America Hurt the Feelings of 50 Cent and Now He’s Going Away to Save the World!

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On September 12th, the day after 50 Cent debut release of the “Curtis” Album as predicted, the “The Southside King of Hip Hop”  during an  interview conducted by New York’s own, Angie Martinez, host of Hot 97fm during mid-evening hours and continued ’til 12 midnight by Funk Master Flex, came in a second runner up to sales of Kanye West as the clear and undisputed underdog in sales, but this may be a good thing for the controversial and most dangerous rap lyricist, 50 Cent, who has not only silenced his enemies, but is being subsconsciously protected by the African-American community.

Heather Covington, a former psycho-analyst and trademark owner of PerSOULnalities who is editing her debut novel and decided to take a break, explains  the sub-conscious betrayal of  50 Cent’s fans and why they purposely left his cd on store shelves and instead, purchased Kanye’s album on Sept. 11th.

Heather: ” You heard comedian Sarah Silverman say so herself during the VMA Awards, “I’m happy 50 Cent is alive!”

Ever since the sudden murder of Tupac and Biggie that ended the life of two of the top rap artists of their time, the African-American community doesn’t want to see the best thing in hip hop since Tupac and Biggie get so big, that his sound becomes commerically appealing to the mainstream and furthermore, lead him to the mentality of a winner as opposed to an underdog. That doesn’t work for hip hoppers and why folks love T.I.

Everyone loves the underdog, but no one loves a winner in the rap game.

 Even 50 himself admitted Kanye’s music is for “Happy folks,” but his sound is for angry and unhappy folks  better known as “Underdogs.”

Underdogs don’t bother each other, but they literally shoot down winners with backlash and only let winners get so far. So 50 Cent may want to celebrate for losing in the rap ring day one of music sales. What is at the bottom can only come back and rise to the top, but what’s at the top can only fall down.

 The underdog mentality is good for 50 who enraged some envious folks initially with his Vitamin Water deal and ad campaign for his Ride or Die movie holding a baby in his arms while strapped. Now he’s back down to earth with the normal folks and still has that hunger to succeed.

I don’t think he’s broke even with buying out these advances and still needs support to officially get over the top and remain there!Folks don’t understand the business. Easy, easy get it and easy, easy lose it,” but in 50 Cent’s case, he may just make it look easy because he’s so calm, cool and collected.

50 Cent even mentions, when your money is low, you put on your good clothes. That is what he’s been presenting lately and dressing much classier these days! The more you make, the more you spend as 50 explains when commenting on how much Beyonce must spend every year on clothes to maintain her image. So owning millions still isn’t enough money in the rap or music game, period!

 Regardless of 50 Cent’s threat to come out with a series of new albums to match every Def Jam album that comes out soon as opposed to his recent statements of retiring from the rap game, he decided he would not be silenced or give into defeat. But then he sashays with his own battle against his own emotions and mentions maybe he should go away so folks can be subject to the “SUCKA” music that’s out there like Mim’s “This is Why I am Hot”, “Walk it Out,” and “Ba-be-be.” Does this sound like the story of Noah’s Arc where 50 Cent is abandoning the rap game so folks on earth can suffer or more like Jesus where 50 Cents is literally dying to save the rap world of its sins and betrayal? It’s a feeling every sucessful person goes through! 

It is obvious that rap would suffer a famine without 50 Cent’s hard-edged grind, but radio friendly music with every other explicative bleeped out. Right now, no one knows if 50 Cent is going to disappear or come back stronger and better. Maybe he’ll just focus on his tour.  Like Kanye said, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!” But when 50 Cent said, “He felt under appreciated by America,” his subconscious overwhelmed the gentle sounding giant on air who reminisced over the Sept 11th World Trade Center disaster just 6 years ago, and retracted his statements about America IMMEDIATELY!

 It’s obvious he was expecting to graze over Kanye West, but if anything, he doesn’t have any reason to hold his head down. It’s good for him to say his dirt and than retract his statements. That mannerism works for 50 Cent and gain instant forgiveness from his fans who are unsure if they like him or not.

He’s been pulling publicity stunts, but that is not uncommon for rap artists. It’s a highly competitive business.

His New York 5 borough Tour scheduled for Sept. 13th sold out in record time. 50 Cent came into the game with so much struggle, folks can’t forget what “The Kid” endured to get this far. Sometimes you barely graze the tip of superstardom as a rapper and there’s a young buck ready to cop your style and vibe and quickly take over with no real talent. 

 Hopefully, 50 Cent won’t exude his bitterness over being an underdog in sales only to Kanye on the first day debut of their releases and keep the candor and how he feels light and even-tempered. He’s got it all, and why lose it to competition? People will be watching his behavior at his upcoming concerts very carefully. His underdog mentality is bound to surface.

 At least, he has hometown loyalty and nothing counts more! The support of each New Yorker is worth its weight in gold. Like Frank Sinatra said, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!” There has to be some feeling of relief to this.

 50 Cent will get over this sad day in rap history, transfer his pain and suffering to his performances which will you believe, send him on his way to selling 2.2 million cd’s by next week and possibly more now that his “Get Money” song is being remade over with Diddy and Jay Z on the 16th. That’s a triple threat as all top Rap Kings bring Hip Hop back to the top and squashing rumors that rap moguls can’t get along. This is the only reason why I have been following the 50 & Kanye phenomenon.

I predicted major success and UNITY! This is the only chance Hip Hop has to redeem itself like a family affair or I am afraid, HIP HOP is dead forever like Nas said!


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