BLACK POETRY: Why it’s making a comeback!

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(DisilgoldSOUL, USA- Sept.16, 2007)According to DLNA Pollers, poetry is making a BIG COMEBACK!

Spoken word art is now taking on a new form with normal recitations for business meetings, organizations and events.

 Even top event planners are opting for poets at public events rather than booking celebs and entertainers who seem to all be tied up with media brokers and demanding the kind of money that robs from charitable events rather than inspires.

Travel and lodge is reasonable, but  poets are more willing to come out for less than normal celeb fees as long as books are included in fees for events or signing time allotted. Does this mean that poets are the new celebrity in demand? Could be!

Many are more than poets and downright motivational speakers on their own. One poet who is making waves nationwide is Marc Lacy. Watch this poet on the rise.

 To find out more, visit His new book, Rock and Fire is all the craze because of the sublime messages of deceit, hate, bigotry mixed with love, forgiveness, romance and downright taboo behavior that shocks the hell out readers. You wouldn’t grasp this from meeting or looking at the author on his site. His poetry is one for a case study! After all, his first book was “The Looking Heart.”

Folks are saying he’s this generations Langston Hughes by merit and use of no holds barred verbiage! Read Marc Lacy’s work for yourself. See Celebrity interview with Marc Lacy at


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