Daily Literary Dish by Heather”The Literary HEAT” Covington aka PressReleaseBlaster Lady- Top News-OJ Simpson, Congressman Charles Rangel,Emmy Awards, Jena 6 Aftermath,Vincent Fergueson,Kevin M. Weeks

Daily Literary Dish by Heather”The Literary HEAT” Covington aka PressReleaseBlaster Lady- Top News (Sept. 17,2007)

O.J. Simpson was thrown in jail without bail after speaking with the news about his alleged “STINT”  with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery. Apparently, he wished to retrieve items that were stolen from him like a signed photo of himself with J. Edgar Hoover, autographed footballs, and a NFL plaque.

The Goldman’s, parents of the late Nicole Simpson who was murdered, haven’t been satisfied with O.J.’s non-guilty judgement since 1995 and  recently won rights to OJ’s book, If I Did it. He’s only paid 10,000 of the civil law suit Nicole’s parents won for wrongful death. I am sorry, if my daughter was killed, I would just want to see justice. The aftermath of Nicole’s death has been all about money, money, money. Hmmmm, makes you wonder! People shouldn’t name their daughters Nicole if they want them to grow up to be stars so it seems. It’s been nothing but bad luck with this name.

I tried to theorize why O.J. may have  committed such a crime, and it is obvious that he’s been strapped for cash since he spent his  cheap 650,000 advance for his book.

I can’t wait to attend Master P’s booksigning at Barnes & Noble in New York. I am going to ask him how does a woman from the Bronx spend 650,000 wisely. His new book, and I am not telling (look it up on the intenet and buy it) shares all about investing in real estate and investing.

Clinton got more money than OJ for his book. O.J.’s stint and conversation at his robbers was caught on tape and is circulating around the net, but it is still unclear if he ever made away with any goods.

His friends were toting guns, and unwilling to go down on behalf of O.J. after they were caught and fessed up about his plans to retrieve his stolen items. Now they all get to walk. Doesn’t this sound liek what happens to rappers who just go out to the club, and their bodyguards get all wild up when someone strikes at their client, and now the rapper falls from grace? More upturned eyebrows.

This case with O.J., on the otherhand, is no different than a store owner going after a woman who stole a one dollar item on Jerome Avenue in front of many spectators one sunny day in the Bronx, and in his attempt to block her getaway vehicle, he blocked her car with his body while he called the police on his cell phone. Little did he know the woman would slowly speed up hoping the man would fall to the side, but instead his feet were actually skidding on the street ashphalt at 10 miles per hour as the car moved. This scene was horrid. I watched  in denial  and always doubted that a man’s body could skid like that while holding on to a car in a upright position. I am here to tell you, the human body can just about do anything when it is placed in survival mode.

 The woman at this point probably didn’t care that the man could not just fall to the side because now she was forcing his body down the block as he hung on with his life.

 Eventually, she ran over the Chinese store owner’s  body that became lodged under her vehicle and residents from everywhere shook her car in the air until it turned over.

Remarkably, the man lived, but was inflicted with a severed lung and ribcage. In this case, O.J. has not killed or hurt anyone from the reports I have been reading. I don’t want the most hated non-accused murder in history to be thrown in the slammer for 35 years while America sits back and doesn’t fight for OJ’s rights if he has not committed a crime and just talked a lot of fluff puff. He is notorious for this and was in desperate mode for publicity as evident by the comments he made to papers. However, he’s no Britney. His fumbles may land him in jail serving real time for being an arrogant son of a gun. It’s apparent from the tapes that someone did steak from him, and its not like anyone came to his defense on this issue. He may have been provoked with Fred Goldman’s recent custody sort to speak of the rights of his new book. Most stores refuse to carry it because they don’t want activists burning or looting their stores. I don’t blame them. People are still not over a black man possibly killing a white woman and getting over it. Amazon is the only pimp online selling the most disgraced book on earth for the money!

 That has got to be disappointing, never to say the least. I mean suppose O.J. really didn’t kill his wife? This would be a travesty.

