cent so he’s more in touch with his feminine side as most men with thick eyebrows whose faces earn more appeal from the ladies. I am sure Kanye grooms his eyes, but 50 just takes a shower and gets dressed. He’s not the primping type.


Kanye has a longer nose, but 50 has a snug mug. Again, this means Kanye has more feelings, and 50 has no feelings. If he does have feelings, you can’t tell unless he’s crying which is a rarity. If a woman breaks up with Kanye, they’ll be like… oh well, oh well. But if a woman breaks up with 50, they will be crushed and be on a mission to make more money than him. Wild foxy guess.


Kanye is a biter, but 50 likes to lick and I won’t emphasize what for you shameless readers with wild imaginations. Kanye devours food quickly, but 50 Cent picks at his food and has a bad attitude over the way foods are prepared. He’s  not a person you want visiting your 5 star Zagat restaurant. He will walk out if food doesn’t taster well. On the otherhand, Kanye may stall with paying his bill to acquire free food.

Hair: Both will be bald in 3 years, but this will really make them both more appealing.

Folks I can’t believe you read this. LOL. Now on with the review. Brace yourself. It’s about to get ugly. No nice words here. Only fabulous words.

50 Cent’s album, entitled  Curtis, begins with dialogue between a mafia crime boss feeding that crime lord mentality to his son or brother. I just made that up.

Ask Curtis what the hell is going on. Sounds like some French Godfather nonsense. School me. Did I miss something? The slick intro cleverly blends into a heavy bullet-clad laden shootout fit for the suburban teflon rider who wants to roll down his windows, kick back and go fast with a rush of wind blowing  past his urbancentric ears, but that’s only if he’s a passenger.

This album is dangerous as the base thumps and of course, no one really wants real gun shots  blowing because someone will get locked up acting upon this foul mentality spoon fed by Curtis.

 He’s rude son of a gun in this album or are you just listening to the music. Ni— listen to the words. I caught 5 taboo statements. I think he said something like he would shit on a ho, the “n” word over 100 times, related his anatomy to a joystick on a video game, made fun of celeb couples in love, and the unthinkable.

That’s right, pop an eyeball out of yo’ head. He said it! I heard him! And- I am not going to repeat it. 50 Cent is ghetto! This is not a front. He’s dangerous too. He says he’s going to “murder him,” and I still haven’t figured out who. Now he’s doing a 5 borough tour.

 Do you think I am attending a single concert without a bodyguard. Hell to the nah as they say in the hood. I am not afraid of the people attending, I am afraid of 50 Cent. Only kidding. Calm down folks. I am just trying to bust a cap in my rankings and like I chose 50 to pick on instead of picking a booga. Oooh! That was crass. Keep reading!

The album’s mentality gets progressively more dangerous on purpose. He’s warning what he calls “n—s in the hood” to not look at him wrong when he comes up through the hood and letting folks know he’s strapped, and everyone should fear him, but again, it’s just hard-core mentality driven music you don’t want to believe.

As you flip through his inside cover jacket, the barrel holes of two guns are staring at you in the face and 50 cent is carving a loaded pistol like steak with a fork and ready to chow down.

 My goodness, so that’s what he eats for breakfast? He looks as synical as a black man reading The New York Post. It is obvious 50 Cent has executively produced his album to make bank and he’s holding nothing back. 

All of the shock value is there and women should be returning the album to stores, but by the time they break it into pieces from listening over and over to the words, they can’t believe what they are hearing, and won’t be able to. The album is drowned with the n-word like it’s ear candy and not for the faint of heart or politically inspired leaders who would love to ban his album, but he’s got ghetto anthems on Curtis, and not just one or two, but like straight through from beginning to end.

He’s bringing the heat with raw rhyme and reason, thorough lyrics, no frills and solid tracks you can dance, bop your head to, kick back, ride fast, crash if you want to, exercise and hopefully stay inside and not get hurt by the time you flip to the last page.

 There’s a photo of Ciara or a Ciara look-a-like bare assed with her legs wrapped around 50 Cent’s solid muscular body, but he’s just all back.

50 Cent does not have big arms you know. It’s all a pit bull illusion.  His tats are symmetrically flawed. His right side is bigger than the left side because he’s lazy about curling his left arm bicep. That’s why he’s holding up Ciara with his right arm in the cd cover jacket. Take a look. Now once you look, you can’t return the album because you broke the seal. Gotcha! That’s what you get for being nosey. And- I was only kidding about his body, but I bet you went out and got the album because folks love negativity. Shame on you!