He was honest about his Al Capone stint to retrieve his items, but was he set up by his friends who willingly brought guns and was the incident severity heightened when the guns were drawn? Also, did O.J. know the guns would be drawn? Do you know how many crimes in America wind up with threats from guns, but incidences not pursued as long as people get their property back or are we in a different country?

In some cases, guns are legal to carry by gun owners and why the full story has to be heard before anyone speculates. I find his comments and disposition or demeanor  to be incumbent of his true-to-life character and irrelevant. I do not condone O.J. taking the law into his own hands. Perhaps, he naively thought nothing was wrong with his tactics. Or maybe when he said, “It’s over,” In regard to his attempts to restart his life with a new book to prove his innocence,  but having to slave to pay on a multi-million dollar judgement  by Fred Goldman who in my opinion is no better than OJ accepting blood money if the conviction lies that OJ did it, HE HAS GIVEN UP!

Maybe jail would be better so he voluntarily put his foot in his mouth. There’s food, water, a place to sleep and think about his life. He’ll never be able to come up with all of that loot, and is like a walking dead man at 60 if he lands himself permanently in prison. Now America who thinks he’s guilty can really investigate this case while OJ sits in jail for the next 35 years. The real tragedy will be if he really didn’t do it ( In regard to murdering his wife) and got so desperate at the end, he willingly fell into his own trap and gave up proving himself. Now the case about Nicole can be re-opened with this speculation that OJ knows how to plot crimes. Anyone would now wonder, but there’s still that element or innocence. He may be infatuated with his own immortalization and playing into his hands of fate.  O.J. is good for business right now. His book stands to make millions, but I am not buying it because its intention for the person who wrote it and the people who own rights to it are unclear. I will not feed the monster.

 Congressman Charles Rangel granted citizenship to a Harlem resident from Dominican Republic who was killed recently in Iraq. It was his dying wish. His family was present today to receive the honor from Congressman Charles Rangel who honored the deceast Iraq fighter. There was something sentimental about an illegal citizen fighting for our country and wanting to become a citizen.Congressman Charles Rangel is a great, great man.

The 59th Emmy Awards honored the Sopronos posthumously. It went out with a blackout, but walked away with a Best Drama honor.

 The Jena 6  Aftermath seems to have simmered, but it’s not over until it’s over. Everyone should stay in tune to all that is going on to make sure these innocent boys are completely exonerated. No half-stepping. This explosive case may start an inner city riot worse than ever in history folks are saying. The tension is brewing. Everyone from all races are feeling the shackles being returned to their feet. America can’t sit back and let this happen and why haven’t any candidates running for election come forward? This is one of the cases that separate mice from men. Are Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson the only 2 black political leaders to represent travesties as the Jena 6 case? Right now, a silent and valid petition is already circulating on the net from the folks who really care and definitely don’t sign on  to chain letters that boot nasty viruses when you sign up with post familiarity follow-ups that lead you not only to phishers and spammers, but hackers. Take a course in law studies so you know what is authorized to sign.

All I have to say in behalf of all of the Jena 6 supporters, let my people go! 2 wrongs don’t make it right, but I said if I ever saw a noose hung up on a tree indicating a lynching, there’s nothing to live for in America, but fight for freedom. Everyday I strive to exercise my freedom to create and express myself because I can, but I’ll be damned if I will let modern day America sit back and let a case like this make any wrong turns when a woman and black man for the first time in history are running for election. Primary day is tomorrow and that means YOU should not be sitting down, but making s difference. Power is numbers.

 If this can happen to someone’s children, it could very well happen to you! If you don’t know what’s going on, look up Jena 6. “Don’t be set up without a fight,” is the new anthem.

Speaking of fighters for freedom and education, Vincent Fergueson  spearheads an expo for youth which we will give full details on how you can participate at the next event which made the Daily News. For more info. visit our EVENT LINK at www.Disilgold.com loading all new information in 24 hours.

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