 Over all, 50 Cent’s album is black and ugly and I mean that in a good way. Ugly is the new word for Excellent, Stupid is the new word for good! Stupid ugly is the new combo for excellent and good. 

50 Cent is going straight to the bank, but should skip “The Amusement Park” because as good as this album is, Kanye West’s Album is 10 times better.  Oops! Did I say that? This is okay though. The Curtis album  is solid and a winner, but Kanye West album is “STUPID!” and worthy of awards. The craftsmanship is far better and more universal. There is more creativity. 50 can’t front on this. I was in the studio back in the days and it’s true, the folks I went to school with were just Brand Nubians, Black Sheep, Jazzy Joyce, Changing Faces, Heather B. and countless others who made their mark in music.

Of course, that means, you’ll get tired of Kanye’s album eventually like Lauryn Hill unless he continues to reinvent himself, but right now let me give Nine West, oh my bad, Kanye West his props. Sorry, always thinking about shoes.

The Graduation is one of the best rap albums in the game next to Common. Kanye can be pompous, walk with his head up in the air and talk that talk!

Probably the only  song on 50 Cent’s album that comes close to the production of Kanye’s album is Follow My Lead, and what do you know, it’s a duet with Robin Thicke, “The White Boy Wonder.” Love that guy! 

50 Cent mentions Beyonce in this song as in another song which shows he is clearly obsessed with B, but too proud to admit it! Something is going on there! I don’t blame here. Folks need to recognize that Beyonce is not your average entertainer. She even recognizes other great women worthy of being the next Destiny’s Child.

For the record, she opted to pose for DisilgoldSOUL Magazine first with three model-t and pivotal poses at her very own B-Day Bash as soon as she appeared on the red carpet of the 40/40 Club. Yep, from all of the media present, Beyonce chose DisilgoldSOUL! now that is history. I will always support her at Disilgold. After all, many media left unhappy that they didn’t nab a frontal face shot with Beyonce looking at them dead in the eye. Be is alright with me and if 50 did diss her as everyone is saying and not give her a kiss while accepting his award at the VMA’s and I find out, I will personally release a rap dissing 50 Cent, “The King” right here that I wrote while listening to the Black Dead Presidents Track w/ Jay Z.

It is so vicious that I may even You Tube it. I will be awaiting to see if 50 apologized for that slip up. And even if he does, I may still release the rap lyrics of my song called Waddup 50… because I am in need of sponsors for my youth program, and like he said, “I run New York and I get it…. get it!” Just jokes for y’all.

Kanye has absolutely no street game in his song though. He is straight up political and on a whole another vibe.

Kanye’s “Goodmorning” is a classic. “Champion” is “Crazy.” “Stronger” is ridiculous. “I Wonder” sounds like something I would write. “Good Life” featuring T-Pain is “THE HOTTEST FEEL GOOD ANTHEM JAM.” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” is the IT song of the Year. Barry Bonds is “Another Anthem” with Lil Wayne. “Drunk and Hot Girls” flexes Kanye’s true old school HIP HOP flava. The beat is sick! Of course, Mos Def is on this one! Dwele rocks in “Flashing Lights,” but I am not too keen on the organ accompaniment. It throws off the Hip Hop feel of the album. It will grow on listeners though. I hope those are real violins in the background so I can respect the song. If it’s digital stuff, GARBAGE! I mean good garbage. Get a hip hop dictionary! That means off the meter! No silly, not off the scale, but on… OH NEVER MIND!

I can see Kanye performing this song and it actually taking off to meteroic success, however! Kanye may even become a movie star after the video is completed for this song. It would be his most risque move.

Now here we go with the Beyonce bashing in “Everything I Am!” with DJ Premiere. I hate this song. Anyone could play that weak piano accompaniment, but don’t listen to me. I am sure the heavy hip hoppers will love this one because of Kanye’s self prophetical and honest lyrics.

That’s what made him and why he lost all 5 of his VMA Awards this year. Bush would have come after him. He should just let that go. “The Glory” is such a feel good Michael Jackson clone, but I hate when rappers use the word Sh– in rap songs because that is what the song makes me think off to put it bluntly, and I mean of the rapper. A rewrite please. However, it keeps in stride with his style. Okay, 2 more songs to go. Will Kanye ace it…..YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Wow, he did it. “Homecoming” brings the album “Graduation” home with a STING, gospel, Reggae and soul ecclectic mixture of sounds that just work. Sounds happy and you just want to clap. Keep making that platinum and gold Kanye. “Big Brother” aces it. Whew!!!!!!!I mean “Wow!” 

I am not sure if he is  dissing Jay Z or supporting him. I’m NOT SAYING NOTHING! And no pun here. Jay-Z, the lyrical master just feeds off of this negativity. Now who is a NO ID friend? Is that a homage to a MYSPACE friend. Folks better stop relying on this real Big Brother site to make it and focus on their own websites that they have control over. It gives me the creeps when I get  a message from Tom from millions of folks with that big old flashlight in his hands. I’m not saying I am not networking on Myspace, but I am definitely back at as my main communication network.

50 Cent and Kanye don’t talk to their friends on MYSPACE anyways. Those are just fan pages, right? I bet Tom is clone too. Well getting back to Kanye.  No one wants any rap wars. Hopefully, Jay-Z is just laughing at all of this friction in Kanye’s last track and 50, Kanye and Jay Z are all friends. I have heard it all.

Regardless, I feel like Kanye with some things going on in the lit community and I may just cut a rap song and let it all out. Humph! Maybe I will ask Kanye to sing my song called “Big Sister.” Be careful who you tell your business to folks.So there you have it.

Well, I said  it through all of the sashaying .”There you have it again” You can move along now. LOL! Summing it up…. Both albums rock. Get them both.

Kanye’s album is better produced in my opinion, but 50 Cent album has staying power by far and Curtis is his best from all 3 albums he’s released. I said Kanye would out sell Curtis, but that could all change by 12 midnight. Some stores stay open longer, and I almost thought Kanye’s album was sold out because I didn’t see his face on the Cd cover in spot number 1!

 His album is masked in a silly kids poster that you can pull out and go to his music cd signings, get autographed, frame when you get home and pass on as a heirloom to your kids or grandkids who actually graduate from school.

 By then, the poster will be valuable and folks can get it appraised for one semester’s worth of college. And OMG, are Reeboks back? Darn it, is that how you spell that sneaker from the 1990’s.  I use to rock ’em. Are those Trilla sneakers for the ladies in 50 Cents cd album jacket? The black leather trimmings won’t get scuff marks at the gym.  I’ll buy a pair. Kind of hot, but I really don’t know why they gave 50 Cent 300 million dollars for Vitamin water. Everyone was drinking it to begin with. It’s not like they put his face on the water bottle. They just put the words Formula 50 on it and sell the drink for 50cent or 2 for a dollar. That’s not nice.

Why doesn’t 50 endorse some children’s wear called, Earn 50 cent for every A+ you earn. Yeah, the children could redeem a cash rebate or ticket to earn money, and if they earn 60 why not a new pair of sneakers and chance to visit 50 Cent’s studio to learn how to produce albums?

 And why doesn’t Kanye get some graduation glasses for kids that beep everytime they look at the wrong things like the inside of 50 Cent album cover with Ciara or Ciara’s look-alike hands down his pants or Kanye West’s animated Graduation bear running away from a shark with sharp teeth?

What was going on in 50 Cent and Kanye West’s mind. I don’t know. Maybe they are genuises of their time. What do you think? You have to give these guys credit for bringing Hip Hop back with such enthusiasm. We just know everyone is interested in these two rappers right now, and it will be a fight to the finish line to stay in the top ten at most!

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3 comments on “THE MILLION DOLLAR REVIEW- Kanye West’s “Graduation” VS 50 Cent “Curtis”

  1. 50 Says “F FIDDY” in his own song and so J may have been just elaborating on that, but I am sure loves his work. There’s a lot of that love hate thing going on. As far as replier number 2, please refrain from obscenities on this board or you may be bloked permanently. Let’s have an open mind and be nice and respect each other’s opinions. I think both artists are fabulous and we’re only starting some fiyah which of course helps sales. Did you know that. You want media, period. Take care.

  2. fuk who ever said fuk 50 the stupid cunt

    He probably thinks the sun shines out of his arse stick a knife up ure fanny u cunt!

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